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green mung bean, urad dal, horse gram


need to cater for a special needs person, who wants to follow a low carb diet. please advise if pre-soaked green mung&horse gram and almonds when ground to make batter for idli/dosa, is low carb?

similarly, other lentils like urad, channa, tuar when pre soaked and ground to make batter for idli/dosa/ or even baked goods without any grains or added sugars/sweeteners, would it qualify as low carb?

thanks very much!

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the proof, is in the pudding, as they would say.

1C green mung

1C horse gram

1C almond

soak all the above for 3-4hrs, and grind to batter. did not put anything else into it, except salt just before making dosa. accompaniment: dosa-molagaapodi aka known as 'gun powder'-only lentils in there and no grains, mixed with gingelly oil.

result of dosa: great!

result on the person's 1hr post b'fast glucose reading:6.9

would you say this is a good reading..?


It in HbA1C of 6.9 ? Can you give your ppbg reading after 2 hrs in mg /dL ? Can you also give your 2 hr ppbg readings prior to gram dosa ( not garam dosa)


ram_latha, this reading is what the person does every day. HbA1C, from my limited understanding is a 3 month average of all daily readings, right...?please correct me if i'm wrong. sugar levels before any food&beverage intake was 5.6, and after eating 1 of the above dosas after 1 hr it was 6.9. a 2hr reading was not done..


yes cscon, please multiply 6.9 by 18. so 124.2 was what the accu-check machine showed. accu-check gives reading in the imperial system as opposed to metric system i believe...

another update:this person wanted to try an advise given by a well wisher, about triple boiling rice. normally we do the draining method of cooking rice, so in this method, you cook rice, drain off the water. then add more water, cook and drain. and the same one more time, info being, all the starch, the culprits of spiking sugar, would be drained off. we are hands on people who want to test out whether it works or not :D .so 1/4C rice triple cooked long grain white, with sambar and two veggies all non-starchy. and the the reading one hour later was 8.9 (160.20) and 2hrs later 7.1 (127.80). i believe all bodies are different and dynamic and subject so conditions which are not so tangibly understood. rice, whatever method, the person feels will be shelved for sometime till he achieves his target weight. also, it was pumpkin sambar, another sweet carb i guess..so that's off too..

this morning's bfast: venn ponggal-traditionally made with rice, yellow mung, milk, black pepper,cumin, ghee and curry leaves. this was adapted to: channa dal, almonds coarsely ground, and with yellow mung, roasted, and cooked in water, with added spices of black pepper, cumin, curry leaves and coconut butter (dessiccated coconut ground till it becomes butter) and (dessiccated coconut milled to flour) coconut flour. accompaniment is either sambar/chutney or gotsu, so we made onion gotsu, and instead of tamarind used lemon juice, and instead of thickening with rice flour, thickened with coconut cream&flour.

fasting levels were 5.6 (100.8) this morning. let's see the effects of faux-venn-ponggal&gotsu on the body :-)


7.66 (137.88) post bfast. this must be working then...do you reckon..?


One hour after breakfast, ninety minutes after and 2 hours after would give a more complete picture, Shobag. These values make sense when you compare outcomes for different alternatives. I speculate your A1C puts you in pre-diabetic (IGT) band.


norreal, thank you for the guidance. will pass on the suggestion to the person who's undergoing all these daily tests.

personally i feel that when the body's system are out of whack for some reason or the other, there will be side effects, after effects and if ignored, prolonged effects. when a label is given to anything, then fulfilling the criteria of the label becomes the focus. t-shirt before ralph loren logo has a certain value and after the brand name gets stitched on, has a different value :D :D. point being...:D....all labels of dis-eases, diabetes included, are like self-fulfilling prophesies :D :D :D the focus for this case is weight loss needed from a very heavy body, and better food management to enable the body regain its inherent good health. sugar, disguised in many forms get deposited in our system, which doesnt get used up, and neither does it get eliminated. so it stores it. anything that doesnt get used, including the 100th outfit that was purchased coz there was a sale :D, gets stored :D. does having a certain reading make a person belong to a particular dis-ease, social strata etc..? it's an interesting scenario to observe.

rambling :D...

anything that enables and empowers others to reverse dis-ease to ease deserve a good cheer, and all of you in the various forums are doing a great job sharing experiences and guiding and supporting each other. thank you for that!


Shobag, I like the way you philosophize..

I have gone through a lot reducing, without insulin or drugs; average blood glucose three times in the past nine and a half years. This time it took me six months to bring the average down by 160 from 286 to 126. I have put up my daily diet quota on this platform twice and emailed it to 200 members who asked for it. efar52@gmail.com


oh fabulous norreal!could you inbox your daily diet quota please..?thanks very much!


I think the formula is HBA1C* 1.583-2.52 *18.05 = mg/dl

HBA1C multiply by 1.583 and subtract by 2.52 coming value multiply by 18.05 it comes

mg/dl Thanks



[quote @shobhag]

about triple boiling rice.

info being, all the starch, the culprits of spiking sugar, would be drained off.


Is there a possibility of loss of other nutrients, apart from the starch, also ?


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moong round / channa round usali with some roasted onion mix with it maybe used for breakfast adding some butter and tomateo is also good . or all togar bengal moong dal mix and grinded and adding grinded onion coconut is also good for substitute onion+ tomateo mixed and cooked is good Thanks


recyan, i reckon there's a high possibility for a "throwing the baby with the bath water" situation happening-ie, yes loss of nutrients together with starch, for this triple boiling-straining method.

with single boiling&straining method, what we noticed is that, say 1C raw rice cooked this method, yields just above 2C cooked rice, fluffy and light, and time taken to cook 5-7 mins, depending on the variety of rice. the same in a pressure cooker, that same 1C raw rice doesnt come up to 2C, the rice and starch get compressed, leading to more consumption. this is ONLY a personal experience. there was a sudden body weight increase after eating rice cooked in a pressure cooker. so we reverted to the age old practice of draining method.

latest news:random sugar check after consuming faux venn ponggal 5.88 (105.84)

will report also on the weight loss.

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[quote @shobag,]there's a high possibility for a "throwing the baby with the bath water" [/quote]

Beautiful example.

And, Thanks for sharing your experience of the different methods of cooking rice & the observations.



post lunch 1hr reading after consuming left over faux venn ponggal, gotsu, long beans&zucchini stir fried, and stir fried shredded cabbage with coconut flour and coconut butter-6.77 (121.86).

with regards to weight loss, the person said ever since low carb meals and maintaining blood glucose levels, it's 2.5kg-3kg in less than a month...


it is confirmed that for now rice of any variety, spikes post 1hr readings to a range of 8.1-10.1 (145.8-181.8). after 2hrs it stabilises to a range of 6.5-7 (117-126). the quantity of rice consumed is 2 table spoon raw rice, cooked and strained, yielding to 4 table spoons. side dishes are all either steamed or stir fried with coconut butter and/or make with dal. portions are normally triple the quantity of rice.

the days when there are no grains, readings are in the range of 5.5-5.6 (99-100.8) you can almost hear the blood vessels screaming oh no!!!starch from grains again!!!!

the journey continues... :D

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after last night's rice episode, random sugar before sleep was 6.6 (118.8) and upon waking 5.3 (95.4)


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