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is methi seeds is good to cure diabetic ..if to take ? and doases and in which form ? please share ur comments


my mom is 58 yrs old and she is having diabetic since last 6 months , now the diabetic before fast is 190 and after food is 260 . She is feeling weakness and geedyness and sleepy aswell. i would like to know if someone having the Diabetic chart ....what we can Eat in Fruits and vegitables

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If you love your mother please immediately take her to the doctor and get medicines to control her diabetics. Both reading are high. Normal fasting should be below 100 and PP 1 hour 140 and PP 2 hour should be less than 120. Then you study about LCHF DIET and give her lchf diet. methi seeds will not work at this stage. It is good to take along with diet and medication. I mean as a supplement.

already consult with the doctor ..he gave some medicines for 1 month and suggest to walk for 1/2 hr morning and evening

Dear Dhananjay, first of all urgently you please take ur mother to a good doctor for controlling the diabetes, as both the readings are on higher side, as suggested by Mr. Atma(1st reply) All replies here are good suggestions, but immediate action is to take her to doctor & later read all these stories.

Monitor Blood sugar regularly. Diet plays the most important part in treating diabetes. Strictly avoid carbohydrates and fats. almost all vegetables are good. Fruits to be consumed in moderation. Exercise especially walking is very important. Take medicines regularly, eat proper diet and exercise regularly.

Two teaspoons of sprouted methi seeds taken on an empty stomach is good for diabetes. It acts as a nutritional supplement.

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First understand what is diabetes? Then practice yoga, especially pranayama (breathing exercise) and walking. Take medicines regularly. See that there is no indigestion in your stomach. Then diabetes is controlled. Forget that it is with you.

abt point long we can have this drink it recommended regular routine or for few days...

Methi (Fenugreek ) seeds, 2 teaspoonfuls, if gulped down with with water before going to bed helps reduction in blood sugar level, movement of bowels and joint pains as well. But if you take it in powdered form, it will not help in the movement of bowels. Alternatively, if you take two lady fingers, cut the top and the bottom ends, put a cut through the longitude and put them in a glass of water, at room temperature, overnight. In the morning, give the water to drink. I practice these things and I eat rice, sweets, etc. like a non diabetic. Also one more herb, Nayantaara. It has flowers with petals in star shape either completely white or violet with no smell. If you chew two leaves of this plant every 7th day, not more than that. It will keep your sugar level at check. I do not know the English or scientific name of this plant.

nayantara is also known as 'sadasuhagan' shayad isliye ki it bears flowers throughout the year. i was told by some ""herbicurous""(one who claims to cure from herbs) that take one white flower empty stomach just swallow be aware that teeth do not touch the flower petals. i m lazy so i couldn't act any one crazy plz. try and share the experience

PP too high see a diabetic doctor quickly.

thanks for such a wonderful information. i am on a pre diabetic stage. please give me some more information. i was fond of smoke and alcohol. after quiting that now my sugar level is normal. what more precaution should be taken in this case. you told that i tea spoon methi dana soak in one glass water in night and in morning we should drink it. i want to ask can we chew the methi dana also. soak wala or row one. please tell

I am a male having 55 yrs of age.Since 47 yrs of age I am been suffering from diabetic.

First and foremost thing is that "don't worry be happy " .Your reading seems to be little more.Try to reduce to 100 + -20 on fasting and 160 + - 25 1 hour after food. Methi is good for some persons.Take some methi and put it in a glass of water before going to bed. Early in the morning drink this water along with methi. I was doing for years.I am a volleyball player and still at the age of 55 I am playing this game every morning 1 Hr. 30 minutes.Even I am a FIDE rated chess player playing and winning many matches. And also I was taking Glycyphage and 10 units of human bistard insulin with pen.I do not feel that i am a diabetic. Advise your mother not to worry at all. Do some exercises, control the sugar and lead a very peaceful life without any worry. Always avoid tobacco in any kind and alcohol.I do not take any of this.

All the best.

please explain about methi dana where i can get it in which kind of shop can approach please guide me to by it

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