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Reg Help in reduce blood sugar

have been having high normal FBG levels for past 3 years. I understood the risk of having FBG in 95–99 only few days back.

Age:29 Years Old. Im not on Diabetes Medicine. Doctor so far has not said that Iam Diabetic till 2016, yet to see doctor in 2018. Seeing my Fasting Blood Sugar levels go for a toss, im paranoid for few days.

My Readings

2015:FBG89mg/Dl, After Food:77mg/DL

2016:FBG97Mg/DL After Food:101mg/DL

2018:FBG99Mg/DL.After Food:114mg/DL

Height:159CM Weight: 54Kg,s, have fat around waist.

BP: Manual Meters read around 120/80, 110/70 most times ;but digital meters have been having varying readings sometimes 144/82, 133/74 etc... But in general regarding BP Doctor advised me to have 30Mins Exercise daily.

Stress : Im having chronic stress lately seeing my FBS readings consistently increasing across 3 years.

Im really scared on my health. Do i have a chance to become healthy? I have slowly started to undergo Diabetic diets:eating bitter gourd daily, drinking lemon juice in empty stomach,avoiding white rice, avoiding refined sugar completely.I have started running for 30Mins covering between 4–5Km every day.

Is this sufficient to bring my sugars to 90's range?

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The readings do not indicate you are diabetic.BeStress free.

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Hi, my numbers have increased by 10 points within 3 years. That's why I'm scared. I wish to reduce my numbers to 90s through good habits. That's y asked this question for suggestions.

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Hi Shivam1988,

Please check your private messages on HU. I just sent you a note right now. It's okay! :-)


Hi Shivam1988 your numbers are fine , you are not diabetic so do not be stressed about a non existent ailment as stress generates many health problems.So come out of it and continue to follow the healthy /active life style of a normal young and you will be fine .👍👍

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Hi , my current readings say normal, but not much difference between 99 and 100mg/ Dl. Moreover my FBS has increased from 89 to 99mg/ Dl within 3 years. That's the one that is stressing me. Any suggestions on that?

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Do you have diabetic history in your family ? The risk for developing diabetes is inherently higher for people with a family history of the disease ,besides genetics , life style also plays a role , a person who is overweight and inactive is much more likely to develop type 2 diabetes because certain lifestyle choices ( with respect to diet especially ) greatly influence how well your body uses insulin. Eating nutritious, healthy foods,reducing consumption of carbohydrates,eliminating refined flour,white sugar etc. which are high in calories but very little nutritional value from your diet ,getting plenty of exercise, and keeping off excess weight is the best way to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. It is good that you are so conscious of your health status at such a young age normally people get a jolt when they suddenly discover they have become diabetic one fine day ! so relax ! don't be obsessed , enjoy life and keep caring about your health by getting health check done once a year. 👍


You are non diabetic .. forget stress and focus on your career

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Welcome to the group, Shivam1988. First of all, stop getting panicked. You have no diabetes. Your BMI is also normal. Having said that, it is good that you are concerned about maintaining good health. Follow a sensible diet plan and regular exercise. Lead a stress-free life.

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1) You have fat around your waist.

2) You have a stress in your life.

Get 1 hr and 2 hr ppbs done.

Though not a diabetic at this stage you should get your sonoscan of the abdomen done for nafld.

Also even for a nondiabetic 150 g of complex carbs and no simple sugars are recommended.

Gud luck.


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