Diabetes as a Disease of Fat Toxicity

The “twin vicious cycles” explain how the buildup of fat in the cells of our muscles, liver, and pancreas causes type 2 diabetes, which explains why dietary recommendations for diabetics encourage a reduction in fat intake.



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  • Absolute. total and utter nonsense. Usual vegan rubbish!

    Fat raises fat? Get real.

    It takes 1 gram of fat loss and the pancreas kickstarts again. How do you get that gram off? Eat fat, and along with your stellar weight loss comes a reversal of T2. THAT'S how bariatric surgery works for God's sake - your CARBOHYDRATE intake drops like a stone!

    Saturated fat DOES raise LDL cholesterol - only it will be large buoyant, not small dense, easily oxidisable.

    Get with the program guys or challenge the above, but remember:

    Science Doesn't Care What You Believe!

  • "Science Doesn't Care What You Believe!"

    Very true!

  • Just like eating vegetables doesn't turn you green, eating fat doesn't make you fat.

    Umpteen number of studies to prove that saturated fat doesn't cause CVD. That's a Failed theory and same nonsense is being rehashed and peddled again and again.

    Diabetes is a disease of glucose toxicity. All talk of fat but no one talked about what caused that fat. Insulin is fat regulating hormone too. And, CARBS elevate insulin, high insulin causes fat accumulation. In addition, it's the PUFA loaded industrial vegetable oil that's worse form of fat -- after TRANS FAT -- marketed as heart friendly.

  • "Just like eating vegetables doesn't turn you green, eating fat doesn't make you fat."

    Very fundamental example!Easy to understand!!

  • Is it fundamental example or most foolish example I have heard so far? Ha ha ha....what a comparison? Green vegetables are not meant to turn you green but give you minerals and vitamins with minimum carbs / calories with fibres as well. You can never eat one type of food in any of your meal...like eat only fat or eat only vegetables....or only carbs or only proteins like that....We have to eat variety of foods to get maximum nutrition from different sources. Extreme diets causes imbalance in nutrition and not favored for long term effect. Eat sensibly, follow your likes and dislikes because you need to enjoy food also which is converted into energy. If you dislike food, you won't generate good and positive energy from that.

  • There is a difference between "no carb" and "low carb".Again, "high fat" and "only fat" have different meanings.LCHF followers know it better!

  • I don't understand the "science" behind calculating calories or grams of carbs for that matter because I believe I will eat only as per how much hungry I am and my body needs it or not or whether I like the food or not. Even my mind knows what type of foods are good and what are bad....so choice of food is also important. Eliminating wheat or carbs for that matter is not the answer for long term sustenance of any diet.

    Moreover, given the complex structure of any food item...be it vegetable, beans/pulses, or rice/wheat/oats, it's difficult to weigh everytime we eat to calculate how much carbs/fat/protein we eat in each meal.

    Eating when hungry and how much hungry is the signal we need to follow which our mind always tells us.

  • Test results tell us better that what is good and what is bad.

    Lipid Profile:

    Serum Cholesterol:142(150-250)







    HbA1c:5.80(Non diabetic <6.0)

  • Test results done in lab or at home are not the perfect markers for our health. There is human and equipment errors both. This is I am telling because I am a Pharmacist and have been working initially after graduation in Quality Control Lab....

    moreover there are many factors affecting the results as posted by cure before....how certain conditions affect HbA1c results....and it's foolish to totally dwell on lab results.

    If you take FBS or PPBS at home by glucometer you have...if you take 3 consecutive readings with 3 different strips....3 different results are obtained even after correct calibration of meter with control solution.

    I agree that you need to control carbs in D because we have a problem of carbs metabolism but drinking two teaspoon of VCO or taking stevia drops or reducing carbs to less than 50 g is not an answer to our problem.

    If medicines are helping control our disease, there is nothing wrong in taking medicine after all like thyroid hormone replacement is a must. Likewise many conditions need medicine for treatment.

    My father had cholesterol though being very thin and refused to take medicine for that....he died just 2 weeks ago ....blood clot was formed and his blood flow in brain totally blocked on one side and partially on other side. I read...that blood clot is formed by high calcium, WBC and cholesterol. He had high calcium too and I warned him not to take multi vitamin powder containing calcium but he didn't listen. His arteries were calcified....he had a massive stroke and his heart and lungs also compromised in the end. No more recent example occurred in my life where "not taking medicine" resulted into death.

