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sugar problem

please help my sugar level nowadays is up by 311after taking glimisave m2 after lunch what to do i am 48 year male i do not exercise what to do this was not month back my maxim sugar up was upto 180 or 190 after lunch.how a rise now please help

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exercise is must for all diabetic or non diabetic to keep the healthy sugar levels.

do a 45 minutes walk at-least .


First, Dont panic. Gilimisave 2 is better medicine. Check if you have change in diet. OR change in oil which you are using. Is there any added stress to your life ? That may also cause a sharp increase in sugar.

Go for low fat food. Exercise for diabetic patient is must , there is no option.

Lastly have regular check up , it may be incidental increase.

Dont worry.


I am 66 years old. Sugar level BBS 120-130, ABS 160-180. Taking Insuline two times daily 20 unit each time before B/F and Dinner and 1 Metformin 1gr after lunch.

Can you pls. suggest a menu for LCHF diet for daily Breakfast, morning snack at 10.30 am, lunch, evening snack and dinner ?




Ohh no is what I should react but every diabetic reaches this point and suddenly we realize the medication is not working any more.....

Let's not blame any body for this but realize that we should take charge of our own health.

I am a nutritionist and I can I help you on this...

Give a call on 9573240824 between 3 to 5pm....


Hi Santoshhealthy,

I have same question as Mr. anup, I think you want to share your knowledge against fees, how much you charge .

If it is not so i request to detail it on this forum for benefit of all .

Ramesh Rao


Anp forum Dlife.india is free for members and there is no fees lije Healthunlpcked Anp forum Anup will spend entire expnditure from his pocket for use of members. I am not paid single Rs either this or Anup forum I think in my knowledge nobody may notshare any finance. I think Anup may clarify in detail


Have you joined forum to promote yourself or for open discussion?


What is nutrition ? W ether nutrition is only for sales promuting protein powder ( Mostly HERBALIFE ) ? IT IS THE FASHTION of work the agents of these forum coming around crowded places or parks or nea play grounds. And ask people for free check up. They checkup body fat mass index BMI wt height and BMR and body age These all coming from one caculator. How muchthat calculatoris accurate ? We the freinds 3 or 4 members seen their places and work.There was no qualified persons and also not fit healthy persons also. Any person tested they givena slip it shows sketeal muscle visceral fat sub contential fat is less you must comeour office and given training further asking detail they says they given protein powder it costs 500 gms of container may more than rs 1500 oneday breakfast powderwithmik it costs 180 Rs.

One of friend ask them all your staff how muchof them fit according to your caculator guidance ? what is the training and what qualification you have taken ? No answer from any of them .

One he may be head of training says he has done 8 month training in this nutrtion company.

how it is believable ? Genrally we may think when we consumed more protein then the body moisture and water content will removed and wt will reduced and so that portion of carbs from grain is reduced .

In market so much protein powder available evenfor diabetic it is called protein D this is also have plenty of minerals vitamins

But this nutritional given powder too much costly That is why theyhave propaganda to advertise this powder in park play grounds and crowded places .

Here why you have asking the call for help

what procedure you followand what are the tips you given may please post and also your product cost wether it is suitable for everyone the members of this frum will decide.

further this is not an forum to given advertsementfor anything . Only some of them used allopathic and ayurvedic drugs information will decide for this purpose we may name the drugs and it is goo or not ?

( Example Ashwaganda capsules is good to persons so you may choose any company Some of them says Ashwaganda from patanjali and Himalaya company product is good )


Call to make money


right said if helpful why your contact number ...


thanks for all


That's great.. I went through anoop site before my first reply.... I don't have anything more to post.. There is enough information that's very much like minded to my approach. But some things are case specific and we can't generalize...... Cheers!!


You have already joined the Anup forum ? You have already informed that it has very much enough information . so you agree that forum is good . Like minded peoples may join and they share. Yes every forum has its own intention and its guidelines there is no wrong in it . The total vluble information and discussion is there .

further so much diffefence opinion may be comes and goes . Every forum has its own pros and concs just like every person has different minded different activities and diferent food consuming . Whatev we like we may share thats only When difference opnion comes then that matter to be left out Whatever you ant we must share it self .

Similarly your nutrition detail and products ingredeints and cost and how it works in the body may first please share and next you have able to criticise other person and other forums


any thing in my above two comments if you have any heartly please ignore it

This is posted for actual thing and also I want smooth and friendly discussion in any forums

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Start following LCHF,You will see your self that sugar is coming in your control.Puchase a Accucheck glucometer and for first week measure the sugar after 2 hours from different foods.Then standardised your menu your self.All the best to begin LCHF.Karim


Hey, I had the same situation my pp was 581, in june 2015, glimipride 2mg, metformin 500 mg, and voglibose twice a day prescribed for 1 month, sugar came down to 160 but, these medicines are help up to an extent, I was eating too much of junk food --- cutting down on that helped me a lot, -- I have also observed that cutting down on calories worked miracles in my case-- eating vegetables- lenthil soup helps a lot--- when I avoid eating sugar- in any form- even sugar free- helps me a lot- no flour - any kind- just soup and vegetables- just having lenthil soup and vegetables brought my sugar down to 75. eating right is a great help if you are having high blood sugar-

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Keep it simple- cut down on amount of calories you are taking-- and see the change- drink more water - instead of eating


LCHF is the solution.

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This dropped my blood glucose levels by 90 points when I ate a 1/5 cup AFTER a meal (--didn't do much before a meal). Be careful if you are taking meds or insulin --too much could throw you too low and into hypoglycemia.





You must exercise at least 5 x per week too


please suggest me for my questions


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