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pls give solution to improve vitamin d


Dear All

in my reports it shows deficency in VITAMIN D ..

as sunlight is natural source i m taking it & apart of this i was taking amway suppliment but its very costly..

kindly tell is there any other substitute to amway..or how to take it from natural source by eating perticular things..

kindly share ur valuable experience..

Anup ji i need ur attention..kindly help



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Oily fish is an excellent source and lists of food can be found by Googling.

I'm not surprised Amway supplement is expensive, but a year's supply of Healthy Origins 5000 iu D3 costs £13. I have been taking this for years and used to have to import it from the USA. I now get it from Ebay uk, but you will probably be able to get it your side:



Take 2 eggs a day

Just take some time and spend 15 mins in the sun every day.

Your Vit D will increase.

naqui in reply to Hidden

thanx a lot Sir

Mushrooms are a good source of Vit D3 for vegetarians. you may try.

karch in reply to Rakesh

mushroom : vit D2

Mr. Ahmed .....take arachitol Abbott ..liquid bottle...once a week 8 times...better consult a doctor....its a very effective solution


thanx Anup Ji

60000 IU is tablet name ?? one tablet a week & then one tablet a month ??

pls confirm Sir


Last month when I checked my D3 it was 18.7 and this month it is 34.2.

I took calcirol sachets with Home made Ghee.

D3 is fat soluble also to transport D3 it requires triglycerides.

Plz try taking D3 with home made ghee and you will be benefited.

anilrajpal in reply to cure


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