LCH* What?

I don't know how many people are aware of just why the changes that have occurred lately restricting LCH* (note how careful I am being) on diabetes India and the establishment of LCHF Diabetes.

Firstly, I am moderator of LCHF Diabetes, but please read on.

My views on LCHF are well known and trenchant, but latterly the whole reason for setting up the group - to support people with diabetes has been hijacked by polarised groups (myself among them). On the one side are the supporters and those seeking a solution to at least alleviate their condition, and on the other side people vehemently opposed to anything other than the established dogma and medication solution. This has become so entrenched that the noise has turned off earnest seekers when a posted thread turns into a ridiculous too and fro between less than ten established protagonists running to 50 plus bruising exchanges per post that get nowhere. I've been guilty of that in the past, but even I cannot even bear to read the responses to threads I put up. So the moderators have decided to try to introduce some sanity to the debate. Trust me if you do not do so already, but this is not to stifle debate, but to try to get the whole raison detre back on track.

For my part I regret the deletion of anything to do with LCHF on Diabetes India, and it's a clumsy mechanism to deal with the problem but the current situation had me seriously considering dipping out and letting everyone just get on with their world views. However, this would leave the genuinely seekers of wisdom out in the cold, hence me accepting the invitation to be moderator of the new site. It's not ideal and I'm unsure how successful the concept is, but I'll give it a shot.

I'd appreciate your feedback, I might have things wrong, as might HU.

The new site is for supporters of LCHF and it's role in diabetes in India. It is not a debating forum for those opposing that view, so please don't go there - there are many more sites out there who want to argue their prejudice. The new site will live or die due to the success or otherwise of those espousing the LCHF lifestyle.

I have no attachment to to the new site other than to re-establish a grounding that promotes my view that LCHF is the growing movement to control and eliminate the scourge of type two diabetes that is bankrupting the health services of the entire world in the grip of multinational companies wrecking multinational health.

I'd appreciate your feedback, as none of us is as smart as all of us! But outside of that, transfer your allegiance if you think there is a positive to the move. It will take very little negativity to make me move on.


Mike (Should I change my photo in line with my new status?)


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50 Replies

  • He is a moderator at HU and,i think,he can post whatever and wherever,he thinks,is required to post.

  • Congratulations Mike

    While anup is helping diabetics in the other forum I am sure u will be able to help many diabetics over here

    I am sure you will be able to lead well

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Well, the other forum has become everyone's forum. Good you did not mention the name. It sends nervous jitters for some here :)

    1250+ members and counting, 3398 threads, 31000+ messages, not a single spam or troll. See the ratio of members to threads? 2+ Why, because that forum is moderated proactively and not based on user reports.

    Someone asked the other day where's medfree (the guy cannot stop seeing medfree even after 2 years of him leaving this place). After he deleted his account and majority of posts and all threads from here and left, he is the guy who does all back-end tech support and very strict moderation without showing any hint of any "partiality" toward anyone. Everyone -- including vegans, ADA et al is allowed to talk -- within the terms of the service. No one gets abused or insulted there by anyone. It has become a family.

  • I personally believe that a good thing has happened

    I will also stop visiting this forum and better support Mike and other diabetics

    This forum has no learnings anyway

    This forum will be open to peddling, high carb low control diet, etc etc etc.

  • High Carb Low Control -- HCLC a new diet :)

  • Are you serious?


  • Yes, High Carb Low Control. It's a known fact globally now. Some stuff up lot of fiber and think High Carb works. Yes, indeed it works as that's artificially cutting down calories.

    But after two or three years when muscles are almost reduced to just hanging off the bones, cheeks sunken deep they realize that stuffing up fiber doesn't help in long run. But some even defend that stature by calling themselves lean. They don't differentiate between lean and lean and fit.

  • Every diabetic must understand this drawback of taking HC.Specially those who are using and advocating what is called a balanced diet.

