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There are so much difference opinion about cholestrol Doctors also which are

1 cholestrol is main culprit for heart problems and Blood pressure

2 for diabetic persons if cholestrol is more they have faced te problem of high blood pressure and heart problems

3 All kind of fats to be consume in limited saturatedfat do not used by diabeticpersons and heart blood pressure problem persons

recently I am got one of the article which is as follows





The medical science is doing advance research and they are

conducting variety of experiments on human beings. About 30 yrs

back doctors found out Cholesterol as the main culprit to cause

heart attack and started treating the patients with STATIN.

This drugs came on the market in 1987 and since then

only they started the medication of STATIN drugs

advised diet control. Now we can see that, the rate of heart

attack is increasing day by day. This itself is a proof that their

prediction is wrong. Doctors from all over the world has

difference of opinion on this issue.

One early opponent was a medical doctor by the name of Dr. Paul Dudley White, who was known as "the father of modern cardiology," one of the founders of the American Heart Association and personal physician to President Eisenhower following Ike’s heart attack. Dr. White had this to say on public television,

“Heart disease in the form of myocardial infarction was nonexistent in 1900 when egg consumption was three times what it was in 1956 and corn oil was unavailable. . . . See here, I began my practice as a cardiologist in 1921 and I never saw an MI patient until 1928. Back in the MI free days of 1920 the fats were butter and lard. And I think that we would all benefit from the kind of diet we had at that time when no one had heard the word ‘corn oil’” (Morell, 2008).

Cholesterol scam is the most inhuman conspiracy of medical science & Pharmaceutical Companies which could wipe out Human Race from our planet earth in due course.

In America

Today the number of deaths from heart attacks is 600,000 each year, and according to the CDC—that is one out of every four deaths

Cholesterol Drugs Can:

Damage Your Liver

Cause nerve and muscle damage

Aggravate Heart Disease

Concern for cholesterol is


Controlling cholesterol with drugs will not prevent a heart attack or reverse heart disease. Good, bad, high or low cholesterol doesn't matter, it has never been shown to eliminate plaque or reduce the risk of a heart attack. Statin drugs attempting to control cholesterol disrupt the liver causing adverse side effects damaging nerves and muscles. Your Liver is the best producer and control of cholesterol. Money and ignorance is the reason Doctors keep prescribing these drugs $$$

The cholesterol needed for our body is mainly produced by our liver.

About 15% of the cholesterol is only being donated by the food we eat.

Cholesterol being an endogenous production of the body can no way produce more than what we need. What ever enzymes produced by our body, like insulin, digestive juice, saliva, cholesterol etc is very essential

for our body, and medical science has no authority to stop its production. Trying to control the functioning of liver (cholesterol treatment) through statin drugs is a very dangerous practice. The production of coenzyme Q10, from liver, known as the energy switch of the body is also likely to hamper through STATIN drugs.

When there is cheap vitamin (vitamin E) available to dilute the cholesterol and drain it out through urine, why should a patient take a drug which

could hamper the function of Liver??!

The Real Truth about Cholesterol

The majority of the cholesterol in you is produced by your liver. Your brain is primarily made up from cholesterol. It is essential for nerve cells to function. Cholesterol is the basis for the creation of all the steroid hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, and corticosteroids. High cholesterol in the body is a clear indication

which shows the liver of the individual is in good health.

Dr. George V. Mann M.D. associate director of the Framingham study for the incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and its risk factors states: "Saturated fats and cholesterol in the diet are not the cause of coronary heart disease. That myth is the greatest deception of the century, perhaps of any century"

Cholesterol is the biggest medical scam of all time.

There is no such thing as bad Cholesterol! Men of science have abandoned truth for money. Attempting to control cholesterol is a very, very dangerous practice that occurs in every hospital and medical clinic daily.

By Ron Rosedale, MD

"Statin Drugs Actually Increase Heart Disease"

So you can stop trying to change your Cholesterol level. Studies prove beyond a doubt, cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease and it won't stop a heart attack. The majority of people that have heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels.


By K.L. Carlson, MBA

Cholesterol guidelines have been created to increase pharmaceutical profits, not to improve peoples’ health. I know from my experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative for a statin drug. We were trained to emphasize to physicians the new lower LDL guidelines that were ostensibly created by health experts. The truth is the majority of the experts who created the lower guidelines have multiple financial ties to pharmaceutical companies. One expert was found to have ties to ten drug firms


ONLY 15% OF CHOLESTEROL IS BEING DONATED BY THE FOOD WE EAT. If the fat content is less in our food we eat, our liver

Got to work more to maintain the level at 950 mg. If the cholesterol level is high in our body, it shows the liver is working perfect. Experts say that there is nothing like LDL or HDL.


