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T2 and other sickness like cold and cough

Dear Friends,

I wanted to know your experience about how are your readings when you have other day to day sicknesses like cold and cough. I took some antibiotics and cough syrup ( sugar free) and rest continue to follow my regular LCHF diet and meds. I found that my FBS AND PP readings are up by atleast 30 points.

any suggestios...

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In Ayurveda "Sitopaladi"(Sugar free)


Dear Friends, I have found, through study & experience, Diabetes - once handled through Allopathy, it can never be controlled successfully. Yes, it takes the patient systematically to death. Now, people in US & UK etc also, have successfully been able to control diabetes through Ayurvedic medicines & Indian home remedies. Within 2 months my FBS from 330 & PPBS 400 has come down to 90 to 113 through Ramdev's medicines - now I am slowly reducing the dosage of medicines. Just two things - no tensions & worries and 1/2 an hr brisk walk in morning & evening.


Sugar does shoot up during sickness, cold etc in many cases.

It will revert to normal levels once they go off.


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