  • Anything that increases DRUGS can never be called BALANCED. Doesn't matter if few Harvard guys or some so calledd world bodies give snazzy names to stupid stuff. Bottom line is CARBS spike the hardest. If Harvard guys can't see that then god help.

  • Yes,right!

  • Post yr diet, let someone live that diet and then provide the feedback. If they fail then provide solutions about the right carb.

    I did that many times in the past and that's how you find people looking for that diet as a solution. Have even kanchan13 -- a vegan for 3 years now switching away from veganism as she failed for three long years.

  • I thought the concept was to have a set of rules, including respect for other users, that all need to abide by? Even those that think might is right.

    I'm not saying there should be lifelong bans; moderators remove offending articles.

  • Well, some guys will get away with even calling a HU moderator as "HARDLINER"

    They have ruined this forum and yet they survive. Funny.

  • All are hardiners here

    LCHF hardiners

    Ada hardiners

    Vegan hardiners

    Ayurveda hardiners

  • But first and the last in the list hardliners don't abuse people here.

  • @anup

    after nice nice quotes from rigveda and Indian sacred is one more quote I learned at my school.....(very suitable for hardliners)

    अग्रतः चतुरो वेदाः पृष्ठतः सशरं धनुः ।

    इदं ब्राह्मं इदं क्षात्रं शापादपि शरादपि ।।

    Means....with taking our sacred texts at front...and quiver full of sharp arrows on our back.....we stand here to defend our faith...may it be with our sharp arrows...or curse (abuse) ;)

  • We defend as we now know how what we talked has helped diabetics from all walks of life and such success bears testimony to whatever we say.

    Abusing people here? Not our forte' and would not even want to take the prize for that :)

  • navinsinha ,Correction please!

    The languages they are using are English,Hindi and/or Sanskrit and nothing is wrong with languages.Their words seem to you unpleasant.Is not it?

  • navinsinha ,Their languages or words?Which of these is unpleasant for you?

    And just see your reaction against my soft words!

  • Thank you and same to you!

  • No name of forum or links mentioned so can't be advertising. I play by the rules and know very well that even by rule, mentioning it once in 10 posts is allowed. Yet I don't mention once in 20 posts also.

    I am replying to you as you mentioned my name.

    As for forum, that gets 97.5% traffic from google where for most common search keywords it ranks in first five, many being first on SERP. We are techies so know quite a lot about SEO too, because we offer "EXPENSIVE" SEO services to corporates based in same city as I am. It is going to touch 100,000 views per month -- Thanks to Google. No amount of hate can stop its growth unless someone can convince Google to remove it from SERP excellent ranking that it gets ;)

    Some guys go there, copy user posts and paste it here in part and don't even provide link back to source. Violation of copyright and someone was pulled up for it.

    I haven't yet mentioned the name or link in my reply too. So, no I cannot be accused of advertising. Mentioning books to buy is a clear cut advertising.

  • But you mentioned my name. Mods have already said yesterday that just because you don't agree with someone and report they will ignore it. Don't expect that you mention my name and I keep quiet. Baseless allegations about advertising. refer the link posted in my reply.

  • Before that you direct your complain through REPORT button instead of taking my name here on forum. I don't have to defend anything as all rules are complied to wrt posting links. Same site can be posted once in 10 posts. I don't even post once in 20.

  • navinsinha ,What is meaning of his own forum?

    Forums are not for any single person.You can join any form as par your need.You are welcome at !Please come and join to learn and teach.

  • How do I get to your new site Mike? I will certainly join, tho I did say the other day, I wouldn't. I have changed my mind. I would like to distance myself from the toxic atmosphere in this forum. Shame on the few who have spoiled it for the many.

  • It's the same forum that you mentioned the other day jan-ran

    Ghost town as not many users there since it is new.

  • Thanks anup. I found it and have joined. 😃

  • Great and I welcomed you as I am there too.

