Hello All ,

Recently diagnosed with DM 2 in Oct '15 . Age 46 , 77 kgs, 5'10" .

Avg of last 2 months reading - FBS ( 113 ) / PPBS ( B/F - 124 , Post Lunch - 143 , Post Dinner - 167 ) . Avg is of 10 readings in each . Hb1Ac - 6.7 . I am currently on Melmet 500 SR. Going to start LWMDR immediately from today .

Few Queries -

- Are the interim intake of snacks / tea etc allowed ?

- Green Tea / Egg White / Non Veg / Milk allowed during the course in the interim ?

- I have a job that involve travel for 7 days a month . How will this break in the process effect the overall cure and what is the solution to avoid a break in the course ?

- Any other precautions to be taken , not mentioned in the blog .



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  • By adhering to a fad diet you are missing the main need to focus on reducing your carbohydrate intake Carb Counting Food List

    (Remember 1 Carb choice =15 gms carb)

    (Foods marked with an asterisk* contain fat)

    Breads: 15 g Carb(1 carb)

    1 slice bread, white, wheat or whole grain

    1 small Pau/dinner roll

    ½ roti ( bajra, makai, jowar)

    1 Chapati, 6” diameter

    ¾ paratha or thepla, 6”*

    ½ paneer paratha

    ¾ potato paratha, 6”*

    1/4th of 8”x 2” naan

    ½ of a pita bread

    2 puris 5”

    ½ hamburger/hot dog bun

    ½ of a 2oz bagel

    1 small croissant*

    ½ English muffin

    1 small muffin*

    1 dosa approx 10”diameter

    1 small idli

    2 mini rava idlis

    25g/3tbsp atta(whole wheat)

    25 g/ 3tbsp maida (all-purpose flour)

    1 small croissant*

    Cereals/grains: 15g Carb(1 carb)

    ½ C poha

    ½ C Dalia(cooked)

    ½ C upma (cooked)

    ½ C pasta(cooked)

    ½ C cooked hot cereal

    1/3 C white rice cooked

    1/3 C brown rice cooked

    1/3 C tamarind rice

    1/3 C bisi bhela Bhath

    ½ C biryani/pulao*meat

    ½ C khichadi/khichri cooked

    1 square dhokla

    ½ C matki usal

    ½ C dhansak*

    ½ C aviyal

    1/3 C uppuma

    ½ uttapam vegetable(small) or

    1 mini uttapam, 4”

    2 tbsp tapioca uncooked

    ½ C wheat sprouted

    Starchy Vegetables: 15 g carb

    1/3 C plantain green

    1 C winter squash

    ½ C potato sabji*

    1 small potato boiled or baked

    ½ potatoes mashed

    ½ C sweet potatoes

    ½ C peas

    ½ C corn

    ½ C yam

    French fries*

    ½ C hash browns*

    1C mixed veg(corn,peas)

    Pulses/dals/beans: 15 g Carb

    ½ C lentils cooked

    ½ C toor dal cooked

    ½ C tomato dhal

    ½ C mung dal cooked

    1C thin mixed dal cooked

    ½ C kidney beans cooked

    ½ C chickpeas cooked

    ½ C lobia(black-eyed peas) cooked

    1/3 C besan

    1 C rasam

    ½ C sambar

    1/3 C hummus

    ½ C vegetable korma

    1 ¼ vegetable tofu stir fry

    1 C aloo gobhi

    ½ C dhansak*

    ¾ C spinach and garbanzo beans curry

    ½ C tomato herb soup

    1 C sprouted moong salad

    ¾ C chicken noodle soup

    1 ¼ C chicken curry

    1 ¼ C chicken chettinad curry

    Sweets: 15 g carb(limit to 10% of diet)

