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Hi I got diagnosed with diabetes a 2 months after my miscarriage which was in June so the doc told to take medication for it and I said give me a chance but the doctor said okay and told me in three months we will do another blood test and see. But today was just a month check up to see my reading a doc said my reading is too high when I cheated it was 8.5 also it was 7.7 but when I nvr cheat it was like 6.7 a.d 5. But my doctor says she not happy and sent me home with meds remember I just got diabetes I'm still learning what I eat that brings my levels up and down

I got my medication today and not sure if I should take it cause I exercise and keep fit from the time the doctor told me I have diabetes please I need help

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1. Buy a glucometer and check your sugar levels frequently. That is your feedback on how well you are managing your diet/lifestyle.

2. Don't ever stay hungry. Keep your metabolism going by moderate physical activity daily and by eating something every 2-3 hours.

3. Eat everything but in moderation. Keep reducing your carbohydrate intake until your blood sugar levels come back to normal, but make sure you get enough calories.

Very soon you will find that you are comfortable living with diabetes. You might even be able to stay off medicines altogether for years and decades if you stick to the above regimen.


Pl do not panic. If your doctor is a general physician, better consult a diabologist. These people control diabetes only. They are assisted by a dietician. Pl do not depend upon us amateurs. As we proceed,you may get some good tips from us. But still remember there is no alternative to consulting a diabologist.

I have 39 years background of diabetes and am 76 years.



dear friend you may like to read my experience in following article



Buy glucometer and check impact of meal on blood glucose.Slowly reduce carbs and increase good fats.( coconut oil, Olive oil,Nuts,)


my child, all you need is a little bit of confidence in your self and some changes in life style, keep in touch and I assure you of health better the before you had diabetes in near future.


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