My name Ajmal ps . I am 23 years old .Previous month I am check my blood sugar level .It's very high ( FBS - 270 MG & PPBS - 480 MG ) .I didn't understand my blood sugar level very high .So please give suggestion ..


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  • Reduce your intake of flour, sugar, fruit, peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, grains, cereals, tubers and root vegetables, eating more natural fat instead.

  • Thank you for helping. .

  • All the best.

    Keep us posted of your improvement!

  • Thank you.

  • Have you seen a doctor yet? Indeed these are high blood sugar. But don't be scared, see a doctor, get some medications to bring the sugar levels down to acceptable levels. Then you can work on switching to a healthy diet and exercise program and possibly keep it under control without continued use of medicines.

    Good luck and good health.

  • Yes,I concern doctor in previous month that means 26/02/2016.Currect this are high blood sugar .And the doctor give some medicine ( Januvia 100 mg , Metformin 1gm, Glimipride 1 mg ) this are the medicines..

  • Have you been monitoring blood sugar regularly? What are your latest readings? If FBS - 270 MG & PPBS - 480 MG are your latest readings after taking the medicines for almost 15 days now then see your doctor immediately and they will make change to your medications. You need to get a glucometer and test your blood sugar each day for a few days now till blood sugar levels drop and stay there for a while.

  • Yes I am monitoring the blood sugar once in a week or weekly 2 days .The latest testing 08.03.2016 FBS - 109 MG & PPBS - 172 MG .

  • OK these numbers are much better. If you are doing it once a week you should try and do it at least every other day. Take fasting and PP after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Write down all 4 readings and maintain a log. You need to talk to your doctor to see if they want to adjust your medicine dose.

    What do you eat typically? I think you can start thinking about a diet plan. Do your research and study and go with the typical diet that doctors will prescribe or LCHF or another diet that will help you with reducing BS and managing your diabetes on an ongoing basis.

    Would information in Hindi help you more Ajmal?

  • These medications are not good in the long run. Best intervention is via proper diet. Try eating two or just one meal a day. Or do alternate day fasting or fast 3 days every week. This will help the body to take a break from the overload. Beware of Januvia and its analogs as it has been linked to cancer. Metformin is fine but this can cause hair fall in the long run. Eat lots of grapefruit to counteract overacidity - but make sure you let your doc know about this as grapefruit can interfere adversely with medications.

  • (1) Get yr levels down to safe range even if that means using drugs/insulin.

    (2) Switch to LCHF diet and cut down drugs

    (3) get used to testing sugar levels at home. Once a month lab tests are useless.

  • Thank you for your suggestions.  In 26.02.2016 blood checking result ( FBS - 270 MG & PPBS - 480 MG ) . In last I am checking on 08.03.2016 ( FBS - 109 MG & PPBS - 172 MG ) .And now I am using drugs ( Januvia 100 mg , Metformin 1gm, Glimipride 1 mg ) this are the medicines..

  • Now switch to LCHF diet and get rid of Januvia first (right within first week) and then glimi within a month and yet get PPBS of 140 or less.

    I am into sixth year as DRUG FREE Type 2 diabetic, living on LCHF diet and I don't do 2 hrs of "moon walking" :)

    Self management needs home testing of sugar aggressively and doing course correction till A1C < 5.6 is hit. Then aim should be tpo stay below 5.6.

  • what isLCHF diet can you tell me pls


    followi above link and see what si given contact anup in the forum

  • You have to start taking insulin with the advice and supervision of an endocrinologist/diabatologist

  • With such a high level of sugar,first you approached to Doctor immediately.

  • Not to worry . Once it come down. its up to you to raise it again :D :D . So be aware of carbohydrate. eat less carb as much as possible. eat FAT as much as possible. Join gym and gain some muscle. You will enjoy sweet free life . God Bless you.

  • O God, your intake of carbohydrates are very high, avoid idly, dosa, rice and chapathis, as per my knowledge, immediately start medication to reduce those levels, drink soup in the morning. With. Long wheat, eat some peanuts, drink frequently coffee and butter milk to suppress your hunger, lunch. With long wheat rotis 2, night also 2 rotis. Take raw carrots, less in qty, and apples, curries dal etc as usual, try this

  • You should walk daily at least one hour.

  • Do you know that when glucose levels are more than 250, any form of exercise is strictly prohibited? Walking will never be the solution on such a high glucose levels.

  • Dear Ajmal

    Do not worry. Pl contact fpr cpmplete cure of diabetis.

    Good luck.

  • Hi.

    I may not be a patient but sharing an experience.

    One of my cousins is suffering with diabetes. She heard about Cureyo (a healthcare start-up) who she says are working on the idea of providing complete care for patients suffering with chronic ailments.

    They have a highly curated network of MD Doctors (Most Ex-Army Doctors) who talk to you over a phone call and if needed even set up a physical consultation, and a team of people who introduced the concept of "Personal assistant" which monitors health habits with respect to diet and exercise, and push you to get better on a regular basis.

    You could visit or call them on 9819396390.

    Would be happy if anyone benefits.

    P.S : From what I know, there is no permanent cure for diabetes, it can be treatment and needs continuous monitoring.

  • Aman -Hello!

    Can you help me with more information? I see you have doctors with lot of experience.How does it work. I'm from Bangalore.

  • Hi Ajmal - Pls check your inbox.

  • All the advices are good or very good. Only problem is that any of the remedies suggested above are to be continued lifelong :)

    Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR) is not so. After reaching a certain stage LWMDR WAS DISCONTINUED; I switched back to normal diet.

    Why don't you give a try & see the amazing effect yourself?

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