New Study: Is Today’s Wheat Bad for You?

In the study, twenty participants with common digestive issues (IBS) were put on two different diets for six weeks each:

Modern wheat products (for example wheat bread)

Identical products but made from an ancient variety of wheat, that hasn’t undergone modern plant breeding.

The participants didn’t know which one of the diets they were put on, and the order in which they were assigned to a diet was randomized. Not even the researchers themselves knew which person ate which diet during the period (a double-blind study). Thus, this is a high quality study, a randomized, double-blind crossover trial, where potential differences should be caused by wheat itself, and not be caused by imagination or expectations.

The difference was clear-cut. When participants with digestive issues consumed modern wheat they felt like they usually did, they suffered from their usual digestive issues. But when for six weeks they ate the ancient wheat their symptoms improved with significantly less abdominal pain, less abdominal bloating and an improved quality of life.

Why this happened???

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  • Guess this is the answer....

    Tetraploid wheat (durum wheat) is mainly used for the preparation of pasta. As a result of

    breeding, thousands of tetraploid wheat varieties exist, but also tetraploid landraces are still

    maintained and used for local food preparations. Gluten proteins present in wheat can induce

    celiac disease, a T-cell mediated auto-immune disorder, in genetically predisposed individuals after ingestion. Compared to hexaploid wheat, tetraploid wheat might be reduced in T-cell stimulatory epitopes that cause celiac disease because of the absence of the D-genome.


    Culprit Genes

    Recent genome mapping of modern bread wheat with an eye to its toxic influence in celiac disease has isolated a small chain of peptides on a portion of the gluten protein which is directly responsible for stimulating the reaction in those with the celiac genetic inheritance. The plant genes responsible for contributing these peptides in wheat gluten are located on the third set of chromosomes that the hexaploid variants inherited from their wild parent. It is very interesting to note that neither the diploid nor the tetraploid cereal grains contain this genetic material. That is, cultivated diploid einkorn, and tetraploid emmer wheat along with certain of the durum pasta wheats as well as durum variants such as Kamut® (a brand name for T. turgidum or T. turanicum) and T. polonicum (Polish wheat) do not contain this genetic material.

  • Wheat the UNHEALTHY whole grain:


    Fat Head: Are all types of gluten equally bad, or are some worse than others? If some are worse, is the gluten from today’s wheat particularly damaging?

    Dr. Davis: The amino acid structure of gluten can vary widely, although all gluten shares the characteristic viscoelasticity desired by bakers and consumers, the property that allows the pizza maker to toss the dough in the air to shape pizza crust and allows dough to be molded into multiple forms from pita pockets to ciabattas.

    The worst, most harmful glutens are the recent varieties created by geneticists. The changes introduced into the “D” collection of genes (“genome”) characteristic of modern semi-dwarf wheat likely account for the quadrupling of celiac disease in our time, the doubling just in the past twenty years. Less destructive forms of gluten are those found in the ancient wheat forms, such as einkorn, emmer, and spelt—less destructive, not non-destructive.

    My view: Gluten, in all its forms but especially its modern forms, is potentially so destructive to human health that the ideal solution is to say goodbye to it completely.

    I do agree with his view that we should avoid all forms of Gluten....but in current scenario..where out diet is based on grains....the change will be gradual.


    Please note here that we are not talking about genetic modification, simply hybridizing. Buying non-GMO wheat is no protection. (Dr. Davis did, however, experiment with einkorn and emmer, which are being grown for the health food market. He found he did not react to them anywhere near as badly as he does to modern wheat.) Note, too, that whether a wheat product is refined or whole-grain, whether it’s a donut or whole wheat noodles, makes no difference whatsoever. It all contains gluten. It’s like asking whether a recovering alcoholic would be better off drinking a Mudslide or a glass of red wine.

  • Anup got there before me!

  • MikePollard I made my point very clear.....and BOLD

  • The microsomal content in modern grains could be causing the imbalance in the pancreas.

  • Better late than never.... :D

  • MikePollard it is noteworthy that even person who very strongly recommends grain less diet and particularly AGAINST WHEAT ...and known as international authority on the subject is also very soft on Emmer/long wheat...

    It is proved beyond doubt that Emmer/long wheat is beneficial than normal wheat...thru the experiment conducted by site which you often quote.

