Jamun Vinegar, Preparation Method, Benefits, Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

The Jamun (Syzygium Cumini) fruit pulp or juice is used to prepare Jamun Vinegar (also called Jamun Sirka). Jamun Vinegar can be used as other vinegar in cooking, but it actually has a great medicinal importance. It is used as a home remedy in many cases and Ayurveda recommends it in the management of abdominal diseases. It is beneficial in flatulence, gas, abdominal distension, bloating, diarrhea, dysuria etc. It is also recommended for diabetic patients to manage the hyperglycemia.



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29 Replies

  • @ cure

    I AM afraid , whether proofs can be given with engineered reports .

  • saswathy

    हंस श्वेतः बकः श्वेतः । को भेदो बक हंसयोः ?

    नीर क्षीर विवेके तु । हंसो हंसः बको बकः !

    A swan is white, a stork is white. What's the difference between the swan and the stork? When it comes to separate the water from milk, a swan is a swan and a stork is a stork.( It is considered by Sanskrit poets that swan has some mystical power to separate milk from water which is called Nir=water kshir=milk vivek = wisdom)

    Just gather the information....and confirm with self experiments....or you will be called stork.....and not swan....

  • I don't know whether I am a swan or stork . I never give any new medicine to any one unless I experiment it on me . Since I have been on the homeopathy medication from birth and since I have had been in practice for the 4o years or more , I can very easily decipher the results .

  • Cure

    you always cite some good sanskrit sayings. I like the most. Such sayings explain issues in minimum words and maximum effectiveness.

  • suramo

    Thank you very much.....Its beauty of sanskrut... the way poets give Upama/parable is very beautiful.

    We have same phrases in each languages...as all our Indian languages are sanskrut based...

    Thank you once again....

  • काक: कॄष्णो पिक: कॄष्णो को भेदो काकपिकयो: |

    वसंतसमये प्राप्ते काक: काक: पिक: पिक: ||

    Crow is black, cuckoo bird is (also) black. What is the difference between crow and cuckoo bird ? (But) When spring arrives crow is crow and cuckoo bird is cuckoo bird. (With the advent of spring, cuckoo bird starts singing with its sweet voice, but crow does not have this ability.) This subhashit is exactly in lines with the previous subhashit.

  • Cure

    See how much our ancestors have observed. These sayings show their wisdom and intelligence. Still we remain suspicious about the medicines they have recommended. Actually the substances are condiments and food items used as medicines. They have also observed " our food is our medicine".

  • Dreary!

    Once again esoteric remedies curing a plethora of maladies with no hard evidence.

    '...I can very easily decipher the results'.

    Great, then show us your data - and by that I mean real data. Aside from the supposed 'management of...' what does it have to do with T2 diabetes?

  • MikePollard

    are you stork or swan?????

    Do not go after manipulated data.....have something first hand......

    That is better.....

  • "Do not go after manipulated data"

    आयुर्वेदाला असल्या पुराव्यांची गरजच नाही. :)

    Experience over the ages is more than any other evidence. :)

  • seriously?

  • ispub.com/IJPS/3/2/7839

    The roots of ancient Indian surgery go back to more than 4000 years ago. Sushruta, one of the earliest surgeons of recorded history (600 B.C.) is believed to be the first individual to describe Rhinoplasty. The detailed description of the Rhinoplasty operation by Sushruta is amazingly meticulous, comprehensive and relevant today.

  • cure

    Jamun season going on ...are you going to experiment for making Jamun Vinegar this season ?

  • yes karch making it in small quantity.... just one ltr.

    Its my 1st experiment...lol

    Hmmm how about adding Yakult????

  • let the first attempt to be as simple as possible...then keep on adding your creative experiments on top of previous success :)

    I can see another camp in making for cure of diabetes : COQ10, ayurveda and fermented food led by you on HU...:)

    I am eagerly waiting to hear the results of vinegar experiment

  • karch

    nahi yar....aisa kutch nahi....

    But i think we must try more options... and experiment .....LCHF is very good....it helped me to control diabetes...

    But is there anything more we can do???

    COq10 will help is my gut feeling...

    Now yesterday @jingle asked me good question....

    How I will know coq10 is working.....

    I answered by measuring fasting insulin...

    but is that correct way????

    I really don't know....

    And to tell you truth.....I don't have much knowledge about Ayurveda..I just know little bit.....But to the best of my knowledge there is no sure shot medicine is told in Ayurveda for diabetes.