    5 vanilla wafers

    2 nankhatai, small*

    1 small ghulab jaman*

    1/3 C carrot halwa*

    ¼ C sooji halwa*

    1 handava*

    6 pcs khandavi*

    ½ C kulfi*

    ½ small laddoo

    1 magas, 1 ½” x 1 ½” pc

    2 thin mathias

    1 pc mohanthal, 1 ½” x 1 ½”

    1 med rasgollah

    1 small rasmalai

    ¼ C shrikand

    ½ C ice cream*

    ¾ of a granola bar*

    ½ of a 2 oz glazed doughnut*

    1 (3 oz) frozen fruit juice bar(100%fruit)

    1 small brownie(2 inch)unfrosted*

    1 small cupcake unfrosted*

    ½ slice cake, frosted( 2 inch square)*

    2 small cookies, plain or sandwich with

    crème filling*

    1 roll fruit snacks, chewy

    ½ C sugar free pudding*

    ¼ C pudding regular*

    1 tbsp honey

    2 tbsp light maple syrup

    1 tbsp maple syrup, regular

    ½ C frozen yogurt*

    1 C(8oz) sport drinks(Gatorade)

    1 tbsp sugar

    ½ C chocolate milk

    Milk/yogurt: 15g Carb

    1 C skim, 1%milk

    1C 2%, whole milk*

    Fruits/Juices: 15g Carbs

    1 small Apple

    4 whole apricots (fresh)

    8 halves dried apricots

    ½ C canned apricots

    1 small banana (4oz) or ½ medium

    ¾ C blueberries

    1 C cantaloupe/honeydew melon cubes

    1 med. Chiku(sapota)

    12 sweet cherries

    3 dates

    2 med figs fresh

    1 ½ dried figs

    ½ C fruit cocktail

    ½ grapefruit

    17 grapes

    6 jambu

    4 loquat

    1 kiwi

    ¾ C mandarin oranges

    ½ small mango( ½ C)

    1 small nectarine

    ½ C canned peaches/pears

    1 small orange

    1 C papaya cubes

    ½ med passion fruit

    ½ large pear or 1 small

    1 med peach

    ¾ C fresh pineapple

    ½ C canned pineapple

    2 small plums

    3 dried plums(prunes)

    3 tbsp raisins

    1 C raspberries

    1 ¼ C strawberries

    1 med seetaphal

    2 small tangerines

    1 ¼ C watermelon cubes

    ½ C apple juice

    1C buttermilk

    ½ C evaporated skim milk

    1/3 C nonfat dry milk powder

    1 C plain yogurt, nonfat

    1 C plain yogurt, regular*

    1 C fruit flavor yogurt, artificial sweetener

    1 C lassi*, artificial sweetener

    1C masala chai made with 1%milk

    1/3 C grape juice

    ½ C grapefruit juice

    1/3 C mango juice

    ½ C guava juice

    ½ C orange juice

    ½ C pineapple juice

    1/3 C prune juice

    Snack foods: 15g carb(1carb choice)

    1oz. bhelpuri

    1oz chevda

    ½ C namkeen/nimco*

    6 pani puri

    2 papad

    ¾ veg samosa (1samosa=21g CHO)*

    1 med vegetable cutlet*

    3 pcs pakoda spinach*

    1 kachori(veg)*

    1 kachori(mung dal*)

    2 pcs cauliflower bhajia

    2pcs dahi vada*

    1oz. Banana chips

    3 squares graham crackers

    4-6 round crackers(Ritz type)*

    6 saltine crackers

    3 C popcorn

    2 rice cakes 4”

    1 ½ C mumbra(puffed rice)

    ¾ oz(9-13) snack chips, potato or tortilla*

    10 French Fries*

    Combination foods/Misc: 30g Carbs(2

    CHO servings)

    1 C meat & potato salan/curry*

    1 C Haleem(made with wheat,lentils, meat)*

    1 C dal gosht*

    1 C kadhi* made with besan

    1 meat burrito*

    12 chicken nuggets*

    1 C macaroni & cheese*

    1(3”x4”) piece of lasagna*

    ¼ of 10 inch pizza*

    1 C ravioli*

    2 soft tacos*

    1 tostada with beans*

    Vegetables: 5 g Carb ( Count if serving

    size more than 15 g)

    ½ C cooked vegetables (asparagus, green

    beans, bean sprouts, beets, broccoli, cabbage,

    carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, okra, onions,

    spinach, tomato, turnips, and zucchini etc.)

