I am 76 yrs. male. My FS on 1touch ultra is today is 123mg/do yesterday it was 105. Range is 110-147. So I am in normal range that means I am not diabetics? My doctor gave me Metformin 500mg twice a day but I was getting diarrhea,nausea, stomach pain so I stopped. I am doing trade mill for 30 mins. every day. No sugar. Tea without sugar , brown rice instead of white rice, fruits( strawberry,Apple, blueberries etc.). My wt. is 183 lbs. and ht.is 5'-10". Please tell me what else I should do.


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  • What about pp bs and HbA1c. .? Your BP ? You forgot to write anything about speed and inclination on tread meal. The least you can do is to provide all the relevant information.

  • My before meal sugar was 123 ( fasting) I do not eat brakefast so I took fasting as before meal 2 hrs after meal came 95 mg/dl. BP came 131/73 pulse 65. My A1c was 6.6 my tread meal speed 3.5 and inclination 0(zero). i do not want take any pills. I do tread meal everyday 30 mins. in the morning. Lunch at 11AM ..fruits and salad . In the evening dinner Bhakhri, little "Shakh" no potato and stated small portion of brown rice. as mention by indiacratus I am trying to reduced wt.


    Jay mehta

  • Thanks for information. You are doing fine. Just reduce your wt. as suggested by Indiacratus . You are perfectly fine.

  • nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educat...

    dear sir,

    read link.

    reduce your weight to less than or near 160 pounds.

    everything will be ok with you.

    metformin has this problem only for a week or two.that is because of an effect called alpha glucosidase inhibition.

    diarrhoea etc.afterwards stomach adjusts.

    reduced dose and slowly increased may work.

    most doctors do not warn about side effects.

    take balanced and calorie limited food only.

    otherwise go for insulin.

    it is the best friend of diabetics.there is a superstetion that insulin and injections are something of an extreme measure.

    nothing like that.there is no scientific evidence against insulin

    kindly give data as required by patliputra above .

    he has given good advices to many in the past.

    good luck.

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