Need help with diabetes type 2 with overweight

Hi everybody,

I am a recently diagnosed diabetic type 2, for last 6 months. My sugar levels are 90-100 fasting and 120-140 after meals now on Amaryl M1 twice a day. My weight is 92 kg and I am 32 years old. I have cut out all junk food and sweets from my diet but still not able to lose weight. I walk in the evenings after dinner for 3 km. Please advise me how to lose weight.

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  • Your Diabetes is under control and gradually your weight willreduce.

    What is your height.

    Do not take such a long walk after dinner take it before dinner.

    After dinner you should take a 1 KM leisure walk.

    Take CCF tea after dinner for improving digestion.

    It is made from household kitchen whole spices.

    Corriender/Cumin/Fennel 1/4 tsp each for i cup.

    Boil for 2-3 minutes and add black salt and fresh lemon juice for taste.

    Donot add tea leaves/milk etc.

    Drink the decoction and chew the ingredients.

    This will improve your digestion dissolve deposited fat and remove toxins from your intestine.

    Take it 2-3 times daily.

    Also take FATEZE. Two capsules 2 times daily 20-30 minutes before meals with two glasses of normal/luke warm water.

    Drink lots of water through out the day.

    for FATEZE chk

    Continuewith you current medication but keep monitoring your BGL.

  • Thanks Atulya for the above suggestions. My height is 5-11 and basically I have a sedentary job with working in front of computer for long hours. I will definitely go for the CCF tea. Will follow the suggestion regarding walking in the evening.

    I will get back to u.

  • you can contact me email

  • You are not over weight as such, but if you are regularly gaining weight it is important thst you control your input calories. Keep a chk on input vs output caloreis.

    Fateze will block fat absorption and activate fat dissolution.

    THis will akso help in your diabetes management.

    Please remember these are just natural supports / supplements and not the treatnent.

  • diabetes can be balanced through nutrition and weight can also be reduced through nutrition. there is no need of any medicine. these are life style problems.

    subhash 9200331227

  • Agree with you Subhash. Need to make some changes in my life style.

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