i have to get cataract done with in 15 days.by that time can i get my sugars down

right now my BS levels are flactuating between 180-200 in fasting and ppbs between 230-250. can anybody know to get the cataract done what should be the BS levels.i am taking metformin 500mg and glymi 2 in the morning before breakfast and also ayurvedic medicines.your response is highly appreciated.

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  • When I went for cateract,l got fbs and ppbs done a day before.The results were seen by eye surgeon before going ahead with the surgery.

  • I did the same

  • Check what @pnchandra did. You will need to go on insulin.

    After cataract his insulin shots have reduced drastically as he follows LCHF Diet.

    On such dangerously high blood sugars I don't think any surgeon will give a go ahead.

  • "especially the lchf propagated in this forum."

    LCHF is SCIENCE for people who live by it and who really understand it. No propaganda involved! It just works and that's why diabetics are switching, despite claiming NO CURE.

    Not only this forum, It's there on ADA forum also :)

    400+ Indians benefited and still counting.

    Next is going to be a Book on Diabetes Management Through LCHF Diet for Indians. :)


  • By the time the book is ready, we will have 1200+ or maybe more if I manage to start seminars. The number was 160+ right on this forum before majority left due to insults and abuses from a handful few here.

    I am not giving it up anytime soon, just because few here don't like it's success. BTW, here's the recent two:



    And, we don't claim CURE just to sell something, because no one in right mind will ever say that diabetes can be cured as of now. If we had claimed CURE, the number would have been 4000+. But, we don't believe in CURE HOGWASH.

    Proof is there for everyone to see. Those who have been anti LCHF right from 2013, will never understand or see it. Rest will, and that includes many who moved away from LW too as LW (or any wheat just boiled and eaten) can never be a long term solution if one doesn't cut down carbs.

    Stay tuned.


  • The number could be 500+ if principles of psephology are applied. So, don't bother about LCHF much. The guys and gals who are switching, can see facts.

  • Search on this site and dlife.in and then count the no. of persons on LCHF diet. Some are even non-diabetics. :)

  • shreesamarth -

    I just saw one user has gone Hidden (ie account deleted). He replied from his ID#1 to a question asked to his ID#2. :)

  • :D

  • Use insulin under medical supervision to get sugar controlled first. Had you kept sugar under control, you could have avoided cataract (surgery)

  • Why 4 times in diabetics? Because of so called Safe A1C of 7.5?

    Everything in diabetics becomes 4 times and no one offers any sensible justification except to pass it on as part of diabetic complications.

    Keep A1C of a non diabetic and that 4 times will reduce to 1.

  • Yes I agree with this. Most diabetics are clueless about these things and doctors are to be blamed for not educating them. Years of bad sugar control is what leads to all sorts of problems and complications. Diabetics switching to LCHF diet have regained non diabetic numbers by and large (and not ADA numbers which are again horrible control).

  • Take Insulin under medical supervision. I don't think that any surgery or even a treatment with antibiotics will be carried out when the sugar level is high. No choice.

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