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How to gain Muscles in diabetes

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I am diabetic since last 7 years ie since age of 40 , currently my age is 47 , in this 7 years i observe that I have lost my muscles and got tummy fat too much, there is no change in my weight, which is 80 kg and my height is 5.11 . can anyone suggest something to regain muscles and get rid of this belly fat (which is too much , and gives a very bad look to my physic.)

23 Replies
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What are your BS levels, lipids? What do you eat daily? Which medications do you take?

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nayani in reply to shrisamarth

I am Type 2 diabetic , My medicines are Azurex BBF & BD , Zetamet after BF

Lipirose and neaurobic forte for Heart and Nerves strenth .

My Breakfast : 2 chapati, Tea without Sugar , Omlet, Fresh Cream

Tea time : 4 pm 1 coffee or sometime tea But with sugar

My Lunch : I Skip lunch as i take my Breakfast at 12 Noon

My dinner : 8 Pm : 2 chapati , 1 plate rice and Nonveg (chicken) gravy

Fruits after dinner mostly : Orange, OR Apple OR GUAVAVA Anyone

I go to bed at 2.00 am and wake up again at 6 am for some office work then again go to bed after an hours time ie 7 am then wakes up at 11 am

My blood sugar keeps fluctuating ie 130 - to - 250 in Fasting

and 250 to 350 pp

Kindly suggest some good remedy to regain muscles as I am facing loss of muscle situation very much , everyone keeps on asking about my getting thin.

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shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to nayani

To reduce sugar levels you have first cut down your carb intake. Stop all forms of processed food.

First reduce your chapatis to 1 at a time for BF and dinner. Avoid rice. Add more vegetables to your diet. As it is difficult to sustain after reducing carbs replace them with good fats and limited protein like nuts, cheese paneer virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, eggs etc.

You can also add sprouts to your meals.

What medicine is this ? - Azurex BBF & BD

Why are you on statin drug? - lipirose

Best way to manage diabetes is LCHF diet.

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nayani in reply to shrisamarth

BBF is befor break fast and BD befor dinner, And med is azulix 3 mg ,

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shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to nayani

Lot of medications for diabetes and still BS is not in control. You have to strictly follow a diet which will control your BS and reduce your drugs.

LCHF is the way forward.

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DrPravin in reply to nayani

LCHF hypocaloric diet along with intermittent fasting is the way. Exercise is great booster to mitochondrial health, do it regularly. Medicines don't cure us in any way.

Metformin & statins are known toxins for the mitochondria a very important organelle in my cell. This causes classical muscle damage in many patients.

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A similar problem is with me, I have gained weight - 69 kgs and belly fat with no muscle. My fasting sugar is 138 and post is 180. I am on insulin Basalog - 56 units and huminsulin R - 3 times 26 units with Glycomet 250 tablet 2 times and flaxigo tablet one time. My diet is 1 chapati and tea in the morning with one rusk, 10 a,m. - tea and 2 biscuits, 12 p.m. - 1 apple/orange, 2 p.m. - 2 -3 chapati with veg & salad, 4 p.m. tea and two biscuit, 6 p.m. - momra or mung dal, 8 p.m. black tea & two toast, 10 p.m. 2 - 3 chapati with veg, pulse & salad. Cannot take regular walk. I am a working woman.

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Shankarmishra124 in reply to rathod

You are eating like hell.

Too much chapati and your BS levels are too high apart from taking insulin.

Are you Type 1 ?

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rathod in reply to Shankarmishra124

Type II, what should I do or follow. Please advise.

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DrPravin in reply to rathod

LCHF hypocaloric diet along with intermittent fasting is the way. Exercise is great booster to mitochondrial health, do it regularly. Medicines don't cure us in any way.

Metformin & statins are known toxins for the mitochondria a very important organelle in my cell. This causes classical muscle damage in many patients.

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My dear Sir , Please note the function of pancreas can not be restore and I understand you must be taking medication as per advice of physician but to maintain you body you must have brisk walk of 6 to 8 km every day in the morning apart from this do kapalbhati and praynam for restoring your body muscles . And keep always in mind that diabetes cannot be reversed but you can keep under control with good exercise only .

Always keep in your mind that every Doctor will play with your body by giving you glimpride and metaforphin in different name of tablets and vitamins also .and if you don't control then on insulin. You are attached to a doctor with your diseases and money .No other emotional attachment .You are just milk fetching cow for him .

So my Dear ,do lot of walking and yogas just for sake of yourself and for your family who are emotionally attached to you . I assure you within 15 days you will good results with change lifestyle.


B R Bengali

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ajaywadhwa in reply to Brijbengali

I am totally agreed. Yoga is the best way to control this disease. Along with kapalbharti do khagasan also.

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Vsthak in reply to Brijbengali

I fo kapalbhati for 15 minutes ans anulomvilom for 10 minutes. These exercises have helped me a lot in controlling bs. Besides I do pavsn muktasan 10 sets and suryanamaskar 5 times. I walk for 30/40 minutes in the evening after dinner around 9.30. I have reduced food intake and totally absysin from sugar and sweets, potatoes , banana, grapes, watermelon snd msngo. O eat one apple daily, 5/6 almonds soaked in morning and three glasses of water before breakfast. I also take overnight soaked fenugreek seeds in the morning first thing. This has kept my fbs 104-108 and pp2 st 135. Sometimes my pp2 gies upto 155 when i am sick and on meds. My a1c is hovering around 6.4, 6.6 and 6.9. i m not on meds.

