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Type 1 diabetic for 25 years-contact me for any diabetes related query. I'll be happy to help anyone from my experience with diabetes.

Hi all, my name is Najeeb and i've been a type 1 diabetic for the last 25 yrs, on insulin 4 times a day. I have lost 17 kgs recently only through diet, reversed neuropathy, increased insulin sensitivity by reducing insulin units from 72 a day to almost 37-39 units now. I can help any fellow diabetics with any issue they might be facing, under my capacity as a patient experience. I am trying to spread awareness about diabetes amongst people as well. I may not be able to provide suggestions for treatment, but certainly more minor details of hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, eye problems, pain, depression, mental strength, etc. for one to be aware of body signs.

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Very nice of you,Mr.Najeeb.Please participate on this forum.Your experience will be valuable ,particularly for Type 1 diabetics.Welcome.


Thanks Venkata...I surely look forward to assist ALL of our fella diabetics..


Great achievement as a Type 1.

39 units insulin means that you are covering for around 390 spike (total for the day) which is great as it means you have drastically controlled your Carbs intake, for dropping from 72 to 39.


Thanks Meetu. Indeed, going from 72 units to 38-39 required a lot of sweat, discipline, motivation, diet, sugar crests and troughs, balance, self-belief, determination and a head strong attitude to nail it. Am proud of this fact! And this is what I want to make people understand that, 'IT IS POSSIBLE'.

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As a Type 2, we ( as a group of Type 2 diabetics now) have been sweating hard since more than 2 years that DIET is the KEY and following LCHF diet many have benefited. Yes "IT IS POSSIBLE" but it needs the ability to think out of the box and many a times going against what the mainstream peddles.

Since most of us who practiced and preached LCHF as diabetics were insulted and abused here, the guy who started LCHF here more than 2 years back started a forum for LCHF as a means to manage diabetes on Less Drugs -- dlife.in/

Yes Type 1 is a different beast, so rules of the game get a bit different.


I don't follow any fad, I stick to basics, because in the quest to achieve big, we tend to neglect basics. Since I have not followed LCHF diet, I amy not be the right person to comment on same. However, I know what kinda diet I followed (my mother is a dietician) and its with changes in one's routine and portions you eat, you can manage diabetes nicely over a period of time. I agree, Type 1 and 2 are a different ball game. Nevertheless, managing Type 1 is more difficult than Type 2. And if Type 1 is managed, no wonder same concept can easily manage Type 2 as well is what my belief is.

However, people have to be aware and mentally strong.

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Would love to here more on:

(1) How many grams of Carb/Fat/Protein was being consumed when daily Insulin need was 72 units.

(2) -Ditto - for 39 units

How has been A1C for the above two.

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Meetu, it will take a while before I get down to you with these details as they are not on top of my head currently. HbA1c was 11 and 8/9 respectively. Not much difference due to various reasons.


No hurry Najeeb. Take your time.

8/9 is pretty high number for A1C.


Agree meetu. But as I mentioned I have my reasons for it. Next goal is to bring it down to 6/7 max. Being young and highly energetic is the source of all evil :-)


Get hold of bible for a Type 1 -- a book by Dr Richard Bernstein -- a Type 1 himself, a doctor and 80+ years now and maintains A1C of around 5 with HDL 100+ as an insulin injecting Type 1 since over 4-5 decades now.


Brilliant!! Thanks Meetu. Get it at Amazon? If I achieve this, guess I can make a difference in my own lil way :-)


Dear Najeeb please provide ur contact no if possible or mail-id. i had to consult u for my daughter having IDDM since 3 years. Thanks.


Hi SMore,

Sorry to hear about Gluten sensitivity so early. Can you tell me if its celiac or non-celiac disease? It's very important to understand this difference 1st before you put your child on any treatment or gluten-free diet.


Hello Palanivel. I am sorry but may be I found it difficult to comprehend what you trying to convey. My suggestion is start on INSULIN immediately. This is the ONLY way to bring your sugar in control, if it's uncontrolled. You need to know what kind of diabetes you have for sure. Please dont go on ads shown in tv. They are all marketing gimmics.




Go to a good Diabetologist and get your sugar checked in a proper way.

Start taking the medicne,what the doctor gives.

Control your diet as per the doctor.

