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Dramatic drop in A1C- so ecstatic!


Hi everyone, posting here after a long time but I just HAD to share my good news!(no, not pregnant!)

I've been diabetic since 1992 and despite a ton of the usual medications, my A1C was constantly rising. In '92 I started with 6.7 A1C which went up over the years to 7.8 despite meds and exercise.

On this forum I discovered for the first time the keto way of life alongside IF and OMAD, in2018. While I have not been too strict about the keto, I found I felt a whole lot better with one meal a day. I also reduced my medicines by 75% .

Today, I got my latest A1C results and it's dropped to 6.2 from 7.0 in April earlier this year. It's never,ever been so low! To be noted, this has been achieved in the height of the pandemic, with no opportunity to go out for any kind of exercise!

I'm just soooo happy

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Very well done! You now need to keep it under control.

what is your one meal a day?

On question "Do you for regular eye and foot check?"

It is imperative that you do your HbA1c, eye and foot check at least once a year.

What are your weight and height and waist?

Take are.

Thank you sandybrown! I'm pretty zapped too!

I check A1C every 4 months, eyes one in two years. My foot..I really don't know. What check of the foot do you recommend?

I'm 5 ft 7inches tall, waist is 32 inches. Weight, ahem, 75 kgs. But on the positive side, I was 93 kilos in 2014... really positive eh!

Oh, my one meal a day...it's cauliflower rice mostly with chicken/fish. I eat it around 4-6 pm.

Thank you, Excellent you are controlling with simple on meal a day. As you are not eating for 18 hours or more you are burning a lot of stored fat, very good. I tried to give up breakfast but get hungry therefore I will have after 9 AM. Lunch 1 PM.

What do you take in the morning and lunch time, liquid food?

You need a good balanced plate for your one meal.

I have three meals a day, oats for breakfast, simple lunch and a good meal before 6:30 PM. White basmati rice twice a week. Other five evening meals fresh home cooked simple meals with a lot of veg.

My weight came down from 86 to 78. I had to buy new cloths. Maintaining at 78. I just want to be healthy and enjoy one life.

I try and avoid sugary food, managing with out medication, only time will tell.

Foot check, you can Google. In UK, the diabetic nurse do ultra sound check and tuning folk check. Record the results, the same for eyes, general check and photo of the back of the eyes.

Take care,


👍👍👍Keep it up...

(1) How long can you continue with 1 meal a day ?

(2) In other words , whether your current life style is sustainable...???

(3) Also keep a check your Weight / BMI... You should remain alert if it declines too much.....

(4) Did you ever check your blood insulin level or C peptide....???

Please rule out that Insulin resistance !

IR remains dormant and could come back if your life style changes...

Thank you Admin.

As for whether my lifestyle is sustainable, I think so. One meal a day feels very comfortable. When I eat more the food lies like a rock in my stomach, a very uncomfortable feeling. I've been on OMAD for almost 2years, pretty used to it

Yes, IR is to be closely watched. Maybe the track of my A1C in the months ahead should give me an indication.

By C peptide do you mean CRP? The inflammation indicator? Yes, I had done that a year ago but don't remember the number.

Thanks again! The support in this group means so much.

namahaAdministrator in reply to gettingolder123

C peptide is different than CRP..

CRP is C- Reactive Protein is indicative of Body inflammation...

C peptide test would indicate your Beta Cell status of your pancreas which produce Insulin....very High insulin level could be reason to cause Insulin resistance !

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

Thanks, I will ask my doc next time I see him.

Such good news gettingolder123. Just goes to show that along our life journey we discover different things that work for us and it is cause to celebrate.

Absolutely! Wonder what other surprises are in store for me?

Amazing, congs and happy for you.

Thanks so much


I have been reading about OMAD diet. It talks about fasting for 23 hours and then a meal.

Do you consume any thing in the 23 hours window.?

Do you count carb or calories of your one meal?

My father and my grand mother were fit people. Because of farm life, I saw both of them eating a meal when we get back from school about 3 PM. we had food for evening about 8 PM but my father and grand mother did not eat.

We had breakfast from door to door sales lunch at school from shop near by.

May be both my father and grans mother had healthy life.


Take care.

Yes, OMAD is actually one meal in 24 hours. Depending on how long you take to eat, your fasting window could actually be 23 hrs 50 mins!

No, I don't count calories. In any case, a keto diet is so heavily laden with fats that counting calories would be pointless.

In between one can have black tea, coffee without sugar and also bone broth. I'm not very strict anyway, do get in a bit of fruit like papaya, water melon, guava, orange or apple once in a few days. But fruits like bananas, jack fruit, custard apples - basically high GI fruits I avoid.

Actually I think our problem is that we have been conditioned to eat 3 meals a day. We really don't need to eat so much.

There are many contradictory theories on eating like, should eat little evry 2 hours, one meal a day and diet keto , high carb, uncooked, no milk & milk product etc

Yes, there are as many theories as there are people-rather daunting really. But I guess one has to work out what works by trial and error - many many errors in my journey certainly. Finally keto and IF and OMAD worked for me is all I know. And for me it must be good as borne out by my cholesterol, triglyceride and A1C numbers.

Awesome gettingolder123, you have done a great job in reducing your HbA1c. Please work on maintaining the same for next year or so.

Thank you. I am certainly motivated towards that goal.

But how are your energy levels? I feel so tired even if I skip one meal and Doctors say nutrition gets affected if one reduces food!!

gettingolder123 in reply to Thri

Not really. My energy levels haven't changed or none that I noticed.

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