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Diet and exercise--avoid the starchy carbohydrates --e.g. root vegetables, pastas, rice, bread; and focus on green leafy vegetables, avocado, nuts, and healthier proteins like salmon - if you have to eat meat. Exercise --cardiovascular and weight lifting to reduce belly fat and build muscle.

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I am a diabetic since last three years. Before becoming so, I was into walking and gym exercises with some weights. My present age is 65. I observed that when one does exercises with weights under the instructions of a trainer and strictly not exceeding the limits laid down by the physician depending upon one's age and cardiac condition, the muscle loss caused by diabetes can be easily prevented. Not only that, if gradually weights are increased in exercises like bench press and dumbbells and ab crunches on the ab machine, one gains considerably good muscle mass. This is my practical experience. It considerably improves the overall appearance giving the person an extra glow without any trace of sickly appearance. A friend I know is now 53 who has been a type-2 diabetic since the age of 19. Its not a case of Juvenile Type 1 diabetes. He has been religiously following the workouts in the gym all these 34 years and looks like a body builder and has a very healthy appearance. His sugar levels also stay at almost normal levels though he drinks alcohol once or twice in a week and eats rice one time a day but avoids potatoes or any other tubers and sweets. He is an example of how a diabetic can keep himself not only healthy but also handsome in looks with good muscle mass and no belly fat. Our dear Amitabh Bachan also has been a diabetic sinve last four decades. See how he keeps himself slim and fit. Waseem Akram is another example of how once can keep the muscle mass in tact in spite of having diabetes since early age. All one requires is LEAVE SELF PITY AND PUT YOUR BODY TO WORK FOR WHICH NATURE HAS CREATED IT. DONT OVER DO - STAY IN LIMITS BUT YOU SURE DO AND ENJOY A FAT FREE AND MUSCULAR LOOKING BODY. GOOD LUCK. START FROM THE DAY YOU READ THIS. i AM MUSCULAR LOOKING AND NEVER LOOK UNHEALTHY. yOU KNOW--METFORMIN, WHICH IS A MUST FOR EVERY DIABETIC HAS A POSITIVE SIDE EFFECT--IT KEEPS THE PATIENT'S LOOKS YOUNG.

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Vsthak in reply to vatsayana

Vety informative. I m recently diagnosed diabetic. Before that I was very healthy and people praised body structure even after 60. However, when I lost 7 kgs in a month I was scared and thought that the tremendous tension I was passing through might be the culprit. On checking fbs it was 135 and pp2 165 and a1c 6.9. My MD arvised me to stop sugar, sweet and some fruits. I did bit and surfed various sites and forums and got knowledge on db. Now, after loss of weight I have sickly looks n loose muscles. I cannot take up intensive exercises as I have arthritis and was operated upon for herniation of lower spine. Still I want to improve my physical status.

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If you continue present diet, with strenuous muscle building exercise your muscles can be reinstated. Dr. Prasad an MBBS doctor has demonstrated this in case of diabetics with laddu intake.

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Vsthak in reply to ShooterGeorge

Who is Dr. Prasad?

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watch "Dr. M.V Prasad's 10 simple exercises for diabetic patients" on youtube. I hear it is good to build muscles and control diabetes. I am lazy, and yet to start. Will do so soon. Hope it will help you. Try out and keep us posted.

Just now, while browsing, saw Shooter George's post about Dr Prasad. Sorry, I posted my opinion before reading his post. anyway, both of have similar thought on this muscle building exercise.

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First and foremost regularize your sleep and food timings. Wakeup within 7 or atleast 8 am morning. Earlier the better. Our bodies r created by nature nd work better if v go vth nature. Have breakfast within 2hrs after u wakeup. Exercise and sleep early. Your diet is fine. Have 3 main meals. 2 to 3 mini healthy snacks if your body demands. Weight or resistance training with moderate cardio is must. You can walk daily for cardio and train muscles on alternate days. Start doing changes in small and progress further. Listen to your body as it gives you the first signals. All the best.

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Muscle strength and fat accumulation on tummy are related inversely to each other. It also leads to backache. In case you live in Delhi, you could contact me and learn few effective exercises, or you try some place to teach you exercises to reduce tummy fat. Initially you may start with drinking water to about 6 liters a day. Do not take water half an hour before and after meals.

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I am Type 2 for over 15 years and I do not have the problems of mussels discussed here BECAUSE most of us with this problem talk of drugs and foods leaving ourselves aside. If you are ‘wasting’ yourself rather than ‘rusting’ you will have the mussels you want. The more you use the mussels you will grow it and strengthen it with required nutrients intake. By sitting and eating and talking you will only be accelerating your journey ‘Home’.

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You are right! Heeling is by the body and not by drugs but we are made to believe it is otherwise!

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