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LWMDR Clarification

I have started the procedure last week. The first day itself was quite comfortable as I was feeling quite light and no gas at all, and I am sure if I can follow it for few months/years I shall come out of this deadly disease. However I have few doubts and I am sure you will find some time to respond.


1. Is it necessary to boil the wheat for 45 minutes with 6 times it's quantity as first day I cooked with less water and for lesser time and what ever level it was cooked I had no problem in consuming it that to without blending/putting in the mixer.

2. As we cannot consume the fresh fruits what is source of vitamins requirement of the body? Can we consume 4-5 almonds or any other dry fruits in the morning to overcome the other old age problems as we cannot consume fresh fruits.

3. I am bit in habit of consuming tea may be half a cup on number of occasions. Does the LWMDR permit consuming tea/green tea that to with milk and or sugar free sweetener.

4. What should be the preferred timings for the three meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thanks and Regards

Umesh Jambotkar

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you can cook them and eat them as per your preference, as long as you have good blood results.


Thanks Nairrajis, but how about the need of vitamins, secondly when we are hungry what all we can consume. On two occasion in the last week the sugar level in the night dropped down to 57 and 52 respectively even after reducing the medicine (insulin) level, then what should be consumed so that the level comes up at the same time the procedure (LWMDR) does not break. Waiting for an early reply, Thanks and Regards.



I a novice in the LW mashed diet. i started this diet onlly 9 months back, and also following LCHF diet too, but fat consumption in moderation, only oils(coconut, olive and sesame) no butter or ghee, since I am on vegan diet. For the carb recommended in the LCHF diet, I use LW and rice a scoop only, with lots of veg, and legumes,and coconut scrapped.

Regarding the BS dropping at night, I think you should be addressing your issue to Mr Shooter George. He will surely guide you.

Good luck, take the best of both worlds.


Thanks Nairrajis for your valuable guidance.


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