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How to control blood sugar level

I am 43 years old, my FBS 126 & my PPBS 172. I am having medicen for last 8 years but sugar level is not getting normal. Please suggest me what to do.

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This does not appear bad if maximum level is say up to 180. It would be nicer if you manage such scores without drugs. (More than twice I have put my diet details which has given me satisfactory outcome without medicine) efar52@gmail.com


I agree with norreal. I also advise you to monitor your hba1c values every three months


go for "immurich" its the best natural pathy for this



Check out below :



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Apart from exercise & suitable diet schedule I always advice to add some Ayurvedic herbs. They start working late but for sure. Since Diabetes is a progressive eta cell damage disorder, Ayurveda delays this damage.


Hi cscon,

Diet is the key for not this only but for most of the health problems.

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Hi cscon,

very true.


kindly consult with good physician and exercise.

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Avoid sweets and limit your fruit to minimum.Go for natural things helping to control sugar.For example 5 5 5gms ginger in paste form taken along with curd or butter milk is like taking insulin.Make use of local knowledge available. Food,exercise,medicine and peace of mind must yield results.

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try to use immurich by Dhanwantari its best for Diabetic....


If you can arrange insulin plant, eat two leaf half an hour before breakfast and dinner upto 15 days and one leaf up to 3 months at-least. you will find that you are non diabetic. It will cure definitely. It is experienced by me. I am taking for about two months. My FBS now 80 and PP 110. Try it please. You are free for dialogue with me on 9650070525 if feel necessary.


what is insulin plant?


Dear rshrikant786,

You saw my reply & link to my post but now BOTH ARE MISSING HERE :-)


Thank you sir for providing details of insulin plant.


Diabetes can be controlled by adopting followings

1. Take proper diet ,no sugar.rice, putoto etc

2.Do excercise at least walk 30 minutes daily

3. take medicins as prescribed your Doctor


You may start using Paneer Doda. This is available mostly with Pansaris Shop. But be careful for measuring sugar level at least on each three days as it works very fast. Soak 6-7 flowers in the night in 150 ml water and filter the water in the morning and take it in empty stomach. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 30-40 mins.


Dear bijoy das you take tab. Glycigon one Morning and one evening after food and glymaday 1 In the noon you will have normal blood sugar level and do not do any prevention you eat everythings if any proble call me at 09983427060 Or 09828936526 Or email aftab.abbas01@gmail.com


Dear meetu you take Tab. Gglycigon one Tab morning One evevenig and At noon one tab of tab.glimaday 1 After food you will controL sugar easily


... you will controL sugar easily ... for few months. Then ...


Taij Patta= 100gram, Bail Patta=250 gram, Methi Dana=100gm and Jaamun guthli=150gm. Inko alag alag dhoop mein sukha kar sabko koot kar mix kar lain. Take one spoon with warm water, one hour before breakfast and dinner up to 3 months.

If you can arrange insulin plant. Take two leaf half an hour before breakfast and dinner up to 15 days and one leaf up to 3 months. You feel find your blood sugar control even cure.

Gauri Shankar

9650070525. I am taking insulin leaf for about two months. My FBS below 100 and PP 110 to 120.


what is the local name of this insulin plant? Is it available at jari buti/ayurvedic store? If it is available in powder formpls inform me,where can i get ?


I have gone through internet and found indian name as jarul,keukand,bijasal.I have ordered insulin plant powder Rs.360 for 90 grams from shopcluescom yesterday for testing its efficacy.


Dear George sir,

After using insulin plant powder(Aditi herbals) my PP sugar level were 121 on 17.2.15 ,118 on 19.2.15 checked by Accusure gold glucometer.Today i decided to check my PP sugar level from a recognized pathology lab and i was shocked to see the result,It was again 120. My PP sugar level for the last 1 month was:-



26.1.15 93 197

2.2.15 - 258

3.2.15 - 200

4.2.15 - 200

8.2.15 - 143

13.2.15 - 327

14.2.15 - 152

15.2.15 Insulin powder started

17.2.15 113 121

19.2.15 87 118

21.2.15Lab test - 120

Current diet

Breakfast-- Tea withou sugar,50 grams roasted chana or peanut or 3-4 marie biscuits

Lunch- 50 grams boiled rice(ushna chawal,pale brown color)with dal or sambhar

Evening- 6 to 7 pm rava upma or dalia upma(broken wheat) or 3-4 roti+ vegetables

Butter milk at 9.30 PM

Currently i am taking metformin glimperide2mg+ vitamin tablets advised ny doctor. My HbA1c was 8.7 as on 29.9.14 and 7.0 on 4.2.15.

