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HbAi1c levels and Blood Glucose level

Hi, I am from Chennai India. on a random blood test, my Blood Glucose (R) level is 306 and my HbA1c level is 8.9. I have not yet met my doctor yet.

What does this generally mean. What should I do.

Please send me an email if possible with relevant details.


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Pl immediately consult a good diabetologist. Do relevant tests. Start Medications. Get sugar under control. Then get back to this forum


Sir, I have a doubt.. The random sugar test was done at about 6 p.m. two days back. Before the test, I had taken some food. (some sweets). Should I do a fasting and post fasting test to get my sugar levels checked again ? I do not have any symptoms of thirsty, frequent urination, blurred vision, numbness etc. etc. I am 45 year old person.



There is no necessity that there has to be some symptoms for diabetes. That's the reason diabetes is very dangerous. Your numbers confirm that you are confirmed diabetic. But get the FBS, PPBS and HbA1c tests done again and consult your doctor. You can also check about LCHF diet to control diabetes in this forum..

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Blood sugar levels 70 to 110 & Hba 1c level below 7

To contact your doctor immidiately.


I was detected 3 months back. None of the classical symptoms seen. Discovered accidentally. So do tests at at lab. Consult a good dr. Then follow LCHF diet.


Your blood sugar level indicates that you are a diabetic. Immediately start cutting down on carbs. If you are not exercising then add some exercises to your routine.

What is your typical daily diet? have you tested your lipids and any other parameters? Post all the details here.

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Start LCHF diet immediately.


The figure given by you means that your sugar level is not under control.You should consult a diabetologist immeadiatly.Delay may cause harm.




Please get your lipid,liver,Renal,Cardiac risk makers,Arthritis,Vitamin,DiabetesHBA1C,(average blood glucose),Fasting,Post Ponderal etc.etc.from a accredited laboratory. With your given readings you are definitely Diabetic&these are very high,the damage may have already started,to your vital organs. Consult a qualified Endocrinologist immediately.


ICMRNew Delhi has issued a ayervedic drug called BGR 34,try it


is this available in chennai ? if so pls. give tel / mob.no.

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few words .Ignorance is bliss. pls dont b. ignorance of law is not an excuse as the law says. your biological (mteabolism) law says you take care of diabetes I will take care of the the vital organs,(heart, pancreas, spleen, kidney ,prostate glands,lever,eyes,)nervous system, sexual performance and neuropathy, retinopathy.,etc. or else all of types of pathys will join together and affect the above organs and systems stage by stage as the years progress if left unattended. then only ganapathy has to come to the rescue.( dont get offended pls)

MV dia betes is one of the exclusive and premier diabetic centre in chennai. you can visit .

Finally nothing to worry, we are not alone and the support systems are excellent.

start the first step .


Hi all, After the initial analysis of my high sugar levels, I had again checked with a reputed clinic. Now i am on strict NO SUGAR + Exercise (walking 4 km daily) + Brown Rice + Green tea + lot of vegetables & greens + little white rice formula and one week ago the Fasting showed 140 & PP showed 216. (but as per my doctor, still these are out of control levels).

My doctor (a MD surgeon) has given me : 1) Glycomet, 2) Glynase, 3) LoHba1C tablets for one month and asked to review during second week of Feb.

Please let me know what is LCHF diet consists of and how it has to be followed.

I am a pure vegetarian, 46 years old.

Thanks. ....Nagaraj


I have been diagonized with high sugar levels (Fasting : 188, PP 288) recently and taking Glycomet SR 850 and glynese 1 tablets each in the morning and night.

I am 46 and a vegetarian and please guide if my below diet is ok ?

morning - coffee without sugar

breakfast - 3 idlys / 2 dosas / 3 poori / 2 chapathis / little pongal with semi cooked vegetables

Lunch : small quantities of white rice with sambar / curd / vegetable

4 p.m : 3 marie biscuts + tea without sugar

5 p.M : one guava or small quantity of pappaya

Dinner 8 p.m : small quantities of white rice / or any other home made tiffen with small qty of buttermilk.

PS : using coconut oil for making chapatis.

In between these,i don't eat anything.

If there needs to be a drastic change, please inform.

Need to check my sugar levels again next week.




Anup ji,

i have been following your posts regularly. as a layman, I do not actually know what to eat and what not to eat. being a vegetarian it limits my choice. your forums and links are fantastic no doubt. but can you please guide and write to me what should I eat for breakfast / lunch and dinner. there is so much data available on the links that I am not able to make up my mind on what is good for me. would be too grateful if you can suggest the right vegetarian menu for the day..

thanks and Cheers.




my hbac1 is 7.1 and my last check for fbs is 5.1 am i diabetic?


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