    As you are avid reader and internet researcher...I request you to have some search on amalyse amlose and amaylopectin ...

    I am not sure about curative properties of LONG WHEAT...but it is is helpful for a diabetic.....

  • If a report given by a gentleman after testing and confirming the results and getting confirmed by some who followed that diet is dismissed off as hogwash , what is the basis for the beliefs of other ideas .An idea becomes a belief after experimentation .Come on , have an open mind MR Mike .

  • Mike ,

    you said sometime back that you are open to scientific facts and novel ideas . Why don't you keep aside your prejudice for sometime and take long wheat and see whether it has got it's own merits . The diet which you are supporting now , was also new to you at one point of time .

  • No this diet has not been new to mankind. I guess, same rules would apply to you also. Why be prejudiced and not try and see it for yourself the diet you express only OPINIONS on and have no data to back it.

  • ?

  • high fat diet contributes to psychosomatic diseases , gastro intestinal problems , endocrine destructing chemicals , affect sertonin levels . All these evils if they attack people in their 50s , it may not affect them much since 3/4ths of their life is over . But if the wrong ideas go in to the minds of youth , their lives become total waste for them and to the country in general.In the long innings it is going to be colossal loss to the humanity .

  • Could you please point to any studies that establish the undesirable effects of high fat diets?

  • Mine is observational study , conducted with my patients and not opinions , as named by some self proclaimed scientific bent of minds . If you want to believe my words believe or other wise leave it .I came to the forum in july 2015 .Then I came across the concept of high fat . In the meanwhile I came across a couple of cases which I suspect are due to this faulty practice only . I can't produce any supporting evidences .I neither have funds nor facilities to make experiments on national level .

  • Ma'am, in that case, would it not be appropriate to add a disclaimer stating that your post/comment is merely an opinion, and is not based on any systematic study?

  • Of course it is based on my experience with my patients . It is not an opinion . Any journey starts with the first step . This fact has to be understood by brushing off other's experiences as opinions as if their opinions are strait delivered from HEAVEN OR Akashavani. There is no need to give any disclaimer because in a matter of a couple of years my theory is going to get proved .

  • Good luck for your endeavors, ma'am.

  • Thank you very much . In a public forum all of us can freely express our opinions and give our experiences .As long as it is not going to do damage to the physical or mental plane there should not be any objections . With all the criticisms , I am not expressing any new idea , except asking people to adhere to our age long practices in diet and general life style but reduce total food in take, as too much food is not needed in the present scenario

  • No, you are not just sharing your opinions and experiences. You are stating them as facts, without any supporting evidence, to diss a diet that has proven effective for many in managing T2D.

  • opinion is the word coined by you ,and I am using it to drive the point . to those ,who use that ALWAYS. Have you given your case history . I can't disclose the cases of my patients because they do not like it . ANY WAY IT IS none of your business to pass regulating COMMENTS . iF you think it is needed ,complain to the moderators .

  • They are facts .

  • Where's the scientific data to back your "facts"? I have posted enough studies to back mine. And they have been corroborated by the medical reports of diabetics on that for more than decades.

  • Medical data , which is supported by vested interests ?Ayurveda which is known as a sacred science , which has given a comprehensive insight , is brushed off by you and now in millions of diabetics , if 100 or thousand cases give favourable reports , YOU WANT US TO GO BY THAT . we can always brand them as freak cases .I told you , please go and complain to the moderators if you find any objectionable comment in my recommended diet and views .

  • There's no vested interest in the medical reports of diabetics who are living the diet that you only express OPINIONS about. So, let's get over with this concept of everything being "vested interest" if it doesn't agree with your OPINION.

    100,000 + are "freak cases" and one is SCIENCE in your OPINION. I am really impressed with this NEW interpretation/definition of SCIENCE. I would use the "report to moderator" with extreme caution because indiscriminate reporting == reports not taken seriously. Mods have already made this very clear.

  • Just leave the word opinion .It is backed by hundreds of years of practice followed in our country . It has been accused of leading to diabetes because of some freak cases .

  • No, I am sorry I can't ditch the current SCIENCE because I wasn't taught science based that way -- call everything that doesn't suit my OPINION as "freak cases". That''s 6 century BC science.

