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I am 76 yrs. male. My FS on 1touch ultra is today is 123mg/do yesterday it was 105. Range is 110-147. So I am in normal range that means I am not diabetics? My doctor gave me Metformin 500mg twice a day but I was getting diarrhea,nausea, stomach pain so I stopped. I am doing trade mill for 30 mins. every day. No sugar. Tea without sugar , brown rice instead of white rice, fruits( strawberry,Apple, blueberries etc.). My wt. is 183 lbs. and ht.is 5'-10". Please tell me what else I should do.


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What about pp bs and HbA1c. .? Your BP ? You forgot to write anything about speed and inclination on tread meal. The least you can do is to provide all the relevant information.


My before meal sugar was 123 ( fasting) I do not eat brakefast so I took fasting as before meal 2 hrs after meal came 95 mg/dl. BP came 131/73 pulse 65. My A1c was 6.6 my tread meal speed 3.5 and inclination 0(zero). i do not want take any pills. I do tread meal everyday 30 mins. in the morning. Lunch at 11AM ..fruits and salad . In the evening dinner Bhakhri, little "Shakh" no potato and stated small portion of brown rice. as mention by indiacratus I am trying to reduced wt.


Jay mehta


Thanks for information. You are doing fine. Just reduce your wt. as suggested by Indiacratus . You are perfectly fine.


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