Sir i have gone through your article on long wheat and result are amazing.It is not available at my place Raipur,chhattisgarh. I am trying to get long wheat from maharashtra. I was diagnosed as diabetic in the month of september 2014 at the age of 51.


Hi @rshrikant786,

Even though there are a few Insulin plants in my backyard I have never used the same. What is heard is that fresh leaf plucked from plant is to be chewed. This indicates that dry powder may not work, if at all it works!

The objection a doctor raised against its use was that it may bring the blood sugar too much down & cause hypoglycemia.

I know about the effect of Long Wheat. Keep reporting progress; I may be able to guide you to cure.

Wish you a speedy recovery.


Thank you for your advise and reply.


The ACCORD study established that hyperinsulinaemia is more dangerous to mortality than hyperglycaemia.

Most people with type 2 diabetes already produce higher than normal levels of insulin; it is the body's cells that are insulin resistant that causes their blood glucose to rise. Putting more insulin into the system raises the risk to health therefore. The solution is to reduce carbohydrate intake.


Ok.Thank U for your advise.


Try eating methi


Please have a look at this post/experience also: healthunlocked.com/diabetes...


Keep your carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. Follow this link diabetes.org.uk/documents/c...

Eat low GI carbs, reducing intake of fructose too which glycosylates haemoglobin seven times as much as glucose. Follow this link glycemicindex.com/

Make up the balance of your meals with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein (palm-size or less) and fat foods such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, nuts, avocado, coconut, palm oil (not hydrogenated), olive oil, double cream and butter.


my brother improved his numbers. watch this movie about diabetes. it will help you I am sure. good luck and healthy living.


Follow this very basic food eating tips:

1. Eat only when ur hungry [don’t go eat lunch just bz its 1 pm...don’t eat time basis]

2. Chew 25 times [count literally each bite]

3. Don’t drink water before or during or after food for 1 hr minimum.

4. Stop when you get 1st Burp while eating. When you chew 25 time, you will get burp - its a signal that ur full.

5. Finish dinner on or before 7 pm

5. Then do walking daily 30 mins a day.


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Sir...another column i put detailed listing, as you liked, i have copied below too...one more missed is that when we chew we shouldnt open the mouth..kept closed like white people they never open mouth while chewing..the advantage is that if you dont open saliva nicely mix with food while chewing and goes inside ur body...god created everything with purpose....

1. Eat only when you are Hungry: Feeling hungry is the signal from Body to you that its ready with hydro chloride acid in stomach, you pls start eating now. But we typically eat by timings. For example, if we are working, Okay 1 pm, all friends/colleagues going for lunch, so I will also go like that. Don’t Do That!

2. Don’t Drink Water 1 hr. before & after and during the Eating time: Water dilutes the hydro chloride acid secreted in your stomach. That acid is for digest your food, but drinking water will dilute that.

3. Chew the Food 25 times: Any food you take, chew it for minimum 25 times [if more, that’s good]. The more we chew the less work for the stomach to digest. Many people drink water or soda after food because they feel thirsty. That thirsty comes because we swallow food just after 1 or 2 chew. If you chew 25 times and when it’s liquid inside your mouth itself and swallow, you never feel thirsty after eating food.

4. Finish Last meal of the day on or before 7 pm.

5. WHEN TO STOP: Many of us never knew when to stop the eating food. We always eat 100% full stomach which is very bad habit. One of the world’s oldest people Japanese Jiroemon Kimura said, never eat full stomach, and always eat only 80%. Okay now issue is when to stop. The best technic is BURP. Many of us [incl me] never get Burp when i finish food or during eating. Before I start doing the above steps, I never get any Burp. After i started follow these steps i get Burp every time I eat food. The moment you get Burp it’s a signal that you should stop eating. Like Hungry is a signal for start eating, Burp is a signal for stop eating.

6. And of cuz you need to do any kind of exercise for 30 mins a day, simple walking also enough.


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