What is LCHF Diet That We Follow

LCHF diet that we diabetics follow is:

(1) Total Energy from digestible carbohydrate = 20% max. We don't prefer to go to 10% range

(2) Total Energy from proteins = around 20% max - 15%-20% being ideal range.

(3) Total Energy from good fat = 60% minimum.

Computing energy balance:

4*C + 4*P +9*F = Total energy requirement -- Equation 1.

Recently when I posted about one 80 year old diabetic having benefited on LCHF and provided link to his posts, I got a response from a "LCHF Naysayer" that he just reduced grains and mentioned nothing about eating fat. Well, from equation 1 above it is understood. One has to increase FAT unless one can derive energy from just breathing Air.

15 Myths and Lies Spread Against LCHF Diet


(1) High Fat Diet is bad: This is a lie that has been spread since Ancel Keys days. For every 1 study against FAT on Low Carb, I can provide 10 studies which shows that it is NOT. Only FAT to be avoided is Trans Fat - Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.

(2) LCHF means eat meat and eggs: This is again UNTRUE and something which emanates out of ignorance. Being a non vegetarian just widens the options. I run a forum on LCHF for diabetics and there are many VEGETARIANS Diabetics living by LCHF diet.

(3) LCHF is not good because mainstream doesn't recommend: Well, there's no money in Diet. There's $650 billion drug sales involved to diabetics so might as well push High Carb Low Fat diet to keep the sales going. If ADA/AMA/AHA started talking in favor of LCHF diet the Diabetes drug industry alone will collapse by a minimum of $300 billion per year within three month. So, why will they ever talk in favor of LCHF diet? In fact they will rig research to blame FAT.

(4) LCHF diabetics are missing Nutrients: Who said so? Where's the detail of what we are missing? We get a lot of nutrients from the good food that we eat as a result of cutting down CARBS drastically.

(5) 45-60% carbs are essential: WRONG. Where's the study to show that one needs such a high carb? In fact all the disease have only gone up due to such a faulty dietary advise.

(6) Saturated fat is bad: For every 1 study against Saturated fat, I can provide 10 studies to disprove the rigged research on Saturated fat. The experts have to blame saturated fat because once you take out saturated fat you will have to add CARBS and SUGAR and easily sell the idea of HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet which is the worst thing that can be told to a diabetic to follow.

(7) LCHF diabetics need lot of supplements: Well diabetics on Metformin need more Vitamin B12 supplement than those on LCHF diet.

(9) Coconut Oil is the worst oil because it is all Saturated fat: UNTRUE. This can only be said by those who do not understand the difference between MCT and LCT. For Diabetics who live by LCHF Diet, PUFA loaded vegetable oils like Sunflower, Safola, Canola are worst oils not just for diabetics but for everyone. Sydney Diet heart study also proves it.

(10) LCHF Diet is dangerous because of KETOSIS: This is the most common scare (based on incorrect understanding) against LCHF diet and this only comes from guys who cannot differentiate between DKA and Nutritional Ketosis. In DKA (a Type 1 phenomenon) one will also have a sky high blood sugar. So, no LCHF doesn't cause DKA. Nutritional Ketosis is a good state. If in confusion, refer to video by many experts on this subject, including the likes of Dr Bernstein, Dr Peter Attia, Dr Volek, Dr Stapleton et al.

I have been living on LCHF diet for more than 50 months now. Haven't ever experienced DKA. Why? Because LCHF doesn't cause DKA in Type 2. None of the Type 2 that I know have ever gone into DKA. But, remember DKA =/= NK.

(11) LCHF Diet is only for managing Obesity: WRONG. That's what ADA says as a cover up for not letting mainstream adopt this diet for diabetes management. LCHF diet controls blood sugar first. All other advantages like LIPIDS correction, Hypertension correction, weight balancing are all collateral advantages and not the primary advantage.

(12) High fat diet is bad for brain because brain will fog out in absence of glucose: WRONG. Brain and major cells of body can switch to Ketones for fuel. Ketones are generated on fat metabolism. Body just needs 30 grams glucose (carbs) which is irreplaceable by FAT. Even of you eat ZERO CARBS, body will make the needed glucose out of proteins. Dementia, depression and all neurological complications of diabetes is all because of High CARB LOW FAT Diet, where brain cannot use glucose effectively. Dr Bernstein, even as an engineer, reversed depression in wort case candidates and he has published a paper on those trials after he became a doctor. He was an engineer before he joined medical school at the age of 45.

(13) LCHF means Muscle loss: Again a LIE, because we are eating 15-20% proteins. Muscle loss will only happen if one goes extremely low on both carbs and proteins. Extended fasting results in half to one ounce muscle loss daily. We on LCHF diet aren't in extended state of fasting.

(14) HIGH FAT is bad for Cholesterol: WRONG. Almost every diabetic who switches to LCHF reports LIPIDS improvement. It's the CARBS (and elevated insulin as a result of high carbs) that cause all the problems with cholesterol, inflammation, arteries etc. Not the FAT. Many diabetics who went on LCHF diet have dropped STATIN DRUGS.

