Mood swing these days without medicine

Hi All,

I am completely medicine free .

Fasting 95

PPBS 102

HbA1C 5.3

RBS 115

Running 3KM daily

1/2 hr workout

Brisk walking on evening

Partial LCHF diet.

Now a days i feel mood swings. Some time i feel very happy and energetic. sometime very sleepy

when i checked my sugar at sleepy stage it is 114.

Is it due to i completely go off to medicine?

Whats the region behind it ?

Please share your experience.


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7 Replies

  • Sorry for auto correct word


    *in the evening

    Please ignore the typo. :)

  • Cut down workouts to alternate days to begin with.

    3 KM running, evening walking, 1/2 hr workout daily is too much.

    Not sure what you mean by partial LCHF. By third week you should be fully on LCHF diet. I don't walk, i don't run for controlling sugar levels.

  • Thank you Anup Sir :)

  • Congratulations!Please share your diabetic history.

  • I am already med free since 21 days.

  • balanced nutrition supplements and limit your physical activities with active life style.

  • How did you reduced your sugar level to normal level,please elaborate.

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