  • So, what is your point?Do you advocate balanced diet-which is full of carb??

  • If you don't understand my point, I doubt yr IQ level...sorry to say! I have clearly written you need to control carbs due to carbs metabolism problem in diabetes but LCHF diet is not the only answer.

    Moreover, you didn't understand my point of complex structure of food items where it is difficult to calculate amount of carbs or calories everytime we eat...I don't like to waste my time too much about thinking what and how much I ate. I wish to stay normal being diabetic also.

    We just need to have wisdom gained from knowledge we read across and by interaction and knowing our body, we can decide for ourselves how much and what to eat. Period.

  • I don't think anyone has got special capacity to judge IQ levels of others here. What maybe difficult for you wrt counting is easy for majority who live that life. I don't think anybody would doubt your IQ just because you find it difficult to count. These personal jibes are becoming a well known phenomenon here, specially when no to the point answers are available and are the last resort to insult diabetics who follow that life.

    Pharmacists also toe the same line as doctors. So nothing unusual here. WE only dispell all the LIES against FAT, specially VCO and do it without doubting anyone's IQ here. Not two teaspoon, most of us take 2 TABLESPOON which is 6 teaspoon of VCO every day. 2/3rd being MCT doesn't even go thru lymphatic system and gets shunted to liver through portal vein to be converted to energy.

    Eating when hungry and how much hungry is the signal we need to follow which our mind always tells us.

    That's precisely how high carbers get obese. Eat when hungry.

  • A famous saying- "If you can not tell it simply then you do not know it."

    If you are doubting my IQ then nothing is wrong. Because you are appearing as full of doubts.

    My doubt lies in-"A man having a good camera need not to be a good photographer."

    For your kind information-LCHF followers do not count calories!They have their own way of enjoying foods.

  • But LCHF followers do count carbs....is it exact and perfect way of counting? Have you calibrated and validated your counting method? Do you have to write down everytime you eat and weigh everytime you take a serving? How ridiculous that might be? Not normal at all! Trust our instinct, mind and what our body needs or says...that's all I am telling. No doubts whatsoever, if you understand your body.

  • Yes they do count carbs/prot/fat for the initial three weeks when they are transitioning during which all the menu items are fixed. They don't count every day for entire life. Most of them finally get down to eating two times a day, just because body doesn't force into perpetual hunger.

    There are many Apps available which doesn't even need Einstein's IQ to count. Just feed in weight and get the numbers.

    After three weeks, no more of counting anything. Just stick to 21 menu items frozen in 3 weeks. If anything new is being tried, count the same way using apps.

    Counting is/maybe ridiculous for naysayers but not for followers.

  • But how can you weigh your food serving everytime you eat...it's totally bizarre! :-)

  • Bizarre for anyone who doesn't understand or has made up the mind not to understand based on pre-conceived and misplaced opinion that fat is bad.

    If we say 2 TBSP scoop of cooked rice it's easy isn't it? Surprising naysayers find this bizarre. Weight it for 3 weeks and you get avg weight then no more weighing. Just an example which is to be extended to everything for three weeks.

    If some one cannot give up the old habits, new always sound bizarre and they will go to any length to defend the same just because they failed or never wanted to give up the love for loads of rice and chapatis and potatoes.

    How much is a fistful of peanuts? Weigh it for three weeks and you will know how much carbs/prot/fat you are ingesting in one fistful of peanuts. No more weighing needed after that.

    Learn from the gurus with an open mind and you will not find it bizarre. At least 1000+ didn't find it bizarre and they are loving that they found a new way of life.

  • when one cannot understand things, it does sound bizarre. no?

  • "A man having a good camera need not to be a good photographer."

  • @arunkumar3112

    This is a post by me so I respond. But I realize it is a waste of time and energy here in this forum just because of your great LCHF team. They don't allow anybody else to talk over here and speak their opinion or interest.

    LCHF is not the only way of life for diabetics. If you wish to recommend it in each and every post you can do it on your dlife site.

    I really wish this site is spared from people like you who are too adamant to accept other people's voice or opinions.

  • I would wish that this site is sparedof the same old theory of fat bashing which anyways have made people obese by pushing them towards more carbs Ashka9

  • Ashka9

    What you posted is not YOUR OPINION. It's a re-post of some other site content here.

    YOUR opinion will have to be based on YOUR DIET, YOUR MEDICAL Reports as it evolved over the years, in case you believe in medical reports.