(15) LCHF Diet is only good for younger generation diabetics who have 5 or 6 years of diabetic history: I have already posted proof against it. So not detailing again.

If anyone wishes to debate against the above, please come with data on studies with the LCHF diet that we follow. Mere use of word LCHF will be irrelevant because most of hose are based on what ADA considers as LOW CARB and High Fat. We follow LCHF (defined right in the beginning) and read our medical reports and haven't found any of the above MYTHS and LIES being spread against LCHF as being any bit true.

Yes, FAT is bad for Hyper-responders, but then that percentage is very small. It's tough luck for them.

Some self proclaimed experts who know nothing about what we do, just keep copy pasting keto diet studies. They are completely off track from above when they do so. Without knowing anything they just mix-up and then try and sound like experts.

Talk to a diabetic who lives this lifestyle.

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  • Dear Anup, Thanks for such detailed info. I would like you to quot the Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner quantity wise. This will ease people to adopt it. I know it may differ from man to man, even then good guidelines to understand LCHF diet. You can think over and give proper diet. Most of us don't understand it. I know you have earlier given all this information, but in the interest of all, do it once again. Thanks and Regards

  • Hi Anirudh,

    One can search my old posts on this forum and find the content. On my own forum, there are 150+ meals posted not just by me but host of other diabetics on LCHF who were willing to spend time on posting meals details.

  • Where do i get LCHF . I live in Dombivli Maharashtra

    R P Shivkumar


  • You can get information on following links.



  • Please check following link:


  • Thanks Anup for your so valid argument in support of your LCHF. Thanks to AKs666, shrisamarth for guidance for common public. Karim

  • Hi makarim,


  • Dear Anup, This is a befitting response given by u to the opponents of LCHF. Good job!

  • Dear Shamsaarif,

    They will still oppose, without substance though. :)

    Such opposition doesn't bother me, or anyone following LCHF diet, at all.

  • I am surprised to read about LCHF which somebody is recommending to diabetic patients who already are losing weight due to the disease.First we must understand what is diabetes and how it is caused.The cells of the body require for their development and maintenance energy which is supplied by Glucose produced from Carbohydrates. The food we take in the form of grains contain carbohydrates.The are metabolized by insulin produced by pancrease and is converted into glucose which provides energy. If pancrease are malfunctioned no insulin is producedand glucose is not converted and it accumulates in the blood causing damage to the organs,this called diabetes that is accumulation of sugar in the blood.In type one no insulin is produced and cause diabetes while in type 2 insulin is produced but is not functional.Type one is hereditary and type 2 is acquired.One requires carbohydrate may be smaller quantity but some  agent is to be introduced into body which will metabolize it.Regarding HIGH FAT and that too unsaturated is most harmful  for the body and cause heart diseases,which can be confirmed from a doctor,please avoide unsaturated fats if you want to keep your heat free from diseases and avoide obesety

  • No surprises for us who live by that diet. We love a lot of SATURATED FAT. We hate PUFA. Even a 10 year old Type 1 and her registered MD mother loves LCHF diet. LCHF diet is always a mysetry for those who don't live by it, because most have been living with the LIE that FAT causes CVD.

    No proof that SFA causes heart problems. 

    Correlation =/= causation. Else, if those SFA Vs CHD/CVD studies were meaningful than world should stop using Internet Explorer as use of Internet Explorer leads to more murder (same type of study like FAT causes CVD)

    Using Internet Explorer leads to murder:


    So SFA Versus Heart disease is all BOGUS and Big FAT Lie just like the above study. First people need to understand what is LCHF diet.

    BTW: Type 2 is not about less insulin. It is about more than needed insulin in blood to begin with. Type 1 losing weight will end up with DKA. Nothing to do with LCHF.

  • I have followed LCHF and my HbA1C came down from 8.3 to 5.2 ....


  • Brilliant.

    One more addition to LCHF success. Spread the LCHF word to every diabetic that you meet.

  • Let me know u r diet geodiabetic  of lchf with schedule n my hbalc is 6.8 , fs 86 n pp 140.

  • Pls sir apna diet plan share kar lo ideas aa jayenge forumnme


  • I am also following LCHf diet and my number are also changing from fs 118 to 99 and  ppbs 182 to 115 Thanks @ Anup 

  • Glad that LCHF diet helped you in getting your numbers under control. Keep counting carbs, keep reducing it and you will find great health with minimal use of drugs.

  • BTW, thanks for following me here. You become follower # 167 :)

  • brilliant write up. wish it was a bit short. hate reading long posts but that's just me maybe.

  • Thanks shardas007 

    Your wish is my command. I always take comments of my followers very seriously. You are follower # 170. Thanks once again.

