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It is a type of kidney disease which in extreme cases result in kidney failure.The function of kidney is to filter out waste from our body.A diabetic whose blood sugar remains high tend to interfere with this process resulting in renal failure.

_SYMPTOMS :_-- there are no symptoms in early stages .Urine routine examination may give some indication.Swelling of legs and later on swelling of face and then whole body occurs as the kidney disease advance.Urine is tested for a protein called Albumin.

PRECAUTIONERY MEASURES--- certain measures can be initiated for prevention of nephropathy.

Blood sugar should be kept as near normal as possible.

Blood pressure should be managed properly.

Be careful about your heart. please go for healthy diet and regular exercise.

Say no to smoking and other tobacco products.


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Indiacratus, while generally agreeing with you ,I am of the view that if detected sufficiently early, many diabetic complications can be reversed.

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