    Yes, we would love to discuss that for sure. And, it has to have some backing of science somewhere.

    If you post some other site's content here, then please be open minded to accept a contrary opinion coming from some other site too. That's a gentleman's way of debating rather than challenging peoples IQ and scoffing at statements made by them and even ignoring evidence of medical reports.

    We don't mind FAT being bashed here. But, in democratic world, if something is bashed then there will always have to be contrarian view also allowed so that the audience get to see both side of the story and then take a call based on their assessment. Otherwise, it becomes like NORTH Korea.

    You won't find me posting on LWMDR, Vegan posts. I only post on threads which bash FAT by picking up some random links from google search. On the contrary, you will find people (balanced diet, lwmdr, hypo caloric etc) poking their nose even on threads by new users who share (and thank) as to how LC** has helped them, despite long history of diabetes in many cases. One group hasn't even spared the ladies from their abuses and insults. WE don't do that for sure as we know what being cultured on public forums means. Letting the tongue lose is the easiest thing to do, but people with data and science at the core of their discussion, don't indulge in such cheap activities. Those who do are just SHAMING INDIA internationally.

  • timesofindia.indiatimes.com...

    All technocrats and big names of IT industry -- mostly engineers again :)

    I am sure they don't have a low IQ or are foolish :)

  • Keto or rather lchf is spreading in spite of mis leadingtopics like these

    How of these are "low IQS"....?

  • It is spreading through word of mouth and that swicthover will always be sticky. Don't you see how many Prabhuraman from other forum has converted right within his family?

    People will switch -- some sooner some later when they lose all hope and even then we will bail them out.

    We don't have to prove our IQ to anyone here. We let medical reports do the talking. If they shun that also, not our problem.

  • case of grapes are sour when you disbelieve even medical reports? no? wonder what do you believe in and what's left to discuss if you don't even believe medical reports.

  • you don't understand the science and yet call it bizarre and challenge IQ of people here. not the way that anyone of us would talk with hint of insulting.

  • Well, what's foolish for you based on OPINION is science for us based on medical reports. For you everything seems foolish, even lab results. So no point discussing on this topic.

    First quantify : "get maximum nutrition from different sources", else many have been just making this as a statement and even going to the extent of discounting medical reports, or simply ignoring to discuss it.

    " reducing carbs to less than 50 g is not an answer to our problem."

    That's ketogenic diet and we don' preach that. Repeating this again, we work on ~100g carbs and counting is damn easy. Taking stevia is far better than taking Invokana. Not sure why you always take shield of keto diet carbs range which no one on LCHF follows.

    Extreme diets causes imbalance in nutrition and not favored for long term effect.

    What is extreme diet? We don't eliminate any group of food, unlike vegans, whose site you quoted from. Do you have any numbers of what we miss? People have just been making such ABSURD statements without quantifying anything. Just dishing out OPINIONS with nothing to back the same.

    How long is long term effect? 10 years, 50 years? During this long term effect won't every year's medical reports show something going haywire? Or it just happens like a switch randomly? Long term effect of High carb Low fat diet is well known -- diabetes increased 4 times in 35 years. USDA shunned the failed Food Pyramid as a result of that.

  • Ashka9

    @anup et al

    50,70 or 100g carbs. One should eat the carbs as much as one can clear from one's blood. Everyone has different capacity to digest carbs. The people with very low bcf may have to take a keto range carbs also. So I don't think we should fight over how much carbs one should take. And everyone has to find out himself/ herself how much carbs he/she can take/digest. Yes. We have to change our diet and seek happiness in what we can eat.

  • Oops!

    Keto diet few think is nutritional torture. They just think but never provide any answers as to how it is nutritional torture. Looks like without fruits (fructose) diet is not good as per them :)

  • suryakaizen

    I have been reading the exchanges on DI and enjoyed the comments - yours and MikePollard in particular- as much as I found them informative and useful. My daughter 36 was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 months ago, also simultaneously with diabetes T2. I began implementing the LCHF diet 2 months ago. I find that she is losing weight, her blood sugar levels have not spiked that much as they usually do after chemo medications; and her energy levels are fairly high.

    Thank you. You have invested so much time and effort in learning about diabetes and people like us are benefiting from it.

  • Anup

    My comment was addressed to Anup but this is the first time I am writing in so sorry for the error.

  • Thank you suryakaizen

    Welcome to the LCHF club.

