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BGR34 (Blood Glucose Regulator) By CSIR


I was suffering from diabetes since two years.

Recently I came to know about a Herbal Medicine CSR34.

I tried this for two weeks.Considerable amount of reduction of sugar count

noted.I feel much better with this medicine. The only prblem it is not available at local medical store.

Try online :

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We had had enough on BGR34. Mr weblinks99 joins the forum March 2nd only for trying to promote BGR34, using this forum for free advertisement


Mr.weblinks99 Sure you will get severe skin allergy problem from which I am recovering now by stopping BGR34. as I am staying at hyderabad chandanagar area if you want can two bottle free of cost from me to experience the same also if any member residing near to me can approach me on 9000688893 for this experiment.

I have asked in this forum if the manufacturer of BGR 34 is interested to refund me the skin allergy treatment recovering cost to me will be a great help for me and I can appreciate them here.

somkar in reply to Hidden

This medicine was brought out after so much of publicly in the newspapers by a Central Institute. Now we have to be careful in taking such medicines, as most of the ayurvedic medicines are without proper testing for efficacy and side effects.

I take Diabecon DS by Himalaya. Does anybody take that. Kindly share your comments on that please. Thanks. also you can try rs.1000 for two bottles.

Non of Ayurved medicine will work for Diabetes all fraud going on . Beware of Ayurved medicine.


I have personally used Diabecon DS earlier to BGR 34 it has given good effect for a limited period later BS is increased but not got any side effect like BGR34.

BGR 34 is easily available on medical stores in Delhi @ 10-15% discount.

It is available @ 25% discount on 1mg ( online)

I have consumed 2 bottles of this med .with my allopathic med. Initially I noticed little effect but it has no remarcable effect as claimed.

tejkumar in reply to skbhatia

there was one diabetic I know in Mumbai who complained of ED - on consumption of BGR 34; ayurved meds, it has been reported contains steroids and other 'hot'stuff like 'bhasma', etc. I avoid ayurved meds.

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