    Science needs backing of reproducible end points and data sets. If it can't then it's as good as astrology, numerology and chiropractice -- only opinions and no proofs.

  • For a period of nearly 40 years , the same science , the same doctors , the same medical fraternity , sang a different song . After an irrepairable loss to millions , they changed their tune .

  • And, they are still singing the same song against Low Carb (or High fat) even after 4 decades and many here are just singing in chorus with them, despite all the EVIDENCE. So, there's no change in TUNE. Hence, nothing new or surprising for us.

  • Science need not claim success rates on internet . They should show in practical example.

  • You are also claiming success of Homeopathy only on internet and not even showing any credible data. No?

    I have posted enough studies and data. can't post all 100,000+ from all over the net over here. BTW, Dr Unwin studies the LC data from internet and got awarded by BMJ. Why, because he had DATA to prove his point.

  • Mine is my own patients . There are many causes which lead to the diseased state , which I can't discuss .It is not trumpeting success stories from borrowed practices .

  • Homeopathy is also "Borrowed" practice isn't it? It never originated in India. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • HOMEOPATHY IS NEARLY 165 YEAR old and has got sufficient experimental support . It might have faced much opposition in the initial stages . Now , I am going by my practical experience , not one year or 5 years of eating some thing.

  • I do agree bhaswathy there are certain remedies in Homeopathy which are very Arnica....

    But every pathy has got some limitations...

    In current scenario LCHF is the best tool available to bring down sugar....

    You may go further with herbs and other experiments to take additional advantage.

  • For your kind info , do you know , just Arnica it self cures the diseased state of diabetes , if diabetes is caused by any physical or mental trauma .I do agree that there are certain limitations in any subject . I have been stating that fact from the begining.

  • same with aconite bhaswathy it is most useful remedy for Tod poisoning....

    You know I got one friend....qualified homeopath... 20 yrs practice.. very intelligent...Gold medalist....

    at age of 35 D caught him....

    in spite of his great knowledge he is still diabetic....

    I am going to preach him LCHF....

    But that doesn't mean Homeopathy is useless....

    But it just means it has got limitations...

  • Homeopathy claims to cure cancer and everything else.

    One of my relatives is a Homeopath in the same town as me. He claims to cure cancer, smoking habit, skin problems, lead poisoning too -- you name it and he has a cure-- but when it came to his own mother he had the UTERUS removed through Surgery. Why? Because everything that he tried FAILED.

    He is also the Principal of a Homeopathic college here. Years ago, tried his "cosmic pills" for 6 months for giving up smoking and found zero impact. My wife's knee OA, ZERO impact for one year, My Cousin's skin problem ZERO Impact for over a year of treatment, I have endless list to bust the claims of even my relative. But all his claimed success stories are locked inside a file number which only he can verify or scrutinize.

    Going by his tall claims back then, I even recommended him to the steel plant where I used to work as we used to make leaded free cutting steel also that lead to heavy lead fumes generation. He claimed he can reduce lead levels in blood -- come what may.

    What an embarrassment it turned out for me when blood test of workers showed ZERO improvement even after six months of continued doses of cosmic pills in different dilutions. And this was not based on one freak case but 300+ workers on the shop floor. Not one showed any improvement. So, he was removed from the visiting doctors list in the company.

  • And, while on serum Pb levels and homeopathy, which failed in ~1998 on 300+ workers on shop floor that I talked of in my earlier post, here's a recent study (2011) in a different environment:

    Yet, every homeopath will vouch about their expertise to reduce serum Pb levels. So, 300+131 = 431 subjects which were treated and failed on homeopathy. When they fail, they blame the "unknown and the invisible" like "Astrologists" or "Palmists" do.

  • bhai @anup same thing MikePollard asked for Ayurvedic scalpel I gave him full details..what instruments were used by Sushruta.

    Either he could not open the web site....

    But ask him if LCHF can cure hernia??? same even during sushruta time surgery was answer...and tell him to get out from notion....ayurveda means cow urine....

    when many of scriptures were advocating auto urine in his country Ayurveda was doing most advanced surgeries.

  • @Cure

    piles are even today treated by "kshar sutra " akin to band ligation and cryotherapy.