    Hope that people here don't take a dig at you because that has been the profession of few here -- call anyone who reported benefits on LCHF as fake.

    Cancer thrives on Sugar (read carbs), so keeping carbs low is good. In fact, it is reported that going to extreme end of LCHF -- ketogenic -- diet, helps in many types of cancer.

  • Non sense club

  • I welcome you too to make it more non-sense!

  • No one cares for your opinion, despite which the club is growing daily. People read and follow what makes sense. LOP Sided OPINIONS can never make SENSE. And whatever doesn't make sense is called non sense and people don't follow non sense. Any statement which cannot be backed up with science is nonsense.

    Ask suryakaizen here. You will know what nonsense was and what made sense to him/her. Mere OPINIONS no one bothers really.

  • Non sense club

    Is better than your NONSENSE. :D

  • Walking barefoot helps diabetics was one such thing actively pushed not so long ago.

  • Adiabetic2015

    You never report your levels thru lab reports

    Only use bad language and are suspicious of others

    You are just voicing opinion rather than data or lab report

  • Reincarnation of old deleted account. Will not name the old account that was deleted as that account was overly abusive, even equating diabetics talking LC** to four legged animals.

    And, no one objects to such derogatory attempts, surprisingly. They just get upset with something that is helping diabetics.

  • Sadistic people

  • Today in Times of India paper there is full article on breast cancer ,in which the writer says who is a specialist in oncology that one of the reason is sugar.Cancer thrive in sugar molecule.So Reduce sugar .i.e carb, be happy and healthy. I agree with Aska 9 that initially counting difficult but after standardisation every thing simple.At the same time I express my condolence for her father sad demise.But I have also seen that people so thin also suffer from D2. So CVD or any problem related is definitely not due to fat. Carb is the main culprit,arrest it.Every problem will be over.If you arrest carb then it has to be compensated with SFA (VCO, butter, ghee, cheese etc) .Thanks

  • Yup. Wish people could take care before they are hit badly.

    Cancer thrives in sugar (read carbs as all digestible carbs convert to sugar).

  • And we do not care your reckless writings, misguiding peoples and damaging theirs health in long run, Non scientific writings,useless peoples.

  • Show your science first before lecturing on science. So far you have only expressed lop sided opinions, including the one on BIS versus ISO. People are switching irrespective of every attempt here. Who is this WE? Four or five people? As against this 1000+ have switched and number keeps growing everyday. So, it shows who is writing useless stuff. One cannot have 207 followers here itself if my writing was useless. Four or five calling it useless is irrelevant. Check it out, numbers don't lie:


    207 followers right here on this forum! I know, some may call everyone fake as their followers are barely in 20's. So no best way to self console than call everyone fake. Have yet to see some sensible post from you. You just troll out here.

  • If he is "misguiding people" then can you guide?????

  • He has only trolled on Low Carb threads wherever any user posted benefits after switching to it. Most of his comments are useless and never made any sense. Just tries to provoke and his use of bhanumati phrase recently cleared all my doubts as to who he actually is.

    Even a new user who posted about the benefit, on that thread also this person trolled. None from their group feel bad about it.

  • LOL @anup very similar to MikePollard both got some hidden agenda.

  • The account is reincarnation of an old account. Not naming it here. Their sole agenda is somehow get me banned from here. Someone instead of reporting my post recently clicked LIKE by accident/in a hurry and that made it very clear. That guy can never like my post. They still are reporting in a group and hoping that some day they will be able to get me banned :)

    I don't lose anything. Don't you see @karch stopped coming? There are many like @karch who just stop coming.

  • suryakaizen a new user posted about the great results here. look at the comments from your group, specially Adiabetic2015 . grace is not one way ticket.

  • Hijacking of thread always happens in this forum...but look at other side of the same....

    Just look on the days when @anup is away from forum there are very less replies....less posts in the forum...

    He is strong proponent of LCHF...and many ppl have benefited with his advise...I am one of them...when ever he is here forum is active....

    Saying that....everyone will agree there is something beyond LCHF....LCHF is not full stop....LCHF is most wonderful tool to tame diabetes....but we must not stop at this...we should look further....look for more avenues....and for that more open minded discussions should be allowed...

    also almost all threads leads to discussions no way related to thread...

    This should be avoided....we should be more open minded....and think beyond and for more ways and tools...

