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is it correct abt sugar limit in diabetes

Hi Frnds..

I got a msg from my Frnd reg Sugar level in dbts..

pls tell is it true or just a msg..

An interesting Fact ..before 1997 the Fasting Sugar limit was 140..

WHO put a Panel to decrease it n was fixed at 126..

All of sudden 14% of World Population become Diabetic overnight...

later in 2003 American Diabetic Association again decrease it 100 & after this 60% of Indian Population became Diabetic..

& u know who r the member of those panels deciding the fasting sugar limit consist of ??

they r the consultant of 7 Big Pharma Industry that decide u r Diabetic or not...

pls give ur opinion on this...


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thanx for the details...


is this really true.....?


I agree with your comments. What we must realize is you cannot bring the entire nation to onee number say 126. Some bodies burn more sugar than others. The body is super, super intelligent & is self adjusting and self regulating. Say your blood pressure increase to 140/95, your body is adjusting because your brain is getting insufficient oxygen, in order to supply more oxygen how will your reacts, it will certainly increase the pressure so that your brain gets adequate level of oxygen. What will your doctor do? he will give you a chemical that will l lower lower your bp. Imagine are you helping your body by lowering bp or damaging?????


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