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Member's view on food and carb

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1. five idali, coconut sambal and veg sambar.

2. one loge dosai, sambar and coconut sambal.

3. Pongal and veg sambar.

4. UK breakfast!


Rice with veg curry.

UK deal lunch?


Very simple before 7PM.


A heavy take away.

Please give examples.

Tea and coffee with milk.

Looking for interesting discussion. I have been reading the X-PERT health UK, NHS book!!

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Do you want to know what the total amount of carbs. for the meals will be?

Yes please!

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Okay!πŸ˜€πŸ‘ Give me some time to figure out everything and I will let you know once I get all the information done.


It depends on the below parameters as well.

1) Organic or non-organic. I found lots of variance on my BS. Hence this question

2) What variety of rice is used? This is very critical.

Ponni or Sona Masoori or some other as GI differs based on the variety used.

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In UK basmati rice is expensive and most people buy it. There are other rice available. In our family we only take a small helping of rice once.

I am looking for different examples.

This diet is loaded with Carb.

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If you put a note saying wet (paynt) people will read it because of the mistake compared to wet paint!

In training if you give correct answer then there is no discussion for others to learn, I learned this as a IT trainer. My example is looking for good discussion for others to learn the carb counting and numbers.

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you are cuonting good.

this diet is ok for a nondiabetic,but not for a diabetic. it is rich in carbs and is overweight even for a 24 hour regimen. cant expect to keep sugar in control unless you are on insulin

I have been watching village cooking channel, local food cooking, in Asia and South East Asia. No one talks about carb or fat or calories but people eating the food look healthy.

One of the reason for the post.

That's okay, but insulin-resistance can go on on the inside for decades undetected.

There's no need to obsess, but the further we deviate from what our body uses; 50g protein per day, 120-160g carbohydrate, the remaining energy natural fat; the more likely we are to suffer chronic ill-health.

If you have insulin resistance, follow the X-PERT low-carb approach. Others may be able to tolerate the more liberal Mediterranean approach.

It's important not to exceed the above, because it is when too much insulin is demanded that surplus visceral fat is formed for instance, which is what 'clogs arteries', or the high levels of insulin affect other hormones, or they increase the risk of cancer by signalling the abundance of glucose that enables cells to go rogue and multiply independent of the multi-celled organism's control.

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