Since Year 2000 being a Type- 2, I was on [a] Diamicrone-80, Aspirin, [c] Statins, [d] Losacar 25 and [e] Vitamin E.

I changed to LCHF on my own and my doctor a US educated endocrinologist seeing my exceptionally good result in years in my lab report was highly surprised!

However, when I disclosed that I was on LCHF she cautioned me that ‘MY HEART, MY KIDNEYS, MY LIVER WILL BE DAMAGED’ if I continue with LCHF from ‘STARCH SPREAD’ all day.

When I asked whether she suspects the Report she tactfully called for further reports from my urine sample as well. After seeing all the reports she admitted defeat- we had a very long chat about LCHF as if she became my patient all of a sudden!!.

Now, can anyone tell me how I could drop the medication I am taking for over a decade as stated above and if I could in what order I should drop the pills.

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  • I you feel a little nervous about giving up statins, start your research here:

  • Ignore the rants from doctors against LCHF. They don't know a thing about it. 9.9 out of 10 are just IGNORANT about. Yea one of the doctors scared me with multiple organ failure but when I show him reports half a decade down the line he has no explanation or science to back his earlier statements.

    As for drugs:

    (1) What's your TG/HDL ratio? What's the PPBS/A1C/FBS. I am sure you monitor blood sugars at home.

    (2) Statins -- What's your LIPIDS.

    If you are in the weight loss mode on LCHF, don't go for LIPIDS panel. Wait for wt to stabilise.

    Diabetics have gone off statins and diabetes drugs even after 20 years of diabetes once they switched to LCHF.

  • Thanks for your prompt response and also from so many others. It is nice to see our 'team' is concerned so much about all our all well beings and I trust this attitude itself is the strongest efficacy.

    I append below the results I copied from my Diagnostic Report:

    Glucose, fasting, plasma119



    HBA1C 5.7


    Total Cholesterol142


    HDL Cholesterol43

    LDL Cholesterol79

    VLDL Cholesterol19.6

    Total Chol/ HLD ratio3.3


    Spot Urine Micro albumin7.2

    Creatinine, Urine 140

    Albumin/ Creatinine Ratio5

    I suspect all these years the doctors have forced us to leave our organs Starving in the name of controlled diets to suit their prescriptions. Obviously even the healthiest man on earth will kick the bucket if his is left to starve for days or weeks the most.

  • (1) You can taper down Statin dose to half (resort to floored value) of what you take currently and repeat LIPIDS after 3 months. If the numbers are fine, then u can drop statins altogether.

    (2) FBS is still high. So, diabetic drug has to continue. If possible, add Ashvagandha 250 mg BID and see if that helps on FBS in three months time and also if it helps on stabilizing blood pressure. Walk post dinner and watch how FBS behaves.

    If taking Losartan for neuropathy, and you are not hypothryoid patient, you can add 300mg Alpha Lipoic Acid once a day. Alpha Lipoic Acid is not a drug. With LCHF, you reduce the residual insulin circulating in blood so vaso-constriction is lessened.

    (3) Monitor PPBS at home and ensure that you do not cross 140 even at 1 Hr after first bite.

    Keep us posted.

  • if want to leave the medicine then how you have increase same way you should reduce in gradual process. Also use more naturals in your food habit too then on a periodic check up prove a positive result.

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