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Dear friends I need yr valuable suggestions my post lunch 2hour sugar is always v high it is 230 to 270 then after lunch my sugar goes low sometimes 98 110 130 then I have to eat some if not I land up in hypo ,my Drs dost tell a thing it's so frustrating my fasting is also good 85 99 ,I am taking long wheat flour chapatis in bfast and dinner,my medicines is dianorm m plus 250 glycomet in morning and 250 mg glycomet at dinner I am using long wheat flour since February please tell me what to do to reduce post lunch sugars, and after lunch lows thanks

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  • Can you explain a bit more clearly . You say post lunch blood sugar is high. Then you say after lunch blood sugar is low . I am at a fix to understand. Please write clearly what you want to say.

  • Thanks for replying my post lunch is v high after 2hourof bfast ,then I have my lunch at 2..15 here after 2hrs of my lunch it goes low ,low in the sense not hypo not below 70 but it touches 85 109 96 then I eat a few almonds or a piece of chocolate till diner time it remains 140 ,or sometimes 128 ,so only pops is not coming down I tried eggs moong chillas still it high I take 2 chapatis of long wheat flour with veg curry a cup of tea,

  • My fasting is 85 '99'106 my ht is 5ft4 and my wt is 58 kgs I have gone through every article of sir George ,then only I decided to start this wheat sir George knows that I am using it in flour form this wheat has reduced all my sugar levels except pps .that is my only problem at the moment.

  • Thanks indiacratus ok I will try the crushed version of long wheat ,let's hope for the best ,but no other method to bring down this rigid pps down

  • i a taking dianorm m along with glycomet250 mg dianorm is gliclazide

  • Increase the dose. No other way out. Finally you will need insulin at some stage of life, when all these oral drugs stop failing, which it will.

  • thanks for clarifying. It is obvious that blood sugar spikes after breakfast,and at other times it remains within normal range. It is not uncommon to find such situation. i have known many diabetics with the same problem. Can you please let us know what you eat and drink since you wake up in morning including your breakfast with timing of each.

    After obtaining the req.information, we will discuss future course of action.

  • thanks patliputra i get up late at 9 in the morning and go to bed by 12 in bfast i take 2 chapati of long wheat flour with any veggi and a cup of tes with milk after 2 hrs i take green tea , lunch i take at 2.15 brown rice dal chicken one veg curry dinner at 9 same 2 roti with fish and veg curry at tea time i take walnuts and almonds go for 40 mts regular walks .bfast i finish by 9.30 also i take veg juice before lunch.

  • So your fasting or pre breakfast blood sugar is the same. I am suggesting ( if I may ) two things .

    1. Please take following bs readings, fasting,an hour ,two hours and three hours after your bf.

    2. Please make a little modification in your bf. Please reduce chapaty to one,add some protein, eg egg or home made dahi ( yoghurt ) and for tea make it black or green tea.

    After 2-3 days repeat the bs test again as mentioned above.

  • I read so much about Lich diet but my dr advised against it Ihe said too much fat in the long run can harm ,as I have a strong family history of heart problems ,there fore I cannot start it thanks for yr advise

  • Ok that's a choice that you have to take a call on.

  • Yes I am pretty much aware of all the low gi food and I consume only that ,oil I avoid I use only extre Virgin olive oils in my veg curry no starchy Vegs only organic brow rice for lunch ,still why my pps is high ,fastings and random all normal,thanks for replying

  • Try Fenufibre.www.fenufibre, regularly.

  • Hi Shadan ,

    Please tell what is your HbA1c value? That may probably explain why your PPBS is high. PPBS is directly connected with the Pancreas, but in case of FBS Liver comes in the loop. This is my limited understanding.

    So if your Pancreas-Betacell efficiency is low & HbA1c is high, PPBS will be almost certainly be high. But if your medicine dose is adjusted considering the PPBS value, it may push down the BS in longer duration (say after 3-4-5 hours) to near or below the permissible level of 70 mg%.

    When a diabetic person is asked to tell about diet, he/she must disclose all details (including time & quantity) about what ever is going in through the mouth in a usual day.

  • Hi Sir George my HBAIC was 8 in March. Now my pps has come down to 145 171 182 ,as I have completely stopped carbs in breakfast and replaced it with vegetable stew 2tbs of Oates added to it lunch as usual rice curry .in dinner I take long wheat roti from 16 February I started this long wheat.i have one more problem 2 to 3 hours after lunch my sugar drops to 98 108 114 then I am forced to eat something is something wrong with my pancreas. Same thing happens in the middle of night at 2.30 or 3:0 sugar goes down to 133 136 etc I take 250 mg metformin. In Dr said I suffer from brittle diabetes,sir I need yr valuable advice and suggestion thanks

  • What a joke sir how can it shatter like glas a good sense of humour

  • Please google for brittle diabetes., and it is not a joke.