  • I am following LCHF diet for 45 days now. At Chennai one Dr.Vijayaraghavan is guiding diabitcs patients to LCHF diet. you could see him Goodbyediabitics (vidieos) Can you please send ur website address and ur email address and if ok by you ur phone no. to sivapolymed@gmail.com

    Thanking you,

    By the way I am a diabetic for 19 years

    T . Sivakumar

    99401 61385

  • "Can you please send ur website address "

    It's dlife.in/

    Yes, I am aware of the doctor i Chennai who promotes LCHF + Intermittent fasting for managing diabetes and metabolic disorders in general. We have one in my city too. He took training from Dr Jason Fung apparently.

  • Thanks anup ji. I am a new entrant in this forum. I am really enlightened. I congratulate for doing great service to all those suffering from diabetes. I am switching to LCHF and hope it will yield desired results. I have a query as to how many chapatis of multigrain ( wheat, gram barley) could one consume in a day ?

  • Please list LCHF recipes . I could not find them. Thanks.

  • PM was already sent.

    U will have to understand the basics of LCHF first.

  • Please specify and give for vegetarians what are the exact food as low carb and high fat which can be consumed daily. What you explain is technical so list the items

  • 250+ meals are posted by Indian diabetics on LCHF diet on the forum that is linked from my profile. Click on my username to view the same. Understanding the basics will get things right.

  • Dear Anup,

    Lovely write up on LCHF. Keralites have been using coconut oil for time immemorial. The only bad habit they follow is high carb consumption ( too much of rice).

    The point you made about type -Ii is not about lack of insulin but more insulin due to more carb resulting in insulin resistance by the body which should not be construed as bad but as a warning for one to reduce carb intake needs to be driven home more often to convince the LKG students in this forum so that they come at par with others who are at a level to debate the matter at a different level. The forum is growing and all new comers need to be brought to a certain level of understanding of the subject.

    Hence, my request is - Please do not hesitate to repeat what has been stated earlier. This will certainly benefit fresher's to this forum.

    Well done & keep it up. Kudos to your perseverance & sincererity.



  • swas

    Thanks for all the great words.

    Type 2 starts with over production of insulin. So pancreas whipping drugs that these so called experts give even without testing fasting insulin is like dousing fire with petrol, or telling an alcoholic to have have a few pegs more for the same buzz feeling.

  • Dear Shri Anupji,

    Practically every one suffering for Dieabetes is asking your advice on vegeterian diets & that too in full details.You are directing everybody to your link with due interest & without any complain.

    I think,it's time now that you should write & publish a HANDBOOK on LCHF diet.

    You can write all the related matters in the Book.

    Looking to the ever increasing volume of diabitics in a big way in our country,I think a Handbook written by a authorised person like you,will be a big service to the Society.

    I am sure,all fellow friends will agree with me.

    Earlier the better.



  • Mr. Anup, Please write a Hand book. I will be ur representative for Chennai


  • Most Certainly. Request to elaborate max.permissible values of FBS,PPBS & HbA1c. over a period so that that person can stop diabetic medicines totally,with one thing in mind to reprat pathological tests periodically.

    It would also help diabetics if he can lay his hands on literature to dog numbers & ratios to stop Statins.

    High Regards.

    Note: IITians normally have that habits of going at depths.

  • nkmachines ophtha7


    Some day surely will. All of us on LCHF want that the message of LCHF to spread to every diabetic possible, even if that means spending money out of my pocket, which I am already doing.

    We have moved from fire-team to battalion (in 3 years) with regiment status being the next. Would love to see this grow to higher status ASAP. Since we are fighting against the NEXUS, using this military terms :)

  • Dear Anup,

    Just forget about negative forces.You are working for the mankind & serving the Indian society.

    So go ahead & print at least 1 lacs copies of the Handbook.All be sold out within a month surely.


  • Dear Anup

    I started taking desi ghi only yesterday and got a lot of energy. The advantage was that I took exercise which before I was unable to take duetio my weakness. When I did exercise my sugar was consumed and cosequently it was in control. THANKS FOR POSTING SUCH A USEFUL THING.

  • Reduce carbohydrates and replace them with good FAT.

    Virgin Coconut Oil is best source of FAT under the sun as it 2/3 of fat in there is MCT, and MCT can only be disposed off as energy.

    On Low Carb High Fat diet, skip B/F and still feel full of energy :)

    Better sugar readings on lower or Nil drugs. 600+ Indian diabetics that I know of have benefited. I am drug free for sixth year running.

  • Please reply me what are the vegetarian foods that can be taken right from breakfast upto dinner so that i can take it.

  • Check yr PM. Jumping directly to meals is like air dropping a non swimmer in middle of an ocean, though I have posted my typical meals many times on this forum.

  • It would serve diabetic patients better if you also mention about total calorific intake p.d.Also limit of totat cholesterol & LDL which should not be crossed.


  • V don't count calories on LCHF. Failed science. Eat to satiety is our rule.

    Cholesterol Vs CHD/CVD is a LIE

  • If you are amongst unlucky hyper respondent to fat resulting in high lipids,is it end of the road? Some doctors says Tc & LDL are immaterial as long as Tg to HDL ratio is less than 2. But they don't specify upper limits of Tc & LDL.Any idea ?

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