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I tried to post this once, but could not find it anywhere.

Can anyone explain whether milk is good or bad for diabetics?


What does the above research indicate?

Eating salads with vinegar based salad dressings along with meals would definitely reduce blood glucose numbers.

I also read about coccum. ( kudampuli or gracinia cambogia) It's extract is sold abroad as a weight loss supplement and reduces blood glucose levels by impacting absorption.

Organic acids, says the research, has this impact.

Would drinking lemonade or coccum rasam help?

Is increased insulin response that is caused by milk good or bad for a diabetic with hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance?

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Dr. Jane Plant accuses dairy products of causing some types of cancer. Daily I take Butter, Cheese and Greek Yogurt.

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Lactic acid in Milk is called the milk sugar .Milk raises the blood sugar especially for people with lactic acid intolerance. In fermented products like cheese and yougurt , lactic acid no longer exists as milk sugar and therefore they do not raise the blood glucose when consumed as much as the un-fermented milk products


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