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pls advice how to take precaution in fasting month

Dear All

as there will b a fasting month of RAMDAN coming in June ..in which i have to keep fast for a 14 hrs long & its for a month..kindly advice is it safe or what r the prevention should b taken while doing fasting..is it increase BS or decrease during this time...currently my BS is 100 & 130 .. that is what i maintain without any drug..pls give ur valuable advice...pls share ur opinion..



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Your bs is within normal limits and you are non diabetic healthy person. Go into fast without any suspicion of getting your blood sugar getting upset.


Your BS levels seem to be in a good range and I am assuming that you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I would suggest that you keep close eye on yourself as getting hypo is far more dangerous than increased blood sugar. Keep a sachet of glucose or even regular sugar handy and pop it in if you know you are getting hypo. Maybe let people around you know that they should keep an eye on you as well.

This is all I can suggest in way of precaution Ahmed. And don't don't stress yourself over it because that can cause problems.


That fasting is actually good . Keep it up even after Ramadan.




Your Blood sugar levels are Normal. Dont ear Rice for Suhoor(Dawn), go for Multigrain wheat atta, have more water and yoghurt.Have more salads.minimise consumption of Dates during fasting


Dear Ahmed RAMDAN fasting is very good for Diabetes. Your BS is 100 & 130 it is fine. In the month of RAMDAN these numbers will not go up because we are not eating the whole day. Take your normal medicine in the morning and evening. Rest Allah will takecare.




but i m not taking any medicine..

as a precaution any medicine is required??

pls tell


Hi Naqui if your are not on medicine just dont worry. In the month of Ramdan monitor every 10 day with your gulcometer. what we eat in the morning little sugar will be there till 11.00 AM after that no sugar in take so dont worry. All the best to you and Allah will takecare.



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