sexual impotency

if you are keeping your blood sugar level perfectly in your diabetic span there will be no problem other wise not only sexual problems ,but any disease may be attacked .so you please take an oath today that you should keep your blood sugar level in normal conditions at any coast . from 1972 onwards i am an insulin depend diabetic and keeping my sugar level almost perfectly .

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  • Yes 2Hr PPBS should be aimed at 140-150.

    Check every alternate day at home. I even quit being a vegetarian and started having non veg. health with minimal drugs is more important than religious beliefs.

  • Thanks Dr.Varsha.

    Would like to know some natural remedy to control diabetics.

  • dear dr varsha, pl give me some suggations to me for weight loss, i am diabetic since 15years, i am having weight 81kgs, height is 166cms. age is 52years.i am taking insulin 25 morning and 25 in eveing. vogligium o.3 daily night. pl give me good suggation to me.

  • dear doctor varsha, i am having present weight is 82kgs.i want reduced to 68kgs as per b.m.i. pl give me some good advice

  • Regeneration of pancreatic cells producing enzymes was not known before about 10 years. Still the stem cells research is long way from coming in to practical use.

    Meanwhile do not give false hopes to those who are confused.

    Charge you patients a fee like an ethical medical doctor, if you are one. Use regular means of reaching the market.

  • helloo doctorversha,,

    I am a heart paitient having had two heart attacks in 2010 and have become diabtic 2 as well . I have been on oral medication for diabeties for past 3 years.... My sexual prowess was ok and there was no problem. But suddenly in the last one month i am not having penile erection. Is there any medication external creams or so which are safe and helpful without having any adverse affect on my heart and diabeties. I am 59 years old and have plenty of sexual desires still left in me.. I am 5'9" in height and weigh 80 kgs though it shud be around 75 kgs for my height and and bone striucture which are not heavy, so i feel. Is there any help or suggestion you can give and share...Thanks

  • I am a Insulin user every day. Sexual interest is not yet inspirating me. I am an aged around 50 year. Any remedy pls advise.

  • my b.s level random is 204.

    what do u suggest?

  • Always post what you eat and what medicines you take.

  • Erectile dysfunction is one of the consequences of being a diabetic.To correct this,the only way out is controlling your diabetes.Also you have to remove from your mind the fear that because you are a diabetic,you cannot perform.

  • dear dr varsha, i am having sexual problems are started since 1 year. give me advices.

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