Then you can always approach this forum with blood sugar readings for suggestions.

Act quickly to consult a good doctor.


You did not post your BS values and diet. What medicines and insulin dosage?


You are consuming higher carbs than you can tolerate. Even with three drug combination pill and insulin your BS levels are high.

To control BS first step is to start reducing carb intake. And to maintain your calorie intake, reduced carbs have to be replaced with protein and fat.

While doing any changes to your diet you have to be cautious as you are injecting insulin.



Visit above mentioned link and meals section there. You will get idea about how to start.


In spite of taking strict diet like raw and boiled vegetables,your BS values are not improving. May be some minor changes will see a great improvement.

I see you are taking coffee too many times.

Please change over to Tea without sugar instead of coffee as coffee impairs insulin sensitivity. Take only two to three times max. Take green tea and buttermilk,if you want to have something more.

Try for one or two weeks and see how the FBS and PPBS behaves.

For breakfast you may substitute with oats or whole wheat bread with some vegetables boiled, instead of rice.

You are supposed to split and take the food. So remember,your qty per time should not be more. Because it's so frequent,you can take very little qty. substitue with dry chappathies for three days for dinner.

All the best. You can reduce your sugar values.


Hi Suresh babu. I just read through various suggestions by various colleagues. Whilst I agree to what others have suggested, I would seriously suggest to reduce carbs, and check a neurologist. You may want to take 'Methylcobal' injection for pain in lower limbs. This is like a food for nerves. Acute pain in limbs may be a possible sign of neuropathy. Please get the sensitivity test done with a neurologist to see how much sensitivity is there in lower limbs. Get a massage done in ur calf muscle, legs DAILY with oil/ghee. Instant relief from pain. You may also want to start with 'Neurobion' which is again for nerve strength. Please check a 'PROPER' doctor.


Congratulations Mr Najeeb, Fight against is a fight with yourself. Key to success is Determination, and Self control with Timely medication (If required). As regards LCHF diet, if one can just stop eating Wheat & Rice and control it's urge, 75% of the battle is won. Good luck & God bless.


Thanks Birdie. I agree to you and the battle is more of MIND over MATTER. It's tough, but not impossible. I am not against LCHF because different people have different opinion, I never used to take rice, but once in a while is fine as you mentioned. I still go for wheat and I am fine with it. More of fibre is what I prefer. Once in a while having any of these is absolutely fine. The idea is not to cut oneself off completely but have moderate proportions. Thanks and best regards. God bless ya too.


Without telling the method with which you have reduced your insulin quantity,how others would prefer to raise questions related to diabetse..First inform other diabetics what all the ways you adapated to reduce the insulin quantity,then we will think about questioning you..


Here's a how to for switching to LCHF.


Covers almost everything that a diabetic, who wants to get hold of LCHF, would need.


Hi najeeb,

i am from bangalore age 66 yrs diabetic from 10 yrs under went bypass surgery to remove block my Reading are fbs 120 ppbs 97-100 BP 125/90 WT 73 HT 5' 10"


medformin 250 metasatin 25 1 in the morning

night ecosprin. medformin sr 500 1 each

ala 300 vit tab 1 per day

my problem I have numness at feet some time cramp

pl help me how to come out of this problem.



Hello, Myself shabbir having diabetes since 10 years BP being normal, now loosing weight since started Galvus met 50/1Mg for last 5 months can you help me with your diet plan



What is the insulin type to control BS better

My experience,type 1 BS shoot up fast upon meals up to 300 and control due to insulin,But H1Ac within 5.5 only

BS variation up to BS 300 acceptable /if not how to maintain within normal range

Pl give us aType of diet and insulin dosage



I need ur guidance on insulin. I am type 2 since 25 yrs from age 30.After OHA

shifted to rigorous insulin regimen ,4 times a day .Basal- Tresiba 12 u at 10 pm night and bolus 3 times 10-10-10 - nova rapid . Started LCHF since 30 days with

Mr Anup guidance.

Still continue to fight to keep nos.in limit. Last glycocylated Hb-7.8

Previously I was taking Lantus and Humalog

Tresiba relatively new ,and banned in U.S.

Kindly through the light on nature of treatment.

Also clarify how to test insulin resistance/sensitivity. C-peptide .

Importance of amilyn,lepase etc


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