    1 C raw vegetable

    ½ C tomato or vegetable juice

    ¼ C tomato puree

    ½ C tomato sauce

    ½ C pasta/spaghetti sauce

    Free Foods: < 5g carbs and 20 calories

    Foods like sugar free sodas and beverages,

    artificial sweeteners, spices and seasonings

    fall into this category.

    Carbohydrate Counting Resources

     ADA Complete Guide to Carb Counting (Paperback) Available from Amazon.com

    for about $12.00


    Lea Ann Holzmeister, R.D.Available from the American Dietetic


  • I do not think your present blood sugar level are a cause of concern. However you need to be careful for future. You must go for a morning or evening brisk walk at least for 40 minutes for 4 to 5 times a week. Regulate your diet by reducing Carbohydrates intake. Try to reduce your total calories intake to 1800 divided into three major and three minor meals. Regarding Your query foaling green tea without sugar egg white non veg non veg ( chicken or fish) milk are ok but portions to be moderate and total calorie intake during the day not to exceed 1800. Monitor your blood sugar level regularly and have regular visit to your Doctor.

  • Dear 'mzb007'

    Your BS levels are not at all alarming. From my experience with Long Wheat for the last 6 months, I can say that you have taken a very good decision. Follow LWMDR religiously and within 3 months you will get miracle results and within a few months you will be drugfree. I am taking sweets occasionally now but my BS levels are still well in the range (both FBS & PPBS are around 100 only).

    There is no hard and fast rule that you have to take LWMDR everyday. Only thing you have to manage it anyway.

    You can take tea (without sugar) in between meals, take home made paneer, curd (full fat milk) in lieu of milk. Avoid snacks in between meals to give maximum rest to your pancreas.

    Restrictions as per Sir 'Shooter George'.

    God bless. Good luck.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your words?

    What was your BS level before starting off LWMDR and what is it now?

  • Dear asoreka,

    Do we need to wait for three months to see the results with Long Wheat.

    As per my thinking you can get the result in one hour after eating, you can know if Long Wheat will increase your blood sugar levels or not. Kindly correct me if i am wrong.

    Actually I took long wheat once 5 tea spoons only mixing it with vegetables and pressure cooking. After one hour the sugar levels were around 160 mg.

  • Dear 'jaffy'

    You may get result after 2 hrs, 12 hrs, 24 hrs, 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, 15 days and so on. But, your (or anybody else) BS levels will be stabilized within 3 months. Before that, it may/may not fluctuate.

    It is not required to measure BS levels just for the sake of experiment. The main point is how you are managing your condition effectively.

    In my case PPBS shooted to 210 after using long wheat just 2 months. But from 3 months onwards, it became normal (99-103).

    Good luck & God bless.

  • Many thanks for your response Asoreka

  • There is one person who is reporting high BS level with LWMDR after 10 months. His hbA1c has increased to 7.7 from 6.1.

  • This is quite surprising and also unbelieveable. Please tell the person to post his daily diet chart (in details for 24 hrs) honestly which he has followed during the months along with LWMDR.

  • Before starting LWMDR: FBS (145-180); PPBS (180-220)

    Now (using LWMDR): FBS (88-100); PPBS (99-103)

  • what is LWMDR, pls elaborate as i m a beginner here

  • You may also check for a separate details on LCHF Diet. LWMDR and LCHF are 2 different diet to follow.

    And decide what suits you.

    Numberwise I see more followers on LCHF Diet.

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