  • Cure and Rajivrao, anup and his LCHF team

    I agree with cure and rajivrao and I request anup and his LCHF team to post their LCHF related posts and explanations at specially made forum for that...healthunlocked.com/lchf

    And I really would appreciate a lot if Anup and his LCHF team would allow us some independence to carry out other discussions we are interested in with fruitful results. We need to interact with people having same thoughts and views and not always people interfering in each and every thread with the same old raga of LCHF. We really got tired of such unnecessary posts in the thread started by our posts.

  • Ashka9 when that separate community was created by HU..it was me who followed up with admin that LCHF should remain here and discussions should be allowed here in this forum....

    I still firm on my stand... but...every thread should not lead to LCHF....

  • When you post on FAT against FAT here, there will be counter opinions too, unless you want a one way traffic. Many of also got tired of all the rants against fat but we don't say it, we just provide the other side of the opinion and back it with data and studies.

    Why is talking in favor of FAT taken as LCHF?

    LCHF came into this thread because the new user posted his/her experience how it benefited. Allowing discussion doesn't mean that it should be compartmentalized where you bash FAT and get away with it.

    I am open to being challenged on low carb. But, only if people talk with some data and not some pamphlet of some association or some drug money funded website.

    And, BTW, it's don't use terms like "his LCHF team". Don't use such words because it is again an attempt to insult the intelligence of people who talk here. Everyone is talking as an individual, unless you have also been made to believe otherwise by few guys who play group games here.

    I wonder why people are so short tempered when it comes to dealing with how to debate on forums and start hurling insults unnecessarily.

  • He had started his own website some years back, on lchf diet with very fanfare,which collapsed in few months time as there was little response to it,and he again rejoined this site for boring,putting unscientific and self propagated ideas

    One question if he was so knowledgeable persons of diabetes, why he could not stop himself from becoming diabetics.? Now lecturing peoples as a saint to control diabetes. Did he gained knowledge after becoming diabetic?

  • Adiabetic2015 yes....he got knowledge after becoming diabetic...nothing wrong in it....so what?? he is imparting his knowledge and many ppl are getting benefited...

    About his site....the site is doing really fine with very good traffic...

    He is really a very good man...with really great knowledge about diabetes...he is helping to many diabetics... only thing he is very passionate about his findings about LCHF...so sometimes others feel bad about the same...

  • cure

    Being passionate doesn't mean he and his team should force people on this forum to go his way of treatment for diabetes. He should understand that he can't convince all people to go his way of LCHF due to any reason.

    Anup might be very good in his own way but interfering in each and every post and making it all LCHF everytime thinking people will ultimately follow his way of diet is something very intruding on his part.

    People have their own thinking and he should respect other people's wishes, views, opinions also...but he and his team totally fails in that. Passion is to follow one's own dreams and wishes and not to force others.

  • ok....may i say over passionate???

    Actually he is really excited about what he found....and a novel way to control diabetes ...

    So may be he is recommending same to everyone.... try to understand his feelings....

    भावनाओ को समझो

    Ofcoz it is bad that each and every thread should lead to LCHF....

  • I am sorry to say cure, anup is not only recommending but trying to force people into useless and same old discussions of LCHF though he knows that particular person doesn't want to follow LCHF diet.

    I am in no way a friend or an acquaintance even of Mr. Anup or any of his team members, so no emotions involved.


  • hmmmmmmm

  • over passionate are the ones in this thread who challenge IQ, call everything that don't understand as bizarre, call statements foolish etc discount even medical reports. so what's left to discuss scientifically? it's only "over-passion" with zero science taking over that leads to such statements. ppl don't hurl insults if they know science. they stick to science.

    a look at this thread would show who started hurling insults.

  • No one is forcing anyone and nor can anyone force. When you bring in topic AGAINST FAT there will be discussions contrary to your view point. Why do you have to view it as LCHF always? None of us complained with three vegan links posted everyday. So why not be open minded? We never got sick and tired of veganism being posted. Did WE?

    And tell me where I have tried to FORCE anyone? Unless you can prove it, it's just a OPINION from yet another person which lacks any concrete evidence. So, be real as you have confessed you don't understand the science behind anything that we talk. Whereas, we only look at science.

  • Useless is the topic of yours

    Pl stop calling others useless or doubting IQs

  • वो लोग सच्चे होतें हैं जिन्हें गुस्सा आता है,

    मैंने झूठो को अक्सर मुस्कराते देखा है!

  • kya bat kahi hai.....bilkul sone jaisi khari bat....

  • Anup ji has helped me too without any self interest and I am thankful to him all the time.

