I'm very satisfied with the Giloy/Tinosphora pills that's the only form available in Canada. My sinus gone&fasting sugar 90mg/dl ,5 mmol/l

Does anyone know about any plant or herbal medicine for high blood pressure and cholestral. I know artichoke and flex seeds are good but didn't help much. Flex seed is good to raise HDL which is good but I'm looking for something which works to reduce LDL. Please help.

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  • Obviously, I took my laptop to my grave.lol. I noticed people using both methods on this site and assumed everyone knows. Made some changes to the question giving the conversion value. Thanks for bringing it up, like your sence of humour.

  • This is not sense of humour but sadistic comments

  • I know, people can rarely get a negative reaction from me. I've been tested without my knowledge and told the same many times. Life is too short.

  • I agree that life is short then I don't know why people making it difficult while one is alive

  • Mr.634shy how many req.fasting sugar. (Mg/dl) pl.tell me.

  • Updated the question with both values.

  • use barley to reduce LDL Cholestrol .

  • What's 5 bs of fasting?

  • Normal blood glucose level in humans is about 5.5 mM (5.5 mmol/L or 100 mg/dL, i.e. milligrams/deciliter). Mr. 634shy has measured his sugar level in mmol/L 5 is normal.

  • Here 5 X 18 = 90

  • Thanks, that's smart, I always had to look at the conversion table.

  • Can I know, what measurement is 18, please ?

  • have you tried cinnamon (dalchini) powder? just 1 to 2 grams controls your diabetes cholesterol and other heart diseases. just try for 40 days I am doing same for last 12 days and am feeling better.

  • I munch on cinnamon sticks but not regularly, I'll try it daily.

  • Tinospora Cordifolia stem extract is the thing you are looking for. Or continue with TC pill for some time more. The extract had lowered Colastrol for an old lady, I know, her doctor told her to stop Alopathic medication. She had high Sugar too. Fresh Tinospora Extract is Incomparable and Good for type 2, colestrol, and many other diseases. It is very common and found in small forest, and house hold backyard trees.

  • I would love to use the fresh version but this is all I could find here. Thanks for letting me know about the good results for cholestral with the consumption of this plant, I'll see in three months when I go for my next blood work.

  • What is the measurement you read fasting sugar in Canada ? Never heard of fasting sugar around 5. Can you please

    elaborate ?

  • Berma answered it in the above post,5X18 = 90. We learn something new everyday, I was used to follow the conversion chart.

  • Generally any ayurvedic medicine generates tremendous heat in my body and brings severe headache. Whether there is any reaction to Giloy Tinosphora pills usage? Pl clarify.

  • Mr.Nitins, Please read and do not comment with out knowing fully well.

  • dear 634shy, your BS level is fine and continue the same method you are now using and dont change.

    I am 73 yrs,my BS is 83 FBS,to 101, for the last 3+months from 200. all due to life cycle change and i am in USA

  • I am taking cinnamon and all my BS and cholesterol levels reached normal. I never dare to miss my cinnamon dose every day.

    I want to know after how many days of taking Giloy u achieved control over blood sugar.

  • I don't use giloy anymore, as my blood pressure was acting up but not sure why, so I discontinue giloy. It did start to show results within in a day. Now I'm using long wheat from past 2 months and keeping patience. Still taking medicine with no change, hoping to reduce if possible. I take one capsule of cinnamon. How much cinnamon you take and in what form. thanks

  • Did Giloy reduce blood sugars?

