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Is it possible to sue doctor for prescribing statin???

During my visits to my doctor I was prescribed...even to level forced to start statin.The doctor even told me that a person can sue a doctor for not prescribing statin.(not updating his knowledge )

After reading so many things on net about statin....I wonder...if is it possible to sue doctor for prescribing statin to newly diagnosed diabetic or person with impaired glucose tolerance.

It is known fact that stain will set firm diabetes and will make person prefect diabetic who otherwise is just borderline diabetic and can get out with of that condition with exercise and diet control.

Is there any such case in India or abroad??

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Thank you Vishvapriyajee......I am not thinking ...but just wonders....and just curious if is there any such case????and what was outcome....

Some one should sue so these scam will come to end....

Further it is known fact that Grape fruit/Chakotra/papanas has got sever and fatal reaction to stain.Non of doctors are making patients aware of this.

For more information one of my friend is diabetic and on stain.recently his dose was increased from 10 mg to 20 mg.Doctor never bothered to ask him even if he is feeling any discomfort of any muscle pains.


Thank you Vishvapriyajee......I am not thinking ...but just wonders....


I am just asking about possibility.....

However this is same as doctors scare people about PERCEIVED CVD risk of 10 years...

Some one told same thing to Angelina Jolie and she lost some vital things...

Be sure Mr Rao I am not at all thinking about any such ADVENTURE.

But advising statin to person who has impaired glucose tolerance and make him perfect diabetic is criminal.

You will agree with me Mr Rao.


Very nice !! Anup Ji, You are really a bold and awakened citizen !! Love You !!


Moreover, fees of the advocates ..... !! They are mind boggling !!


All textbooks and all medical bodies in india & abroad recommends Statins.

If you sue you will be defeated and instead be sued back for defamation.

Instead you can choose to take or not to take.

This depends on what you choose to believe.

We who follow LCHF don't believe in these drugs...


statin for what? diabetic dosent need statin.


yes. class action suit against Lipitor has been initiated in USA. I was started on Lipitor since 2002. Later on in 2005, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Per this lawsuit, the patients claim that those who were on lipitor med have later developed diabetes, otherwise, normally, they would not have had diabetes.They argue that lipitor caused them to have diabetes. I was contacted by numerous law firms there to join the lawsuit. I do not know from where they got my medical record. i didnot join the bandwagon. Some law firm is going to gain and what do you get, a few couple of pennies. i am still on cholesterol med. Sometimes, I feel the cholesterol med is interfering with my diabetes control, inspite of my strict and regular diet control. i get frustrated since both diabetes and cholesterol are not going down, but either stay the same or go high, inspite of all my effort.


Dear all


Let me give a news

There is a top cardiologist in mumbai

I cannot name the Dr

He curses statins

He says that statins gave him diabetes

But he Still uses statins post angioplasty for the ploetropic benefits

Believe as I work for a pharma company as a zonal Manager and I also promote Atorvastatin..

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The incidence of myalgia or muscle fatigue is around 15% as reported.

Many goes unreported as its taken as a normal process of aging

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Thank you for sharing information....When I contacted one of the top cardiologist from Pune....I got very lame answers....

He is the one who operated my mother for angina pains....bypass surgery..in year 1995.Till date (she is now 82) she is just on calsprin100...not on statin.

When i was prescribed statin by one of most leading Doctor on diabetes from Pune..I refused doctor asked for stress test.I went to same cardiologist who operated my mother in 1995.

My first question was to him that doc you were the person who treated my mother and she is fit till date...and you never prescribed statin to her....His answer was that " there are two opinions....patient should either start statin or aspirin."

I asked then what are you recommending me?

His answer was " let me check you first and then I will suggest"

I went thru 2D and stress test....I passed both tests...

Now I again asked him answer...he said if your diabetologist is prescribing then you should start.I asked him but doc i don't have cholesterol problem....on this then doctor opened my cholesterol report and said look here your LDL is 117 it should be below 100 any time...may this is reason your diabetologist suggesting you statin.I turned one more page of my report and showed him that naturally without any medicine my LDL was 80.

He said then go for lifestyle change.HAHAHA

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By the way my diabetologist has done some special research of diabetes and cardiac complication.And lecturer to Pune's best medical college.Also attached to many big hospitals in Pune.

Cardiologist Pune's one of the best and leading practitioner.I do respect him lot as he saved my mothers life.


Its really great anupjee...you are really doing a great job by enlightening many souls.

May God give you long life..

Further is it possible that everyone who is convinced about bad effects of statin write to Central Government and create some pressure group so this scam will come to end??

Atleast we can start online email campaign?


Atleast can we put up online campaign?? So similar to statutory warning written on cigarettes and tobacco products government will force them to write about Grape fruit reactions and other ill effect on the packet.


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