    If people find it difficult to accept him then nothing is wrong as people first check purity of gold and then they accept it.But coal is accepted without any test.And he is gold!

  • गिरना भी अच्छा है , औकात का पता चलता है ....

    बढ़ते हैं जब हाथ उठाने को … अपनों का पता चलता है !

    सीख रहा हूँ मैं, अब भी इंसानों को पढ़ने का हुनर,

    सुना है चेहरे पर, किताबों से ज्यादा लिखा होता है...

  • Great!

    बढाकर हाथ सम्भाल लेते है जो गिरतों को,

    दुनिया की भीड़ में वो दोस्त अज़ीज़ होतें है!

  • कुछ सही तो कुछ खराब कहते हैं,

    लोग हमें बिगड़ा हुआ नवाब कहते हैं,

    हम तो बदनाम हुए कुछ इस कदर,

    की पानी भी पियें तो लोग शराब कहते हैं…!!

  • He he he ........

  • ऐसा नही है कि मुझमे कोई ‘ऐब’ नही है..

    पर सच कहता हूँ मुझमें ‘फरेब’ नहीं है ..!

  • बस कर भाई ,अब रुलाएगा क्या ?

  • "He is really a very good man...with really great knowledge about diabetes...he is helping to many diabetics... "

    Yes,it is truth!

  • Collapsed? My dear friend, it has hit 100,000 visits per month long back. So, talk facts for ONCE at least else it smells of jealousy. I know who you are the day you quoted bhanumati ka pitara. Compete with knowledge and knowledge that has some backing of science.

    Also, did you become a diploma engineer the day you were born? All your talk about learning about diabetes management only after being diabetic made no logical sense at all.

    BTW, I am still waiting for an answer to question on BIS Vs ISO. I am not stunned by the silence because I have seen this happen with many of your friends here. No specifics are ever addressed and only padded opinions and insults hurled. At your age, you should realize that in virtual world, insult don't stick. So, would request you to get over this dirty habit of insulting fellow bloggers here.

    Oh, I never "rejoined" this site. I was always here since Jan 2013. So again a false propaganda from you, as usual.

  • which collapsed in few months time as there was little response to it

    let's correct your blatant incorrect opinion based on factual numbers.

    the so called failed forum :

    Age: ~ 2 years

    Members: 1407

    Threads: 4,953 -- ie 3.52 threads/member

    Posts: 51,889 -- ie 36.87/member or 10.47/thread

    Diabetes India

    Age : ~4 years

    Members: 51,402

    Threads: 9483 -- ie 0.184/member

    Posts: not known

    care to explain how the other forum failed in your opinion? to anyone with even little respect for numbers and factual data, the claim would be that it has succeeded like hell. someone else also spoke a similar lie when he said that since 2014, there are only 4 posts.

    the above numbers are available on public facing url's and not some inside story. so, stop hate based trolling. u r persistently making useless statements, as evident in this thread.

  • Sign in dlife.in to know about this website and to learn diabetes management!

  • they can get the numbers without signing in. it's all there out for everyone to see. despite this, they spread all false information. really astonishing.

  • When people talk AGAINST FAT, discussions will proceed on the lines that it proceeded. Whether they talk here or on any diabetes forum. Enough has been posted about VEGANISM too .... more than 300 + threads, still two or three clap every time a repeat of the same link comes here and nothing new is left to be posted about VEGANISM. So, by your logic, should talk about VEGANISM also stop?

    207 followers on my profile here is not HANDFUL. 30 odd with 400+ posts is definitely handful.

    I have never seen you or most of your vegan friends post any details of your diet, your numbers and help anyone following VEGAN diet. All that has been done is post two links per day. No one complains about what you do. So why complain when something that has helped HUGE number of diabetics here is posted only in response to any post that talks against FAT. Go through my first reply in this thread. LCHF hasn't figured anywhere.

    Preach HELP and direct HELP and not just opinions of Homeopathy, siddha which has no backing of science at all. People have been selling doda paneer since ages and no one complains, but something that has helped people is viewed as something satanic. Weird.

    Do you know how much money was being asked by a siddha preacher here? It was running into five figure/month with no science to back the claims.

    As for posts on LCHF forum, HU hasn't promoted it. That's why, forget about me or other old timers, you will find even newcomers posting about LCHF here.

