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Am Rakshith 29 year old suffering from type one diabetes I was diagnosed in 2009 ... My glucose level fluctuates throughout the day some times 200mg/DL in afternoon ,morning 100mg/DL,night130mg/DL and some time low in 12pm 60 mg /DL I use actrapid 8 units in morning & 8 units in afternoon an in night use mixtard 20 units depends on my activities.... So many years can I leave now onwards...

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What is your diet, LIPIDS, and drugs that you take?

Yo-Yo blood sugar control is a typical characteristic of diabetics on high carb low fat diet and drugs to cover the carbs. You will need to learn carb counting (not carb replacement), Insulin:Carb ratio and then dose insulin accordingly. Doing blind dosing will lead to what you are facing now.

If blood sugar can be controlled to same level as non diabetic you will live as long as a non diabetic.

Buy book by Dr Richard K Bernstein

He is type 1 since 12 IIRC, and aged 80+ now, and a role model for Type 1 diabetics across the world. His A1C < 5.0

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My diet plan early morning I wake up 5am I drink whey protein and I will go walk for 30min then 1 hr I play shuttle.. I take my breakfast at 8am. my daily breakfast ragi and soya mixed one roati ..I take actrapid 8 units half hr before breakfast . after I take one egg and milk at 10.30 ..my lunch will be around 1.30 again I take actrapid 8 unit my lunch ragi and soya mixed roati and half cup rice ...at 4.30 I take whey protein before gym after my work out I take whey protein at night before dinner I take mixtard 20 units my dinner will ragi and soya mixed one and rice at 10pm I take one glass milk and whey protein... Please suggest how to calculate carb ratio for penfill unit of insulin how to take


(1) Calculate grams of carbs going into each meal.

(2) I:C ratio will vary from one person to another. At best I:C ratio is 15 max.

(3) Factor in for exercise etc.

(4) take pre meal reading and dose insulin accordingly and not just blindly. For example:

(A) if you pre-meal number is 100 and your target post meal is 140

(B) if your pre-meal is 140 and target post meal is 140.

For same meal (ie carb load), insulin dose for the two cases will be different. Injecting same amount irrespective of carb load will give a yo-yo control, including dangerous hypos.

Remember, proteins will also spike and spike late.

I will again repeat, buy the book by Dr Richard Bernstein. You will learn a lot of good things about diabetes self management as a Type 1 diabetic. I don''t think he uses Pump even now, though I could be wrong on this.

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I am not a Type 1 diabetic,but as far as my knowledge goes,you have to keep on monitoring your sugar levels on a regular basis and continue with insulin shots.Regular medical consultation is a must.Please educate yourself about Type 1,because that will be of great help to you.


Please open above links.Should be helpful to you


I read that they are indeed expensive.


In India amrita organization developed insulin pumps it cost around 30 thousands... But not yet released due to foreign company not allowing to lunch...


It's all about PATENTS. Pumps should not cost more than Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 in any case, but they fleece a patient depending on how much the desperation is. This is the norm in drug and healthcare industry. More the helplessness, bigger is the price tag. Why would they ever allow pumps to be released for 30000 when their cost 3 lacs? they stand to lose 2,70,000 neat profit.


Just now I came across an article by way of a quiz on Type 1.Please see if it is interesting.



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