Is "Bhang" taken during Holi festival good or bad ?

hmmm anupjee....

I found your this question posted at some other place.But I guess there is some relation between these two things....There is lot of scope for research in this psychosomatic herbs in future treatment of diabetes.

I just asked few of friends from North India about ppl who consumes Bhang everyday...and found that those ppl don't get diabetic.

Further,there is recent patent awarded to one person from Jaipur for his research on Mitragyana parvifolia for treatment of diabetes.

The same tree/plant from Thailand in called Mitragyana spaciosa or Kroth is banned at most of place as psychosomatic.

However this Mitragyana parvifolia is not psychosomatic.Infact its sacred plant.its called Lord krishna's Kadamb.there is also one myth that leaves of this tree turns out like cone.And Lord Krishna use to eat Butter from those cones.

Guess Lord Krishna was also on LCHF.

Radhe radhe bolo.....jai Kanhiyaa lal ki.......

Happy Holi....

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  • LOL.

    I posted this question as I found flurry of unconnected posts some with wrongly formatted titles some posted as new post after being posted as a reply etc in quick succession. The url posted in title field etc reflects  some in-coherency.

    So, I asked the question. Unfortunately got no reply. 

    But, I still wonder if that was aberration or hallucinations.

  • are you enjoying HOLI???? May be its effect of that....don't worry....within 48 hrs effect will

  • I avoid anything and everything that can lead to aberrations or hallucinations.


  • Bhang has got medicinal properties and is said to bring clarity of thought and focus if consumed in moderation.....

  • Cure

    Good one. 

    Even I believed that lord krishna was having lots of "makkan" and hence LCHF 

    Against this lord ganesh was having lots of sweets and hence suffered from diabetes. 

    So the offerings we give to lord ganesha like dhruva grass or Bael Leaves etc have anti diabetic properties. 

    Which these are mythological stuff or whatsoever - it provides a good insight. 

    Ha ha 

  • Hmmmm true Lord Ganesh do have wheat that due to lots of triglycerides due high carbs with high fats and very High insulin resistance??

  • But by the way....Lord Kerishna died of u know about last days of Lord krishna???

    The hunter by mistake shooted a arrow by which lord got hurted and the wound gets spoiled....and that was the end of Yogeshwar.

  • And Lord Shiva loves Bhang.....

    Anupjee.....about hallucination....remember what The great Amitabh bacchanjee said....

    Kisipe Husn Ka Guroor Jawaani Ka Nasha

    Kisike Dil Pe Mohabbat Ki Ravaani Ka Nasha

    Kisiko Dekhke Saanson Se Ubharta Hai Nasha

    Bina Piye Bhi Kahin Had Se Guzarta Hai Nasha

    Nashe Mein Kaun Nahin Hai Mujhe Bataao Zara

    Kise Hai Hosh Mere Saamne To Laao To Zara

    Nasha Hai Sab Pe Magar Rang Nashe Ka Hai Juda

    Khili Khili Hui Subah Pe Hai Shabnam Ka Nasha

    Hava Pe Khushboo Ka Badal Pe Hai Rimjhim Ka Nasha

    Kahin Suroor Hai Khushiyon Ka Kahin Gham Ka Nasha

    Nasha Sharaab Mein Hota To Nachti Botal

    Maikade Jhoomte Paimaanon Mein Hoti Hulchul

    Nasha Sharaab Mein Hota To Naachti Botal

    'Nashe Mein Kaun Nahin Hai Mujhe Bataao Zara '

    And Hindu philosophy says this world is 'Maya'..a hallucination....


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