    As for TAUNT, old timers also know who is expert in that. In fact he even curses the forum where he himself tells people not to listen to anyone but he himself. And not just once, he posts multiple threads cursing the very forum where he posts.

  • Attention seekers can not help other and they do not want you to do the same.When you guide new comers about diet then they say you are perching LC**.They talk about big words such as co-ordination,co-operation,ethics, norms etc and on the ground they work against it.

    Helping other without self interest requires knowledge as well as a big heart and an open mind as you have.

  • And also the GUTS to spend money out of pocket to spread the message. Oh, even if they manage to get me banned, I don't lose anything. Their whole focus is on how to get me banned. They aren't interesting in helping anyone here.

    440+ thread and not even one who could say that he/she followed the preaching and cut down drugs and got non diabetic numbers?

    I don't even have 100 threads here and yet 207 followers. This is what is a major eye sore for some here :)

  • Some people in this forum need to open their small mind instead of their big mouth.

    They must know-"It takes a lot to become an Anup Singh!"

    None of them has helped me in bringing down my HbA1c to 5.8 from 8.12.He is Anup Ji and his LC** team who saved me.

  • perhaps that's what is the cause of worry. why is it happening when they could not guide anyone to achieve the same with their baseless theories of balanced diet.

  • oh @anup has earned enough respect. he even got interviewed by a renowned magazine in india for what he is doing. less we talk of taunts, the better. it's well know who has used nasty words in the past, even against me. do u remember what words you used against me - a lady? or should i dig out that thread to remind you?

    so decency and grace cannot be a one way ticket. one first needs to follow what one is trying to take moral high ground of. in short practice what you preach.

  • These people are allergic to Anup Ji ,LC** and LC** followers without any genuine reason.

  • no one is losing. this forum is losing. as it it, they killed two birds in one shot. this forum lost and the new lchf forum no one knows about it existence.

    remove all lc** people here and then see what traffic is. people don't come here to read copy paste of articles googled. they can google themselves. people want solution.

    so numbers will tell what people are really looking for. some people want that what they say should go unopposed so that diabetics don't benefit. they don't tell what they do -- none of them so far. they are here to wipe off everything that helps a diabetic so that copy pasting goes on and gives nothing back to a diabetic who comes here looking for help.

    i don't see jingale and karch these days. many more must have left i am sure and many more will be forced to leave.

  • Definitely,if these people get failed in changing their attitude then here will be silence only.

  • they want this trajectory to continue :


    healthy, balanced and nutritious diet eh? if ppl dump this so called healthy and balanced diet, drug sales will drop.

    healthy & balanced diet - what myth. if someone changes diet and then shows medical reports they don't even believe medical reports. they haven't explained what is healthy diet and why?

  • They have no answers to my queries,and continued posting irrelevant topics,to hide theirs in competencies.

    Tomorrow they will becomes expert in treating HIV/AIDS/CANCERS,etc.etc.after they are/will be infected by these diseases..as they have becomes Diabetic controlling experts.without any genuine knowledge.

    Jai ho.

  • And you never answered the query on BIS Vs ISO.

    Yes, one does become expert with experience. That's a fact. For HIV/AIDS, watch the movie -- Dallas Buyers Club a real life event based movie. Your question never deserved an answer as it was irrelevant question.

    Let medical reports certify what is genuine knowledge and what is not. OPINIONS are irrelevant, much like yr OPINION that the other forum failed as the fact is exactly opposite.

  • I had already written,regarding BIS,ISO, if you are unable to cope it with,it is fault of your I.Q.By the way consult some old English literature written by some qualified authors,and not depend wholly on google,which cannot be 100%correct.

  • No, go back to my last question and answer it. You went completely silent after my last question on BIS Vs ISO. I know where to read. No need to advise me. Just answer my last question on BIS Vs ISO.

  • Test reports vary from lab to lab,do you want to average theirs results

  • I am really surprised recently when my father's blood tests showed elevated cholesterol levels when done by thyrocare 9 months ago. He was not taking any medication for that. Now, when he was admitted to hospital after massive stroke, when blood tests done again by most reliable Toprani Lab in our city, cholesterol levels were normal. Is that possible? How can we rely on lab so much then?

  • They have no reply for this,and again posting/repeating irrelevant blogs,without any genuine cause.

    Many components in biological matrix influence the result of an analysis,affecting assay sensitivity and reproductibility. Improved matrix managements becomes critical as requirements for higher assay sensitivity and increased ------refer to---

    Journal of the Association for laboratory Automation

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