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Miracle of olive oil

I'm a diabetic patient and taking insulin @ 5 unit (novomix) but it was 30 units in the afternoon and 24 in the morning my sugar level was 325 & 165. I was took 2 tb sp of olive oil in the morning for a week (May 2017) after that my sugar level gradually come down though I was use insulin at 24/18. Now my sugar level comes to 75 in the morning and 106 after insulin dose 6/2.

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Very interesting.Hope others with similar success with olive oil share their experiences.

Mr.Banerjee,please share about details of your diet.


I have breakfast with three pieces of home made wheat bread with vegetables, small piece of fish and small qty of rice at lunch, in the evening puffed rice and three pieces of wheat bread with vegetables and fish. One cup of double tonned milk. In the evening I walk for one hour non stop. I can't walk in the morning for lower sugar level. Drink simple tea without sugar 3/4 times per day. One mosambi and one cucumber in between breakfast and lunch.


A cause-and-effect relationship has not been adequately established for consumption of olive oil and maintaining normal (fasting) blood concentrations of triglycerides, normal blood HDL-cholesterol concentrations, and normal blood glucose concentrations.




There is ample evidence that the Mediterranean diet, with plenty of olive oil, is healthier than a standard Western diet, or a low-fat diet.


Extra virgin olive oil reduces blood sugar and cholesterol more than other kinds of fats, according to new research. ... The findings were consistent with previous studies, which have linked extra virgin olive oil to higher levels of insulin, making it beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes.




I found that a bit confusing. Having any natural fat instead of carbohydrate is going to lower blood glucose, but fats tend to hardly raise insulin at all, which is also a good thing because hyperinsulinaemia is linked with insulin resistance.


I'm under treatment of Dr. K. Chaitanya Murthi, Diabetalogist of Dr. Mohan's diabetes center, Indiranagar, Bengaluru. And I am from North Bengal. Consult my doctor through WhatsApp regularly.


Mr. Banerjee,

Interesting and good to know your effort / observation.

Thanks for sharing this information.

My sincere wishes to get better.

May I know how you consumed olive oil.

Could U pls elaborate a little bit more.

Was it in (a) Empty stomach before breakfast or (b) olive oil was used in any other form along with other dishes.

Just trying to understand.

I am used to olive oil, as part of our every day preparation of dishes etc.

Trying to know if this should be consumed in once stretch (1 spoon / 2 independently) for effective results ?

Thanks to others, as usual Mr. Nair sir, your comments are highly valuable.

grateful to you.



Yes I used olive oil in empty stomach as well as with salad i.e. tomato, cucumber, onion and lime juice. As my night dose of insulin has been stopped I put off using olive oil

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My Hba1c in February was 8.1 and in September it was 5.4. as my sugar level falls at 63,56, 45 etc I stopped olive oil and insulin dose reduced to 4 units in the morning and night dose has been stopped.


In June 2017 I stopped olive oil on regular basis but still I often use in puffed rice or salad. Though I stopped my night dose of insulin this morning my sugar level comes to 47 on empty stomach.


Several times it happened to me particularly in the morning. If I have little food in the evening the sugar level falls in the morning.


I'm looking for your advise for controlling my B's. I'm always following your advise. Although my insulin injection stopped but I am concerned my B's level


Thats greattt


Which olive oil you buy?


Pls tell us the exact brand name of the extra virgin olive oil you consume. India has many brands but none are genuine


Mr. Banerjee what is your age now ? Where are you settled? Your bs statement made me curious. Would you lke to share your contact details for conversations ?


I'm suggesting you that you may visit Dr. Mohan's diabetes speciality clinic in Bengaluru/Chennai/Bhubaneswar/Lucknow for betterment


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