    Rhinoplasty techniques were carried out in ancient India by the ayurvedic physician Sushruta (c. 800 BC), who described reconstruction of the nose in the Sushruta samhita (c. 500 BC), his medico–surgical compendium. The physician Sushruta and his medical students developed and applied plastic surgical techniques for reconstructing noses, genitalia, earlobes, et cetera, that were amputated as religious, criminal, or military punishment. Sushruta also developed the forehead flap rhinoplasty procedure that remains contemporary plastic surgical practice. In the Sushruta samhita compendium, the physician Sushruta describes the (modern) free-graft Indian rhinoplasty as the Nasikasandhana.

  • In time, the 5th-century BC Indian rhinoplasty technique—featuring a free-flap graft—was rediscovered by Western medicine in the 18th century, during the Third Anglo–Mysore War (1789–1792) of colonial annexation, by the British against Tipu Sultan, when the East India Company surgeons Thomas Cruso and James Findlay witnessed Indian rhinoplasty procedures at the British Residency in Poona. In the English-language Madras Gazette, the surgeons published photographs of the rhinoplasty procedure and its nasal reconstruction outcomes; later, in the October 1794 issue of the Gentleman's Magazine of London, the doctors Cruso and Findlay published an illustrated report describing a forehead pedicle-flap rhinoplasty that was a technical variant of the free-flap graft technique that Sushruta had described some twenty-three centuries earlier.[8]

    But....few ppl are still under influence of URINE…. For them indigenous medicine means Urine theropy….

  • I did n't say that homeopathy is the all and be all system for all cures .It has got it's limitations . But then that is the same with any branch or system of medicine . In fact I am a staunch admirer of Ayurveda , but by birth I have had been pushed in to homeopathy as a family tradition .Then again there is the theory of karma . Karma means cause and effect .What we had done , should be borne by us . THIS IS NOT HIDING behind a lame excuse .Astrology , spirituality and Ayurveda all the three go together .YOUR FRIEND'S case could be falling in that category. ALL ENGINEERS ARE NOT VISHWESWARAYYAS , ALL PRINCES ARE NOT GAUTHAMA THE BUDDHAS , ALL BEAUTY QUEENS ARE NOT AISHWARYA RAIS .Every thing goes according to a predetermined pattern . TRY HOWEVER We might , we can't find a cure in some cases .Just as individual karma works in individual cases , some times collective karma works / afflicts a group collectively ....Karma the theory of cause and effect is altogether a different subject and I don't want to hide behind that in my failure cases.We have to do our best in our duty and the rest has to be left to the supreme power .

  • The practice of Homeopathy is unscientific ..was there any study on XX number of people in so many years to prove scientifically if any of its provided solutions proved to be successful?? None..It is just a feel good never cured any maladies or diseases....based upon some simple acceptance or your limited experience can not call it offers a fool proof treatment of any disease? Be real..

  • Instead of having a negative approach towards alternative medicine , scholars like you can do something for the use of other systems of medicine . Otherwise the monopoly of modern medicine goes unabated and play havoc with millions of lives . For every 100 hundred cases one failure is faced in that system . Why don't intellectuals like you admit that . Just as opposition parties keep the govt under constant scrutiny and criticism , unless an alternative system works against the main stream of modern Medicine , things do not improve on the health front. No one is denying the efficacy of modern medicines when it comes to the medical role it is playing in case of accidents , life saving surgeries , infections ,diseases due to microbes , bacteria , viruses etc . In stead of criticising one can do whatever he or she can do for the promotion of alternative systems of medicine like Ayurveda ,homeopathy , unani , siddha , Acupuncture , etc all which have got their own merits .

  • No one has negative approach, no need to carry away with all that emotional bent. All we are saying if you have any data to prove your point, any study that proves that so many people have taken certain Homeopathic drug and after monitoring it proved that it works, we will accept it and maybe add in our regimen of medicines. Just like other medicines,we take, we like to validate to see if there are any studies to prove it and also note the side affects. If there is such data to prove your point , I may embrace any Homeopathic medicine as well. There is nothing except your personal experience, that can not be accepted as proven solution. It is simple as that, if there is nothing that proven backed with data, we can move on with you personal view without accepting or not accepting it. Thanks.

