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Just diagnosed diabetes a month back

Got diagnosed for diabetes just a month back. Did random check in a glucometer and got >200 mg/dl. Did fasting and PP at a lab and got 152/252 as fasting /PP. Currently taking metformin 500xl twice a day. Under control. Age 49. Lean. Fatty liver present. Vegetarian -south Indian. Been walking 6-8km a day for the last 8 months. After diagnosis started medication plus a lot of home remedies. I take a concoction of Karela + Amla fresh juice in the morning with aloe vera juice added. Also a piece of ginger added. Then go for the walk. Later at 9am have a mix of jamun+elephant apple powder. Also forgot to mention that I have some methi seeds soaked over night 1st thing in the morning. Switched to lower carb diet but not high fat sit. Lost around 4-5 kgs in 2 weeks. Readings under good control. Fasting around 85-95 and PP around 120-130. Sometimes before a meal reading is as low as 70-80. Also take liv52 and vit E 400 bid for fatty liver.

I find this community very useful. I work for pharmaceutical company for the last 28! Years and have a good understanding of diabetes. Have a family history of diabetes.

Just thought I would like to introduce myself.

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@ shahikantjee,

If we calculate your average blood sugar on maximum side then also your current HBa1c level must around 5.5 to 5.6.Perfect non diabetic range.

Have you checked up about your fasting insulin levels yet???

I also have Non Alcoholic fatty liver.Any particular remedy for that???

What is elephant apple??? is it wood apple??? cause i googled for elephant apple...the fruit shown there is unknown to me.But google says marathi name for elephant apple is Kavith/wood apple.Bit confused.


Hba1c after 4 month of diagnosis is 5.2

Fatty liver disease... Reduce carbs. Take the green juice as above.

Stopped elephant apple now. It's available in assam and orissa I believe


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