  • You have played with the words and are not clear what you want to impress on the followers.No doubt that at present the socalled LCHF is needed for reducing the fat accumulated causing diabetes and related problems.In my opinion LCHF is needed as low carbohydrate results low oroduction of glucose in the blood thus lowering the diabetes.But the treatment is to be meted after finding the cause of diabetes,if it is due to defect in Pancrease lowering production of insuline required for burning glucose to release energy,or because of change in the life style,increase of fat,[production of two much glucose by intake of too much carbohydrates,which is temporary and reversible by taking less carbohydrates,but taking more fats especially unsaturated is in no way helpful but dangerous. with regards

  • The other forum is unscientific depends on pushes,I would like to join the new forum to avoid pushbacks

  • We believe more in science of medical reports and not merely opinions. Mike is now a moderator also. If you can provide some research how it is unscientific, I am sure we are competent to discuss.

  • What exactly is the science of medical reports .Reports of sugar levels after a particular diet or reports of scientific researches which change every alternative day.

  • Would love to discuss only how homeopathy has fared wrt clinical trials because homeopathy claims to cure everything. If reports have stayed stable for 6 years, science remains pretty stable and does not change every year.

  • Homeopathy never claimed infallibility . Diseases which are the result of constitutional , psychological , and psychosomatic drawbacks can be attended with reasonable rate of success . I had seen many doctors of modern medicine , coming to homeopathy after failing in their efforts , especially when it comes to their family .

  • Mind sharing any clinical trials of successes in homeopathy curing diabetes?

    Marta kya nahin karta.

    People even go to "Mauni Baba" when everything fails and only lose more money.

  • So far I never tried to collect any case histories of clinical trials , because I never wanted any proof . Now , I would try to convince them to give the reports , in the public interest . . Any ways , I made it clear many times , that my experience and practice is very limited and all of them are close relatives , family friends , and illiterate slum dwellers .So the collection of trails is not possible for obvious reasons . Nevertheless I would try , because it is for a cause .

  • Third party clinical trials on homeopathy curing diabetes.

  • No , I don't have any record , because they all have monetary interest and They are not open for discussion .Even if asked for any medicine in case of emergencies , where I can't order for the same from the pharmacy in Mangalore , which takes at least 10 days for the delivery , the homeopathy doctors in practice , do not give any , demanding to consult them as a patient paying their fees .

  • Today's opinions are to marrow's reports .

  • Well that's a good development as now spamming the moderators will have negative impact. Good that rules are clearly spelled out. Indiscriminate reporting because of disagreement won't work from now.

  • I don't think that we have ever tried the indiscriminate reporting going beyond the rules .

  • congrats mike. spearhead the movement as a moderator now.

  • AnupBanerjee I have seen some miracles happening with homeopathy....

    A simple experiment you can do and try at home....if some one is suffering with calcium deficiency or iron deficiency...treat him with homeopathy will get fantastic results....

    how those small round balls work is mystery.

    But as same time diabetes is very very as works on every diabetic will show different symptoms ...and therefore homeopathic medicine will change from person to can not conduct trials for homeopathy medicines like other medicines...

    Further.....there is very big deep and wonderful chapter in homeopathy about bach flower remedies....

    If some one really got deep study in this subject can reach to cure for sure shot....

    But guess as some one suggested we can try that umbrella treatment....

    Goli lag gayi toh lag gayi.....

  • You are tagging me wrong if this was meant for me, perhaps because of some bug which doesn't allow my name to be tagged.

    "But guess as some one suggested we can try that umbrella treatment....

    Goli lag gayi toh lag gayi....."

    Samsung does this. Throws so many "galaxy" models with the hope that some will stick on the wall. One really started forgetting the count of how many "galaxy" models Samsung produces every year. I am a Sony fan :)

  • I like my MOTO G :)

  • I have just bought a MOTO G-4

  • Am still stuck with Xperia ZL :)

  • @anup

    when I type gives many options but simple anup....sorry for that...

  • Yes, some bug in the software.

    No issues on that buddy :)

  • By strictly adhering to LCHF diet, my BS report has drastically improved. This morning BS fasting was 79 !!!

    What's more, I have stopped Pioz 7.5 mg

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