    Further....one tree is of my special interest....its called Mitragyana parvifolia ...in local language it is called kaim or krishna kadamb or real kadamb....

    I am also experimenting on same.

    LOL but now what is problem??? I am trying to many things....and now if at all...i get cured.....I won't know what gave me result.....lol

  • Dont feel embarrassed by my words :) that was all a joke ...but you have good knowledge of ayurveda and I see you are working very hard ...that means things are going to get better ...there will be no surprise if you start leading a camp in a year :) ...drop drop of water fill a bucket till morning and can make a pond in some days :)

  • nahi yar.... i don't want to lead....but if with my experience if some one gets relief..I will be happy....

    This @anup changed my life....before entering in this forum I was very much depressed....and after following diet suggested by anup....I started getting results....I got back my life....

    But I want to experiment more....really looking for sure.... so trying everything....

    marata kya nahi karata???

  • same here ...anup helped me a lot ...I was really puzzled what to eat what not eat ....or say should I eat ot not before I came to know of LC_F ...and Anup gave me a helping hand and till today I am surprised how he manage to answer 1000 people on time :D ....

    ok if dont want to lead ...then lets segregate lC_F in 4 parts : grainless LC_F, with Grain LC_F , wheatless L_HF and fouth is your department Ayur and probiotic LC_F ...happy ? :) :) and Anup will leading the super group LC_F as usual :D :D

  • nope....lol....let anup lead everything....

    I am happy to be follower of all.....

    Good soldier

  • Dont take it seriously ...Anup is great job to support people with his knowledge..Good night :)

  • hey here.....one thing.. karch look what they say....madhu takra.... the butter milk should be sweet....not sour....

    it means there should be control on fermentation....

    things should not get fermented beyond certain limits....

    Ok Good night


  • Also L**F with IF

  • you mean 12 hrs IF???

    I agree with that......

  • IF is actually 16:8

    But 12:12 is also good to start

  • IF can be further divided into subgroups ...No experience on that...IF savvies will elaborate on subgrouping of LC_F with IF :) :)....Just now I remembered I had fever last night and have to avoid overwork though I am all well now :)..

    so Good night


  • karch

    I can do what I do because now I have so many of Indian diabetics helping every n00b on LCHF and helping without anything in return. So hard work is showing results as the initial "INERTIA" is all over now, when you have 1000 Indian diabetics spreading the information about the much hated diet here.

    Now there's whole "Team" doing the talking and I am happy, like everyone else on LC*F, to see the community grow every day and even diabetics on LC*F even getting other diabetics in their family to adopt that lifestyle and see amazing results in no time.

    So, from the role of leading, I am just a facilitator now by providing a dedicated platform for all Indian diabetics on LC*F to talk freely. Yes, I spend money to keep the platform running trouble free :)

    I am really amazed to see so much diabetes related content from so many of them being posted daily.

    But, I make a point to go through more than 100 posts and replies that they are posting daily on the other forum.

    And, no pot shots even if some talk vegan, keto, paleo etc as out common aim is to reduce drugs and get better numbers and we are successful in doing that. This is despite a dedicated team here trying to bring down something that works -- but they failed for sure. :)

    By and large, I remember everyone's history and progress. I remember you and kanchan13 as diabetics who failed with the much HYPED Veganism.

    Kanchan kept losing weight for 3 years despite not wanting to lose weight and now she is into all sorts of allergy. Not sure how much Vegansim-for-three-years contributed to her plight. For you, it messed your thyroid. :)

    We have one newly joined vegan who is switching to LC*F for obvious reasons. It failed on her too in a short tme. Yes, it does take time convincing about fats, but they do get convinced as success stories are far too many to be ignored :)

    I can do what I do as I don't waste my time trolling others, unless someone takes a DIG at me just out of jealousy due to all the success of LC*F.

  • cure --

    "This @anup changed my life....before entering in this forum I was very much depressed....and after following diet suggested by anup....I started getting results....I got back my life...."

    I always say

    "Diabetes Is A Blessing In Disguise If One Can DUMP the so called healthy diet"

    Also, i rose up to the challenge of our rivals by listening to this number more than 100 times so far :)

    and, here's another one to pump me up! Don't surrender, don't give up the fight ... give a little bit more ... if you want to win, don't give in .... give a little bit more ... when you think you do what you gotta do, give a little bit more :)

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