Dr G Wellness - Dr Gaurav Sharma - Diabetes Management - Are Products - Any Good?

Has anyone consulted Dr Sharma at Dr G Wellness and used any products like Diabetall or Diabetplus and doe sit work as Dr Sharma claims in his You Tube Videos?

I am Type 2 and controlling with Diet and Metformin and Sitagliptin.

I have just started the LCHF diet - and I am vegetarian




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  • Dear Ash ,

    I have used these medicines what they call is food supplement about 11/2 year ago . They are too expensive & does not benefit as claimed . If you follow LCHF diet & regular exercise it will help to control blood sugar level better . Diabetes is more of self control . Wish you all the best .

    Thanks & Regards ,


  • @renumal - Thanks for the feedback - I am on LCHF for now

  • I suggest choose good homeo or ayurvedic doctor in your nearby who can watch you regularly. Peoples advertising from delhi or other side can not be believed. we cant meet them in delhi. All TV shows are managed. I think so.

  • I agree to diwanarya., i found homeo drugs really work., condition being moderate carb intake . not much. they work, but slow. i used dibonil of sbl and i have high regard of that even now. coupled with allopathic the are too good. but ., somehow i want to follow lchf as it is less cumbersome.

  • I have taken Dibetplus from Dr. G Wellness for 6 months, but of no use. After taken the supplement my BS level has not gone down any single point. Though I follow the diet prescribed by the dietitian.

  • That dietitian recommended diet will never allow anything BUT DRUGS to work, because that diet is BROKEN. Whereas on LCHF diet, many diabetics don't even need any drugs. Lot many cases of diabetics reducing drugs drastically on LCHF diet here -- dlife.in/

  • @kripa Thanks for the feedback - I watched a lot of Dr Sharmas Videos on You Tube and guess what - Every caller on the "Live call In " was a happy satisfied customer! I am thinking its all set up and callers must have been pre selected . Sticking to LCHF!


  • I agree with you that LCHF diet is working. But the drugs of Dr. G Wellness is not working

  • That's great.

    Then please stick to LCHF diet since it is working. Why look for something else?

  • @ Meetu.. sharp shooter ... :)

  • @Meetu77 Really great comments. But when you have been trying to control BS for so long and on Meds with side effects one gets drawn in by these adverts from diabetes Doctors like Dr sharma.

    I watched a lot of Dr G wellness's videos on You Tube and every one had HAPPY CUSTOMERS CALLING IN - Like testimonials.- That's what made me wonder if there were people on this forum who might have tried his Diabetall and DiabetPlus. Having read yours and other LCHF diet gurus comments on this forum I am sticking with LCHF as i only started a week ago

    Yours comments are always valued


  • What is Lchf diet . Plz explain. What is it all about

  • Go thru my posts and replies by clicking my username.

  • What is Lchf diet .plz explain

  • Sir,

    Glad that you are moving towards LCHF and seeing the results.

    Get closer to LCHF and then stick to it.

    Carbs: 20% of total energy intake.

    Good fats: 60% min

    Proteins: Rest.

    After having counted Carbs/Fats/proteins for three to four weeks, you will not need to count them again as by then you will have a huge list of meals that work for you.

    You will surely enjoy good health on less drugs, no matter how much the so called experts RANT against LCHF. For everything else on LCHF, you have a good community to hold your hand -- dlife.in

  • @Meetu77 20% Carbs 60% fats and rest 20% - So on on a 2000 Cal/Day diet - 20% Carbs - so how many grams of Carbs do you allow per day.?

    I am new to this and I am trying to keep my Carbs to below 100gm per day initially and finding it hard as I vegetarian. I am struggling!

    Started eating Peanuts, Almonds etc and Milk and Cheese to make up for Fats and reduced Chapatis and cut out Rice for now

    Your comments will be appreciated

  • @VegB12,

    As an example, Please check this vegetarian breakfast:


    Along with 1 Cup black coffee with 1 TBSP VCO this breakfast can take you past 700+ kcal with just 20 grams carbs, leaving you with 80 for full day.

    There's another variation of same breakfast posted by a Vegan:


    Another variation for coffee if you don't like Black Coffee with VCO:


    Above links will require login as guest access is not allowed for meals section.

    As for CARBS/Proteins/Fat for a 2000 kcal diet:

    Carbs : 20% -- 400kcal == 100 grams carbs

    Good fat : 60% min 1200 kcal -- source of good fats here :http://www.forums.dlife.in/threads/source-of-good-fats-for-being-on-low-carb-high-fat-diet.63/

    Proteins : Rest

    On counting carbs/proteins/fats here:


    Get walnuts into your life also:


  • @mettu77

    Thanks for links and as always great input


  • Congratulations to everybody who follow LCHF. Jai ho. It is by far the single panacea for blood glucose,lipid,CVD,CHD and other ailments.Keep motivated .Thanks.

  • Professor Richard D. Feinman, has published how LCHF diet is a great stuff in Nutrition journal:


    Some guys who think we are from "road side dot com" will not know for sure who Feinman is, because they consider themselves bigger than Dr Bernstein too.

    For their information :


    "road side dot coms" are far more well read and depend on heir medical reports, so are difficult breed to debate with. We don't equate calculator to pancreas :)

    Yes LCHF works and LCHF is a SCIENCE which is NOT INFLUENCED by Pharma Money. :)

  • hello friends i was using thisLONG WHEAT since 45 days but now today i developed a v bad rash i with to the Dr he said its acute uticaria allergy i want to ask can it be due to this wheat or otherwise please throw some light on this issue. thanks ,also i want to continue using thisLONG WHEAT as it is helping me decrease my sugar levels

  • Forget about long wheat. It is stupid to think that it cures diabetes. No ayurvedic text mentions it.It is all blabbering from a confused person.

  • Arunkumar are you vegeterian? If yes then I want to know how you are maintaining LCHF? Good to listened your result of LCHF.

  • I have not had a proper response from Shruti at Dr G Wellness to my questions of the products and costs involved like shipping etc.

    I am working with LCHF Diet and thank you everyone who posted on the Link - The feedback from actual users has helped me a lot.

    It appears that Dr G Wellness and Dr Sharma are utilising You Tube for testimonial marketing and I got concerned when Shruti Bhargava - The Chief Nutritionist has not answered any questions about their products or total costs involved .


  • Great to hear that you are working with LCHF diet. The community at dlife.in/ is really helpful and great.

  • I was on Metformin for a few months and suffered with constant stomach ache so I look for natural remedies with no side effects. I have now been off Metformin for one year and to convince my Doctor I underwent two blood test six months apart and my diabetes is still under control. The natural remedy I choose is Karela and Fenugreek and of course i watch my diet - Karela is easily obtained in your grocery shop or you can grow it in your garden. try it and see if it work for.

  • fastingsuger 80and ppis110 or140 so ican reduce the alopathi medcine

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