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A1c improved, Hdl improved, LDL gone bad.


Dear all, after 6 months of Lahr my a1c improved from 11.2 to now 6.6 . HDL from 39 to 45 , but ldl from 132 to 153.

What is the reason for Ldl going bad?

Total cholesterol is 213.

I don't take any statin.

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What is triglyceride level?

Increase in LDL does not mean it has gome bad.

Test your apo B level.

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Triglyceride 136

Did not. Heck app b this time

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Without apo B it can not be determined whether LDL status has deteriorated or not. Apo B predicts the total no. of LDL particles (important aspect) and standard LDL CHO is only total mass of cholesterol within LDL. So while there is increase in total LDL CHO mass, the particle nos. may have reduced in your case or vice versa. But standard lipid test can't tell about this.

Similarly mere rise in HDL CHO mass does not mean that there is improvement.

The most imp. aspect of lipids is It's functional part. Which still can not be measured by any lab test. :( ( like free T3 level is important than TSH or total T4)


Please open the link below.Should be interesting to you.


Get TG down. TG 136 really means carbs need to cut down further, unless the tests were done while you were still losing weight. Also, your TG/HDL ration is around 3. Aim for less than 2.5 as fist step and that's only possible with lowering of TG or bumping up HDL. Easier is to reduce TG. TG/HDL of ~3 can also mean IR. Ideallu, diabetics on LCHF hit TG < 100 by and large.

As for LDL, mere increase in number doesn't mean it has gone bad. Size also matters. With HDL increasing, it could also mean LDL size is fluffy which is not harmful. A subfraction tests will reveal better details.

It will be pointless to refer to sites that talk against LCHF. Total cholesterol is a useless number because no slideshows will ever tell you that out of 100,000 cardiac deaths, more than 50% had normal LDL levels. This is how the mainstream media BLUFFS, by suppessing such studies. So LDL theory FAILED in 50% of cases and such a high rate of failure makes it IRELEVANT on the ground. But, LDL is a good number to sell STATINS.

Here's the relevant link:


I ignore all experts (and sites) that just present ADA viewpoint in different way. Cholesterol alone is a useless number. apoA1, apoB, Homocystein, hsCRP, lp(a) reveal far better details.

Also, A1C falling like a rock from 11+ to 6.6 will make ADA experts lose smile :)

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Thanks meetu,

My doctor is after me to start statin but I am resisting it and determined to control it through lchf.

From last one week reduced my Jed's as well. Half of what done before. Random readings are always below 120 but fobs is still problem. More often in the range of 130 to 140.

Even when I skip dinner fobs is high.

Some practical advice to control this will be helpful.

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Start taking 250mg Ashvagandha BID and see how it goes.

Don't expect immediate results, but review after a month of taking it.

The doctor who is stressing on STATINS, show him the above study. Take a cardiac marker tests from thyrocare or other lab and then sit with doctor again based on all the data and not just useless LDL and TC values.

Before prescribing STATINS doctors should be ordering all these tests along with LDL subfraction. But why would they, at 8 bucks a pill a day statin is a recurring money, while blood tests are once a year episode at the best.

Always question your doctor.

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Control your BS levels and it will help in improving your lipid profile.

What is Lahr ?

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I meant lchf

Please follow the advice of Mr CSCON. Thanks.

Can you please let me know what LCHF diet you use to follow (Morning to Night). My husband has high sugar too (Before fasting and after fasting above 220) and would like to know the quantity of diet as seems he is eating the proper food which is close to LCHF since a week and does exercise everyday for an hour by going gym as well as walking but it didnt show any improvement in numbers.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

We have to learn to live with what is available in the environments we live but conditioning ourselves that we maintain the carbs around 20% as the source of energy for the body- the rest we should expect mainly from items containing fat.

In my environment items like fresh fish, meat, coconut oil, ginger oil, buffalo milk, curd, gee, fresh vegetables and also rice, maize, wheat etc. are freely available. I choose from the range of items available and select my day’s menu keeping in mind the carbs are kept below the permitted level.

You should obviously know the composition of each item in the range. To know that gee or coconut oil is for LCHF and rice or wheat is against LCHF one need not be a professional. Since we are talking of food and not drugs the response time will be longer.

Thank You Anup for sharing it.

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