Please help me out I am 28 years old

Hi all

I got diagnosed Jun 18th with readings 288 and 434 and h1abc 14.5 .I had gone through insulin along with 500 mg pill treatment for one month and after getting normal values moved to 1gm metformin pill only as doctor suggested.Later I reduced dose to 500 mg metformin only as I had fair normal values under 1 gm metformin medication.In 15 days I checked 3 times got normal values with 500 mg metformin i.e., 85 and 136,90 and 149 and 93 and 118(this was taken on Aug 24th latest).But when I have seen reading today i.e., on SEP 1st FBS was 90 and I did yoga aasanas of diabetes specially for half an hour and again checked reading It was 98.I got surprised after performing yoga it got increased to 8 points and later I did 140 push ups with in 15 mins (4 sets each 35 count) and then had breakfast upma and checked PPBS after one and half hour exactly it was 197. I am confused and worried why the reading rapidly increased even after performing yoga and pushups. Please help me out and give your valuable feedbackI am 28 years old and I will booze 3- 4 times in a month (2-4 pegs).No family history diabetes but my maternal family is having diabetes.


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  • Can you tell that why Blood sugar increased even after doing yoga and pushups.I checked after doing yoga half an hour it increased from 90 to 98.There is something wrong this will not happen for me regularly.Can you tell me what might be the reason behind this.

  • Yoga and pushups, in themselves good exercise, will do absolutely nothing for your condition.

  • Thanks Mike,Tested today it was 85 and 161.No yoga and pushups.In my case while doing yoga I am more concentrating on stomach so liver is dumping glucose I guess.

  • Insulin releasing medicine i.e., 500mg metformin only after breakfast

  • Metformin is not insulin releasing medication.

  • Anup

    pioglitazone too.

  • I do breakfast khichdi of different daals,idly,Dosa or oats and in lunch two phulkas ,full signoware lunch box brown rice with full vegetable curry and in dinner 5 chapatis with veg curry (non-veg weekly twice).In a month 4-5 times will have white rice or biryaani in functions or parties and 4-5 times consume alcohol (4 pegs twice and 2 pegs twice).This is my diet regime.With this diet my readings are well and good but confused why my readings in above post i.e., on Sep 1st is very high. Also when I got fever in last month i.e., in August Readings were pretty high 107 and 183 ,103 and 162 on Aug 6th and 7th respectivey and I took one Ibufurin paracetamol on aug 6th and one DOLO tablet on aug 7th.And again readings came to normal

  • Subscribe to Jason Fung and see the role of insulin in T2 diabetes. Then implement the advice and re set your health.


  • Thanks for information Mike.But not able to find dietary plan in the above link you sent

  • Cut down CARBS as they are your worse enemy as a diabetic. I am into sixth year as Type 2 and on ZERO medications because my diet is no more than 20% CARBS energy. You can go through my posts by clicking on my username.

    If you cannot cut down carbs, then walking 20 km /day will help.

    Chose what suits you.

  • Thanks for the reply anup.Morning breakfast will have any healthy dish and in the afternoon I will have brown rice with vegetable curry along with two chapatis and in dinner 5 chapatis with lots of veg curry or non veg curry (twice in week).In a month 4-5 times I will have dinner outside food that too biryaani also 4-5 times will do booze 2-4 pegs . What do you say about my diet. Is it good or not.If not what should be the right diet and how carbs are counted exactly.Please let me know

  • Booze, 7 roti/day, rice, Biryani outside (means all crappy -- heart friendly is it?? -- oil used) is a perfect recipe for disaster. Look at this for what we do:

    And here's my success story, replicated by many young diabetics of your age:

    Many with even 25 years of diabetic history are off 80% medications and achieve non diabetic numbers.

  • Sorry to say Anup, difficult for me to understand.

  • Spend some time and you will get hold of things.

  • Anup

    i don't think taking high carbs and walking 20 km is a good strategy. He has to adjust to LC diet. The reason for erratic bs levels is definitely HC diet

  • Gave him two options. He can pick whatever suits him. If cannot walk, then keep adding one medication after another till insulin shots is reached.

  • I am not learned enough to guide you on this but maybe exercising on empty stomach rises your bs levels. I too have seen this so for me exercises only after some food intake. Try and do post for the benefit of all. There are many knowledgeable people on this forum who will certainly guide you.

  • It is normal to spike blood glucose after workout. i think you started exercise in earlier day. Same behavior was with me when i started exercise before 4 month ago. Now after 45 min gym exercise, my blood sugar always comes down up to 30-40 units and never goes up. Switch on LCHF diet.

  • Thanks for the reply YADAV! Yoga I started 2 weeks ago and performing daily but pushups since two months alternate day I will do.

  • walk has effect to lower bg levels, i am not sure yoga does play any part. still more bg is present in pancreas take treatment for more one month. u need to monitor u r bg levels, u never know it goes up. keep away from potatoes and rice specially and all sugar products.

    still u r young try to manage it through diet and exercise.

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