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blood glucose fluctaion

my diabitis is on its 24th year. now i take 25 units of huminsulin 50/50 before breakfast and 27 units before dinner. vobose .3 a day is being supplemented. there is diat control too. still fbs shown today is 156. last time a fortnight back it was 118. why this fluctation/

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I have also experienced fluctuations. There is no reason to panic. Several factors may be responsible I think. Apart from food and medicines, lack of sleep could also affect so far as I understand. Time variation of taking the sample may also affect. Keep checking every day , note down the results and consult your doctor after a week.


fluctuatons may be in ur diet plan. if you take simple less oily food, then it will be under control with out any fluctuaton


very true indeed. by the way i feel that for lifestyle diseases after a long spell, one himself is the best doctor and probably the patient himself can judge for himself.

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Very correctly said


A comment to my situation could not be read in full . It goes off before one can read the text. Kindly give at lest couple of miniutes time to read the content.


i am 74 and weighs 62 kilos. i don't suffer from constipation. request explain further.



Thank you but I do not get any idea about the hebal option you have mentioned. I am from Kerala in south india and the herb may be carrying a different name. possibily you can give a version which we follow.


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