Iam 29 years old and professionally a Assistant Professor.I was getting weak but better strength from one year. Four days back met with doctor, made hbaic test n came to know scale is 11. Is it dangerous ? And glucose level is 294. i have no symptoms of above.ask to use tablets like metmorfin. Started.

Just now I seen that engineer sir guiding not to take carbs more.I am staying in south India.doc asked me take two Rotis at morn, noon,dinner.fruits also.is it will get cured

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  • Not just dangerous, very dangerous.

    Irrespective of what the doctor says, cut down carbs drastically and substitute with good fat. I was dx'd in Feb 2011 and fifth year without any drugs and yet my sugar levels are that of a non diabetic. I don't take drugs for anything (sugar/lipids/neuropathy) and despite eating LOTS of GOOD FAT all my parameters are great.

    Can check my last 4 A1C on my profile:


    I eat normally one or two roti (max) in full day -- LCHF Diet.

    Eating six rotees and fruits will only make things worse. If you follow that diet then by 45/50 years of age (maybe sooner) you will be forced to be on INSULIN forever, besides drugs for LIPIDS, Neuropthy etc.

    Diabetes can never be CURED. It can only be managed.

  • Your numbers are very high,you are young and well educated.Most important aspect of diabetes management is how well you gather knowledge about diabetes.You will be guided extensively by the medical professionals and well wishers but at the end of the day,your success will depend solely on your efforts.It is a tough job but with determination and constant efforts,it is possible to control diabetes and lead a fruitful life.You have done the right thing by entering this web site.There is a wealth of knowledge posted here and you can get all your doubts cleared by going through the earlier posts on this site.So,start gathering that knowledge and success is in your hands.

  • Take your traditional diet which your parents and grand parents used to eat. This will improve your immune systems. You got your immune system from your parents. All the doctor's treatments are temporary cure. Ultimately it is you own immune ystems that gives you permanent cure. So restrict to traditional food only. Yes, must do physical exercise every day. And also, eat more and more green and red vegetables as these green vegetables (chlorophyll) have chemical formula same as red blood cells This will create new blood and old bactereas will be kicked out of body. Doctor's profession is to make more and more customers. So, no doctor wants to reduce the number of their customer. So, doctor will never ever cure you. It will be your own immune system that will help you. If traditionally, your parents/grand parents used to each more sugar and carbohydrate, then don't worry, you continue.. But physical exercise is a must.

  • Start taking galvusmet 50/850 twice before breakfast and dinner. Take amaryl 2 mg twice daily. Eat less carbs. Take two boilrf eggs white dals and roti insteaf of rice. Eat papaya apple and peeled guava in limited quantity. Eat sardine fish . You call it chada in kerala. Eat plenty of greens veg. Drink plenty of water daily. Eat rae cucumber and tomato daily. But you make sure you have peeled guava but don't peel of cucumber.

    Walk for 45 minutes and light exercise and do pranayam like vajra asan. Manduk asan bhujang asan kapal bhati and anulom vilom etc. Before starting pranayam ask any yoga teacher nearby your locality. Regards Chhabinath Singh

    Navi Mumbai.

  • Dear sir why you advised to peel guava? Please reply.

  • Dear Dhanraj. Peel of the guava increases blood sugar but guava without skin does not spike blood glucose. It is advisable to take guava always peeled one. Take paneer doda phool about 7 to 8 flowers and soak over night in a cup or glass bowl and mash and filter and drink first thing in the morning. Take green tea withou milk and sugar three times daily. Take plain curd instead of milk twice daily.

  • Your doc has put u right drug for starters and drugs are secondary.Primarily see the dietician first.Check other parameters regularly.Eat LWDR as main staple food.

  • Why don't u take any Herbal Supplement which helps control your Blood Sugar levels in a great way . Try for herbs like Methi , Chirayata , Indrajau, Paneer ka Phool. These herbs will help u regulate your glucose level and make u even energetic.

    For further info contact me on my email id : avinash66331@gmail.com

  • You need to know about Diabetics and its consequences. Better go to a Government library and take one book on Diabetics in English and one book in your mother tongue and read plenty of times to understand the readings given in the lab report and become a DIABETALOGIST soon like me. you will be able to guide other Diabetic patients too.

    All the best.


  • Try to go on a vegetable diet before getting fully into medicines and its side effects

    at the same time keep monitoring the sugar level daily. May be you will come out of

    it well in time .............stop taking rice , chappathies etc for a few days and see how

    your sugar level drops. you will gain confidence day by day.

    immediately buy an instrument to check the blood glucose level.......in case there is a sudden drop keep some sugar in your hand


  • Dear sir, First thing is to purchase a Acuchek glucometer.Switch to LCHF diet.The ratio of carb:Protein:Fat is 20:20:60.Reestrict your total carb from all source to 100 grams.That will give approx 400 calorie.Kindly follow Mr Anup who is a master of LCHF diet.You can take Metformin now.But I feel that this will be not required after some time.Take care. Do not be panic.Wishing you speedy control of DM2.Karim

  • Hi makarim,

    I am just a good student of unbiased science :)

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