  • yes it did, actually for the couple of weeks I took it, I had reduced the metformin from 4 pills in a day to 3 pills. My blood pressure had never been high before and not sure if giloy did it or naturally both went up by 10 points. from 110/120 range went up to 130/140 and the resting from 60/70 range to 75/80. Having said that after stopping giloy it didn't come back to the way it was used to be. But somebody on this site who uses giloy with his patients mentioned that it can cause hypertension. I for sure benefited from giloy with my sinus issues. I have not gone for any check up like MRI which had shown in the past that I had mild sinus issues and that's what I felt for the couple of weeks I was on giloy had gone away and I'm still clear. Did It clear that for good, not sure and that was not the reason for MRI. My husband takes giloy once a week or as needed and he has found benefit as he had suffered from sinus as well. Sometimes when my two hr after meal sugar is too high, I take one pill of giloy as well but I'm afraid to prolong the use of anything, even the natural stuff. So, yes giloy had made a huge difference on my sugar levels.

  • Interesting. I think i will give it a go once more for an extended period and see how it works. Thanks.

  • I stopped cinnamon as BS pill and cinnamon combination is giving me swollen tongue. I am even finding it difficult to talk with swollen tongue. If i stop any one of them my tongue is ok.

    How is your long wheat experience?

    I am also thinking to try this. But i am afraid of gluten. I have gluten intolerance.

  • I'm waiting to see in May when I go for my blood work how it will be, but my morning sugar is always around 100 after the long wheat diet which is better than it was used to be higher. My 2 hrs after is still above 200 which I can't say what it was before because I never tested it closely like i do now. i'm still taking my medicine and i need to know from more people who are on this diet how it goes. thanks

  • Like it or not, you will have to switch to LCHF.

  • my diet is similar to LCHF as my carb intake is very close to 100gm as you had mentioned 100gm dry grain had approx 60gm of carb and that's what I eat 2 servings of 50gm of dry wheat and one chapatti and the rest is just veg/meat/nuts/tea/yougurt/glass of milk at night. I can't reduce further as I'm already under weight. Do you think I'm still eating more carb than I should? Thanks

  • Just start counting carbs. It will definitely be more than 100. To let you know, I don't take more than 50-60gms wheat+rice combined in any single day and i do not indulge in walking to cover carbs.

    Can drop milk altogether and replace with curd made from whole milk as whole milk has more fat.

  • let say that the size of wheat ball before you make chapatti is the size of a golf ball which I think makes up for the 50gm of carb, is that's all you eat in a day. Do you eat any fruits. I was using 2% milk due to my high LDL cholesterol, I can replace to 3.25% but we don't have access to whole milk in Canada. It does not come in the market, I looked everywhere and farmers are not allowed to sell directly. I was thinking to search and educate myself with dairy product fat and how it affects the LDL.Thanks

  • For me its weight more than the size. Obviously i cannot tell my wife to weigh each ball and then make chapati. However, statistically i have found the chapatis made by my wife to vary between 35 to 45 gms. So my lunch just has 1 such chapati, lots of dry veg, 1 cup raita, salad and small serving of daal. Ghee (clarified butter) used liberally on chapati and in daal.I eat slowly and enjoy meals.

    Dinner is just a TBSP of cooked rice for taste in a small serving of daal and lots of dry veg preparation.

    Breakfast is invariably 2 egg omelet 6 days a week and a cup of black coffee with coconut oil. Omelet loaded with cheese.

    Only meals that i take liberty on chapati is the meal where it is only chicken and nothing else.No salad, no curd nothing at all. Even there i prefer 1.5 chapati in a meal.

    Snacks is all NUTS and green tea with lemon.

    Yes i do cheat on diet and that's kept reserved for small serving of ice-cream which has highest fat percentage.

  • Believe me ... it is well tried and tested. Once you are on strict LCHF counting every bit of carb from everything, LIPIDS improve in the long run. Large fluffy LDL is harmless. LDL is a tool in the hand of doctors to scare you and put you on STATINS which is another DRUG that i hate. I have been eating what doctors tell me not to eat and yet my LDL dropped 20 points. Doctors stare at me when i tell them i take coconut oil in morning coffee.

    While on Milk .. do you know that milk consumption in America has been declining ever since this Low fat nonsense started making its way in everything? Consumption is down by 40% as compared to what it was in 1970's.

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