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Reliable method for HbA1C test

Hello all,

There are various labs which provide the HbA1C testing. I have done this test from various labs and found they are following different methods to find HbA1C readings

To my knowledge, there are 3 methods.

1. Cation - Exchange resin method,

2. Nycocard HbA1c boronate affinity assay.

3. HPLC.

In my case, test done by above 3 methods differ. Although tests were done at almost 2 months interval, i don't think my BSL has changed much. The values by these tests are almost a 1% off. Nycocard HbA1c boronate affinity assay test i think is the most unreliable method.

Kindly share your experience with me.

Best regards,


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Laboratories use many different methods for measuring A1C,but some of these methods can give inaccurate results when the patient has a hemoglobin variant such as sickle cell trait or if there is an elevated level of fatal hemoglobin (hbF). Doctors or patients interested in getting information about the accuracy of a particular A1C method for patients with hemoglobin variant should first find out which method your laboratory is using.

The list the 20 methods most often used to measure A1C and whether method is affected by HbC,HbS,hBe,or HbD trail or by elevated HbF. Methods are listed alphabetical order by the manufacturer . The criteria used to determine whether or not a method shows interference that is clinically significant(indicated by "yes")is -+7%at6and/ or9%A1C. If a diabetic patient has a hemoglobin variant ,your lab should use a method that does not interference form that variant in order to produce an accurate A1C result. The below is one of method being used by these laboratories situated in India and has been certified as LEVEL -1 laboratories by (NGSP) certified laboratories

Method Interference interference interference interference interference

fromHbC from HbS form HbE from HbD from HbF


Variant 11


This method is being used by (1)Thyrocare Technology Limited ,Navi Mumbai,(2)SR L LIMITED Mumbai,Mumbai India,(3)Quin tiles Technology Pvt.Ltd.Mumbai India &have been certified as Level 1 laboratories by NationalGlycohemoglobin Standardization Program(NGSP) ,

The remaining list of laboratories and methods being used is available on website of NGSP..

Also more comprehensive information regarding HbA1c assay interference can be obtained form NIIDK website.


Wow......amazing piece of information.......many, many thanks for it...

I got my HbA1C tested from SRL Lab in my town Pune....i hope they are following the same method as that of Mumbai....(it reads HPLC on the report)

Just one last question....could you please point to NIIDK website for me?

Thank you.


Thank you Anup....


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