….. Cholesterol is not found to create block any where in human body. Why does it create block only in heart, where as calcium sediments create

Block all over the body .. for example kidney, pancreas. Urinary bladder, gall bladder etc etc

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Very useful information thanks for this valuable knowledge.



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For any diseases including diabetes and HBP and Heart problem the main thing is liver organs But no doctors cannot seen this matter and also do not prescribed test for liver profile

Please clarify what is BTW

high insulin= High BP

How i High insulin relates HBP

In another discussion one member point out that insulin cannot spike the blood sugar U may also seen that discussion.

If blood circulation is not working properly all diseases may be noticed

insulin production in the body depend upon consuming the food if we not consuming any food for more than 8 to 10 hours or more then wether blood sugar raises or decreases?


BTW is By The Way.

" high insulin= High BP" Consistent high levels of insulin lowers magnesium level which constrict the blood vessels, so BP gets elevated.


welcome Shrismarth u are seen for long back

Please elaboratehigh lhow high levelk of insulin produced ?

1 excess of insulin dose or oral drugs ?

2If food cannot consume so much of time thenalso produced insulin causes blood insuli ?

3 if carb content items consumed more innight then also high insulin formed and became blood insuli

if magnesium supplements taken or magnesium food consuming more it may solvable ? thanks in advance for earlyreply

Please more active in this group your presence and tips for members is more useful.

recently some of well known most knowledgable members may not active in any discussion reason may not known

if they seen and if they active it is also good .


High consumption of processed food, which is basically high carb food causes high blood levels of insulin. Consistent high insulin levels leads to insulin resistance which again triggers more insulin.

If one is compensating his/her high carb intake with insulin dosage or sulphonyluria drugs then it will also lead to unnecessary high levels of insulin.

Magnesium is important is insulin metabolism but without lowering carb intake its supplementation will not have desired impact.

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I think this study is an eye opener.How our doctors are damaging and playing with our lives.This study should be discussed in a conference with all cardiologists and they should treat the patients in a different way.

N K Gupta


Perhaps for a lay patient, we can get liver function test done every quarter.


Does LCHF diet cause Uric Acid levels to go high...?


I have dibetes past four month.dr.treat me, prescribed me in morning olstrain 40mg.and. Midday before lunch metformin 500mg.and before bedtime for lower bad cholesterol.my total cholesterol level is 206.fbs is 123 pubs is 80 so how I can manage?thanks for unlock cholesterol.


Thanks but I don't like bajra protha I just eat chapati,potato,rice but this days my fbs in glucometer is 138.my Dr said me if your fbs below 150 don't. Worry so guide me,thanks for your reply


FBS should be < 100, preferably < 90. If your doctor is satisfied with 138 for FBS then you need to change doctor for diabetes consultation.

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Thanks I will change my Dr. Thanks for your support.


My ppbs is 95 of sum times 123. I never check urine suger.


I will check.thanks if you got new ideas for reverse diabetic suggest me (us). Thanks again I am 40year old.


I check ppbs two hour after lunch.my weight 117 kg since last10 year.i never do exercise or walking,my hight 6ft,


Thanks again

Hba1c 2013 is 5. In2015 July 11.5 my fbs 231 then dr.said me you got type 2 life time.after I never check hba1c.thanks now i am far from Bombay in gujrat near porbandar,I live in bhanvad. District -jamnagar


I did every test every things are normal.glycomark I don't know how this test done. Are you a doctor? Here some people every day their suger level is 400 to 450 they don't take any medication and they live Normal life.


Here near at rajkot Dr. Karnavat for pune came every three month he treat diabetes by acupuncture in pencreas point in ear and cure diabetes in one setting his treatment charges one time 5000Rs


Thank you very much champaksir.


Sorry what you say.


It's Web problem


Use Alkali powder out side of the Human Body on the Skin of the Heart it will neutralize the fat in the heart CHOLESTEROL will disappear AND HEART PROBLEMS will comes under control. it will be also use full in lowering the Blood Gulucose level.. The Alkali powder will neutralizes the Acid in the inside of the Human Body. All diseases in the Human Body depends on the Acid in the inside of the Acid [Acidity] only.

Sri Veera


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