  • Thanks sridhar1 i know how hard i am trying to control it long wheat has helped me to some extend

  • Hi Shadan,

    Sorry for that remark of mine. LW will not produce overnight result like Insulin injection or tablets. LW takes time but produces SUSTAINABLE result. Slow & steady wins the race. So continue & keep reporting.

  • Hi sir george please dont say sorry at all i did not feel bad at all sir since a few days i am feeling v low in energy also lethargic and getting v tired what could be the reason plz reply

  • You made me read your previous questions again. Immediately what came to my mind is a proverb: "too many cooks spoil the broth".

    Now I am repeating an answer in the form of counter question given to somebody else. You know that coffee is a good drink; tea also. If you make a drink with half a measure of coffee powder & half a measure of tea powder, how tasty will that drink be?

    You know why I ask this? You are combining different therapies ILLOGICALLY. Your Dr. might have prescribed Metformin 250mg expexting you to take normal quantity of food. You have chosen to follow low carbohydrate diet & "have completely stopped carbs in breakfast and replaced it with vegetable stew 2tbs of Oates added to it". This could be the reason for the BS dropping to low values.

    With regard to LWMDR all my writings clearly state that it has to be taken twice daily with a gap of approximately 12 hours at the specified dosage. You have decided with your wisdom to take it only once a day. :-) . Now please see the following situation & tell me what will happen. My house is 1000 KM away from your house. I wish to meet you at your house for my use. You tell me the route & tells that the road is such that only 200 km can be covered in a day so that I will have to travel 5 days to reach you. I travel five days but only at the rate of 100 km per day. In 5 days will I reach you? Suppose I travel 190 km per day. Will I reach you in 5 days? Suppose I travel 199 km per day. Will I reach you in 5 days? If you have difficulty in following my suggestions, either seek my opinion in advance or discontinue LWMDR. For God's sake don't ..... ...... .

  • Hi sir george thanks for yr explanation but i cannot discontinue lwmdr in fact i want to thank you because within in four months of its use my hbaic has come down from 8mg to 6.1 can u believe it also my lipids were normal ldh 75 hdl 38 total cholestrol 145and triglycrides167 i am so glad after many yrs i got these numbers its all thanks to u next no w i am taking lw twice daily regularly but in roti form bye

  • Hi I buy the wheat and make flour out of it ,and I take 60 grams of flour in the morning and 60 gms for dinner that comes to two Rotis in bfast and 2 roti in dinner .with veg and chicken curry.bye

  • Also I find 2roti insufficient in dinner can I take a tablespoon of rice also along with roti, if not I feel hungry bye

  • Hi thanks but sometimes i do indulge in biryani for dinners as i have to attend lots of cousins parties Once or twice

    A month if i consume rice is it ok or should i competely stop rice in dinner also since i am eating full 60 gms of roti my pps is high 200 195 so do u think my medicines should increase i am taking dianorm m tablet along with volix0.2mg in the morning bye

  • How do you know that 60 gms of LW roti is what push your ppBs high to 200 195 etc? How long are you on LWMDR?

  • 🗿Hi when itake 30 gms roti my sugar is 145and wheni take 60 gms sugar increases i am taking long wheat roties since 15 feb 2015

  • Hi Shadan,

    Could you please tell me your whole day diet plan ?


  • Hi sandeep i am following long wheat atta roti in bfast and dinner along with veg and chicken curries and in lunch i take brown rice veg curries no milk no curds no sweets but i take a few walnuts abd almonds bye

  • Thanks for your reply

  • Oats is also carbs. one just cannot be carbs free unless eating only chicken, mutton and eggs.

  • Hi Shadan,

    I had the same problem. Two hours after lunch, my blood sugar would spike to 140/160. My lunch was vegetables and two roti's. I didnt take high sugar vegetables like carrot/beetroot/potatoes or fruits like mango/watermelon. My Fasting sugar was normal at 93. I had this problem because my mother has a similar problem. I think it is hereditary.

    But I kept taking George Sir's LWDMR diet and my sugar stabilized. You must soak the wheat in water for 8 hours, grind in mixie and cook with enough water to make a kanji and have with any vegetables or dal for breakfast and dinner. Have two chapatis for lunch with vegetables. No sugar or fruits. You will see results in three to four months if you are a new diabetic or it may take longer if you had diabetes for a longer duration.

    I also take Nisa Amalaki and Triphala Guggulu one tablet each twice a day with warm water, one hour after meals.

    Nisa Amalakki is an antioxidant and Triphala Guggulu makes sure your motions are regular. It was prescribed by a Ayurvedic Doctor.

  • Hi dialife I am diabetic since 20 years may be that is the reason my pps is high. I am using long wheat Roti not dalia since February 2015 I don't take fruits nor starchy veggies


    Diabetic history will have no relation with high PPBS.

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