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Fasting Sugar level High in the Morning

Dear All,

I may be repeating this post but I am trying to understand the root cause.

My BS 2 hours after dinner is 109 and in the morning at 9 AM it’s 140-170. Taking Medicine Janumet. 6 hours fasting and ba in the evening is 105-110.

Any idea why is this and what could be the reason when we sleep what happens to our body.

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Hi Niranjan,

This is very common among T2D.

There can be one of the two reasons for this - 1. Somogyi Effect 2. Dawn Phenomenon.

One has to first confirm which factor is responsible for the rise in blood sugar.

If your blood sugar level around 3 to 4 am becomes lower than bedtime level, it is Somogyi effect.

If your blood sugar level around 3 to 4 am remains more or less same as bedtime level, it is Dawn Phenomenon.

In the first case ( Somogyi) eating some snacks at bedtime which releases sugar slowly may help.

The second case ( Dawn phenomenon) is more difficult to control at least in my experience. One can use slow acting medication which prevents lever to release glucose, but I am trying to fix it by natural means. Still, work in progress. In my case, it is not very high.

Reference below might be of help:


thnk you i am not sure what is my BS at 3 to 4 but i will check and post the result


Consume food before 8:00 pm.

Reduce the quantity of food during dinner since you require minimum energy during sleep.

The dawn phenomenon, sometimes called the dawn effect, is an early-morning (usually between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.) increase in blood sugar (glucose) relevant to people with diabetes. It is different from chronic Somogyi rebound in that dawn phenomenon is not associated with nocturnal hypoglycemia.


I am sure even if i skip my dinner also the BS level in the morning will be high.. i think the reason may be deep sleep more than 3 hours..


This is one of those things that is not fully comprehended.You may have to develop yr own strategy by trial and error.In the meantime,depend on HbA1c for effective control.


thank you lets see...

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