  • Cool down bhaswathy maiyya....

    are you Indian????

    If Indian we have inherent quality to tolerate all sort of various philosophies...

    I always say... This is 'Kumbh Mela'....koi ek pav pe khada hai...koi pav upar kar ke jaap kar raha hai.....

    All wants to get salvation.....everyone thinks his way is only right path to reach to God...

    But you preach your way ..and he will preach his way.... why clash???

  • YES . He can preach by all means , but there is no business to call the diet of ours ---''idiotic , stupid , nonsensical '' and when I tried to explain a point to call that as opinion.

  • I always let the data in public domain do all the talking. In the public domain, all I know is homeopathy has been failing RCT since 1835.

    I back my opinion with data, for whatever I say and whatever words I use. I don't use words like fanatic, terrorist which many have used and some have tried to justify that "fanatic" is not a bad word.

  • bhaswathy plz cool down....he is passionate about LCHF.... he is promoter of LCHF in this forum...

    And there are many members got benefit of his diet...I am also one among them....

    You also preach ur diet...he also got right to preach his diet....

    why fight??? we all are friends.... together here for same cause.... 'Moksha'.... come...cheer up :)

  • I AM AGAIN TELLING , IF THERE IS ANY OBJECTIONABLE thing in my arguments please all of you go ahead and report to the moderators .

  • come on bhaswathy why some one should report you???

    you just cool down....don't be passionate.....

    and best part....if you are getting benefited with what you are doing....why bother for others???

    Its your life...your health....

    There are many ppl around us....they enjoy food....never care and bother about sugar level....enjoy life....

    Marna toh hai hi ek din....

    bas enjoy life.....

  • @cure ,

    TO day at 7am I got a mail from Healthunlocked --' WELCOMING ME to the forum . I didn't delete my account and so the question of subscribing again does not arise .What is the need to welcome me to the forum , unless some move some where had had taken place .That's ok with me . If people want me to be thrown out , I don't mind , because I have made my point clear in no uncertain terms , that this metabolic disorder has to be rooted out by a well balanced , nutritious food , in right amount at right time , in right proportions along with right style of living and rest .LIKE IT IS POINTED OUT BY MANY , MEDICINES OF ANY pathy are secondary.But only alternative medicine has an answer for that.. That's the reason , west has taken up extensive research in ayurved , herbs ,yoga ,pranic healing ,pranayama and all . Like they say only when put in conch , water becomes theertham , unless it comes from the west it is not considered as science . I am ready to go away ,but not on my own .

  • bhaswathy It could be mistake of HU server.

    Just now I was looking at one quetion indiacratus asked to indiacratus again.....

    I guee there is someproblem with server.

  • ok.

  • You remind me my own words, @bhaswathy. Counting starts with 1. I keep telling "experts" who dismiss my cure experience as "anecdotal" that 1 is infinitely larger than 0. Occasionally I hum the 'Sound Of Music' song

    "When you sing you begin with do re mi ......."

    and I add "when you count you begin with one two three

    the first three numbers happen to be

    one two three, one two three ..."

  • shooter...I'm not dismissing your "cure " as anecdotal. I want to connect it to the science. nobody on this earth can claim that he/ she is "expert " on D.If we can show that lwmdr regenerated your beta cells the whole community would be benefited. Yes. Counting starts from 1 and that 1 for us is to confirm that our bcf is low and we have t2d. For that you should have reports of your fasting insulin and fbs levels when you were diagnosed D. Or any other reports that confirms that you were D from 2006- 2009. Please have no harsh feelings. We all want to get "cured "

  • jingale

    They only have OPINIONS of all sorts are presented against the Low Carb (hence high fat) which are at best scare mongering, despite the great evidence of the medical reports of huge number of diabetics against their opinions.

  • Anup sir, Better keep quiet and go on telling people about LCHF if 3 out of 10 comes for experiment is a good number. No argument please. Thanks

  • I only present my perspective against the misunderstanding/scaremongering that some try and propagate about FAT based on only OPINIONS and don't like to see the SCIENCE behind it. Else, most of the posts I don't even comment.

  • @anup I have all my Blood reports with me...prior to low fat and after High Fat...heavy consumption of Saturated fats....And reports says after heavy consumption of fats reports are better...

