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I was detected diabetes at the age of 69 on a random check. I consulted a Doctor who prescribed a Medicine i.e. Glyciphage. There was a detaction of shortage of B12, Vitamin D. So tablets were given. Within a week my fasting sugar dropped from 360 to 200 and within another week i.e. two weeks it became normal. I avoided taking too much sweet, continued with regular walk, did some yogic exercises, meditation, pranayam, etc. with diet control. Within 6 months, my sugar levels are continuing to be normal. I reduced Glyciphage tablet intake from twice daily to once first and consulted an Ayurvedic Doctor (Ramdev unit) who prescribed Madhunashni and Shilajit Rasayan (two tablets morning and evening) and for the past about two weeks I have left use of Glyciphage. My sugar level is normal. I take limited sweets too. I am going to consult my Ayurvedic Doctor to report this to him. This is for information and comments.

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You have not mentioned about your current BS levels.


My Current Sugar Level is Fasting 104 pl. as checked a day ago. And Sugar Level after Food detected 135.


You are able to manage your sugar levels successfully,but you should be cautious in future.Be careful with diet,adequate exercise and leading a stress free life style.Most importantly,you keep monitoring at home to assure yourself that the sugar level is stable.


"Anyways I am sure you must have done all this research. Important for you is to be careful of foods - avoid all sugars, carbohydrates and starches. Consume good fats - saturated fats - no vegetable oils like sunflower, safflower, canola etc."


Sunflower, Saffola, Canola and all those n-6 pufa loaded industrial vegetable oils are the real killers. Saturated Fat is best thing on a low carb diet. Diabetics cannot handle carbs so they should cut it down drastically and replace with good fats. They day a diabetic understand this, Diabetes becomes a BLESSING IN DISGUISE because then one really starts eating what is REALLY HEALTHY and not what ADA/AMA/AHA calls healthy. Their diet is the reason for the whopping rise in diabetes, obesity, cancer, cvd, chd.

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