I am 56 years old. Diabetic for almost 10 years. I am medium height and weighing 66 Kgs. Fasting 120 and post postprandial 105. I take Metadoze IPR(850 mg) twice a day. Exercise for almost 1.5 hours everyday. For Breakfast I have Papaya n Oats. Fasting sugar has come down from 130/140 levels. Post has come down from 170/210 to 105. Morning empty stomach I have been having 10grams of Methi and 10 grams of Kalonji soaked in water the previous day. I have been doing this since July and I have seen dramatic results. I want my fasting to come below 100. Is it possible? Pl guide.


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  • PPBS 105 consistently means you will need to reduce once dose.

    CUT down CARBS intake and eat more fat and you can reduce your medicines also :)

  • First week of Feb postprandial was 126. This month it has come down to 105. Are u also a diabetic?

  • Yes diabetic since Feb 2011. Started with 129/229 (FBS/PPBS). No prescription drugs till now.

  • Yes I am diabetic, Post Lunch Sugar level ranges from 300 to 450

  • Random Sugar is between 200 to 300

  • @SuryaHansa,

    Check out below :



  • Thanx Mr. Anuj.

  • Ithink you you feel hunger early morning so ur fastinf is bit high comparion to pp. I advise you shpuls eat some biscuits , fruits and milk before going to bed. then after one week you test ur sugar.

  • No Aggarwalji. I dont feel hungry at all in the morning . I eat something every 2-2.5hours. Last 4-5 months I m having a lot of pain in my lower back n my knees have been hurting me for d last 4-5 years. Bones degenerate for Diabetics,I know. Are u also a diabetic?

  • Yes I am dibetic for last 27 years.and depend on insuline. i used to eat every thing insmall quantity.my sugar level is under 200 after meal that is admissible for a dibetic..

  • Metformin all by itself cannot cause Hypo.

  • Thanx Mr.Sahni for your advice.

  • How do I get in touch with u?

  • I am a diabetic for the last 30 years .I am 69 years old and work 10 hours a day.I am an insulin dependent diabetic.by the grace of god and my control I have no diabetic complications till now.I have been advised to keep my sugar level between 120 and 170.with this level I walk 5 kms a day that to in a hilly place like Shimla.I dont complain of any fatigue but if I go to std less than 100 and 140 I feel tired .therefore to run an old machine you need more fuel.this is my experience.so at your age dont insist for less than 100 cos low suger at this age sometimes causes more problems.

  • Thank you Sirji for boosting my morale.

  • You are not sick-You are thirsty. This is a statement of Dr Batmangheldij, M.D.--student of Dr Alexander Flemming--who discovered penicilin.

    Pls read his book--Body's many cries for Water--order through Flipkart--it costs around Rs 700/- After you read the book--your outlook will change

  • The problem starts when there is no adequate intake of water- the body gets into drought management--cells get prioritised--- to the extent that pancreas is asked to secrete lesser insulin--insulin is needed for uptake of nutrients into the cells---along with nutrients water also passes into the cells---affecting extracellular water content---

    I cannot reproduce the contents of the suggested book---buy it ---read it ---if any doubts ---I can help you

  • Timely medication,meals spacing and exercises are whats keeping me alive for last15 years.however a lot of self discipline is necessary like no smoking and alcohol intakes limitations.avoidance of stressful actions is also important.

  • Ya correct

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