  • Some experts here will dis your report too just to defend an OPINION that have been ingrained over last 40 years. Your reports are not a "freak case" as some may like to call it, but a general tend :)

    Yes of course when you cut down carbs and up the saturated fat, it works great. There's a science to it which most people who oppose with just OPINIONS always mix up LIPOGENESIS with Dietary fat. Much the same mistake they make when they mix up serum cholesterol with dietary cholesterol.

    You know what's the best way to fight NAFLD? Cut the CARBS drastically and up the FAT (unavoidable). jan-ran at 70+ is a live example right here on this forum. Look at how her GGT dropped like a rock, so much so that even her docs are surprised.

  • It is always better to tell the truth with soberness and most effective way of communication.Thanks

  • Is Long Wheat gluten free? Which are all the gluten free grains that can be used? Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, Soy, lentils, samai (Indian equivalent of quinoa), horse tail gram etc. - Which of theses are gluten free & also low carb or with low glycemic index ? Has any one done some studies on this & throw some light?

  • Is Long Wheat gluten free?

    No. If there's visco-elasticity there has to be gluten.

  • @anup let MikePollard reply.....let us see what he says.... app thoda baju rahiye....

    most of time wo apke khande pe gun rakh ke goli marta hai...

    This topic is specially for him....And many more on its way.....

    ye ham log apas mein kyo fight karenge???

  • Hum toe fight nahin kartey hain. I just present my POV backed with data and let readers take their call. Isliye so called "truncated" diet itni popular huyee aur logon ka bhala hua :)

    kafee goliyan chali hain aur chalti hain mujhpar par main hoon ki goliyon ka asar hi nahin hota han mujh par. Goli to chhodo, galiyaan bhi khoob parosee hain kuchch logon nay par carb kam ki wajah say immune ho gaya hai in sab baton say. ketone say dimag thanda rheta hai, ROS is less too :)

  • so let him answer.....the site always quoted by him is advocating emmer wheat....what other evidence he requires??

  • I say eat anything and everything as long as CARBS in a day are not beyond the glycogen storage capacity of the liver. I stick to 100, keeping 20 grams as margin of safety. If 100 is also not tolerated go lower :)

    While on wheat, try Italian pasta made from hard durum wheat and eat same quantity as one chapati (from carb point of view) from khapli wheat. Blood sugar rise will be in the similar ballpark (slightly higher) provided other things are unchanged.

    My take on Khapli is the same as it was years ago. It's all about higher fiber content/hard to digest. Hard to digest so how much goes out from the other end un-assimilated?

    The name Khapli was given to this variety of T. dicoccum because the glume or the husk remains tightly adhered to the grain even after harvest and is only separated by pounding:

  • mere bhai @anup even there is difference in number of chromosomes ......

    why we traditionaly made 'sevaiyan' from this wheat???

    I can give you clue.... but not now....

  • Yes chromosomes explanation is given by Dr Davis.

  • yes.....basically he talks about D genome in normal wheat....which is culprit....

  • Cure

    are you saying that wheat genome can have effect on our D ?

  • Not meeeeee bhai suramo

    dietdoctor says so.....

  • suramo

    there is some link between celiac disease and diabetes.....

  • cure

    I don't think. Celiac disease is due to allergy for the wheat - gluten.

    D is a gene based disease.


    Celiac disease is an autoimmune digestive disorder that is caused by eating foods that contain gluten, a type of protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and possibly oats. When a person with celiac eats a food that contains gluten, an immune reaction occurs that results in damage to the villi of the small intestine. Villi are finger-like projections that protrude from the lining of the small intestine and help increase the surface area, allowing nutrients to be absorbed at a fairly fast rate. With celiac, these villi are damaged and flattened out, leading to malabsorption........

    ...... Twenty-five percent of new diagnoses occur in adults older than 60 years of age. And 6% of people with Type 1 diabetes have celiac. In people with Type 2 diabetes, about 1 in 250 have celiac.

    Individuals can be genetically predisposed to type 2 diabetes, but these genes do not increase the risk of celiac disease. If an individual with celiac disease has type 2 diabetes, it is for the same reason as anyone in the general population. Diabetes experts think type 2 diabetes is associated with a Western lifestyle. Studies of ethnic groups (African Americans, Mexican Americans and Pima Indians) genetically predisposed to type 2 diabetes living in the United States have shown a higher rate of this disease than their counterparts living in non-Westernized areas. Besides genetic predisposition, being sedentary and/or obese increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • cure

    Firstly autoimmune ki definition padho. Autoimmunity means our body's defence system find our own tissues our enemy and attack them. So autoimmunity is developing an immune reaction to our own antigen. This is because of some defect somewhere in the immune system.

    Gluten is not a part of our body. So celiac disease is not an autoimmune disease.

    Sometimes a viral or bacterial infection or any other substance has an antigen that is similar to our own antigen. There are many antigens on the body of viruses and bacteria. One of them might be same as ours. Now antibodies developed against them also misrecognise our own antigen as enemy and attack and destroy them. This way beta cells can get destroyed.

    T2d has nothing to with immunity. No antibodies against beta cells have yet been found in those having t2d. 2 diseases may coexist.

    For a disease to develop there are 2 factors

    1) Predisposing factors

    2)Precipitating factors.

    So a genetically predisposed person when adopts a metropol life style precipitates disease. But otherwise also he/ she can develop t2d because a script has already been written in the genes.

    I think autoimmune for celiac is a misnomer. What they are saying is that when you eat gluten our body defence attack it and villi are destroyed. If you stop eating gluten the disease gets completely cured. So basically villi are innocent victims. If it were autoimmunity our defence system would be killing villi even when you are not eating gluten.

  • Cure

    i will have to find out why they are calling celiac autoimmune.

  • There is also a link between diabetes and leucoderma .

  • In both the cases , the affected parts are liver , spleen and pancreas .The dietary recommendations are almost the same with minor differences .

  • Cure

    anybody can recommend anything. Freedom of speech but whatever is available on net is just opinions. Nothing else. I read many articles and find far away from truth.

    I think lastly you sent a link "curediabetes " It was far away from the truth. The people want to show their superiority by interpreting the facts in a weird way. In that article he looked at the issues from the wrong end.

    Last sunday i had interaction with a dietitian attached with a very big multispeciality hosp in ahmedabad. In her lecture she said " saturated fats used in bakery products turn bad and it's responsible for obesity and D" . I told her madam saturated fats never go rancid even if boiled a few times. Bakery products are bad not because of fats - although nobody uses pure ghee or coconut oil - but because of refined flour and sugar in it.

    Asked by the audience which oil is good she said avoid saturated oil like ghee etc. All other oils are same and you should change your oil every week or every month. Now if all oils are the same or similar why should one change the oil frequently ?

    There are two problems.

    1) some people have a tendency to distort the facts to prove that they are super intelligent.

    2) they don't want to come o/o the tradition because they have not updated their knowledge and fear questions.

  • ok suramo bhai...chalo...thenwhat do u suggest???

    LCHF toh ho gaya....what next??? uske bad kya kare????

    Sugar aa gaya control mein....ab age???

  • agay sugar controlled rakho, lc ka message spread karo aur life enjoy karo as a diabetic with least complications and as a diabetic with non diabetic numbers on least or zero drugs. challenge these Adani, Saffola, Sunflower dietitians with medical reports. quiz doctors about inflammation markers and the number of inflammation markers, their values and its impact on health and how elevated insulin, high carb impacts these markers. I am sure 90% of them won't even know about all the inflammation markers.

  • @Cure

    to phir ho gaya na. Continue with the same diet plan and keep on checking periodically that you have not lost control. Don't forget that your bcf can deteriorate further or your ir can increase. In that case you have to reschedule your diet strategies.

  • ha ha ha

  • Shubh Shubh bol suramo bhai

  • cure

    Ye aap ka shubh karna ab aap k hath mein hai

  • @cure, you initiated a very interesting discussion. May I take this opportunity to wish you ALL THE BEST.

  • अरे ओ ब्रह्मग्यानी... कहा है रे तू???

    ब्रह्मलीन तो नही हुवा???

    feel like singing song....

    हे आओ ना गले लगाओ ना....

    सिने में देखो... हलचल मची है...

  • hmmm...he is good boy....generally he reacts very quick when it is subject of Ayurveda....

    But Guess now he completing his home work :d

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