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PPBS 129


Many of our members wonder about what kind of diet one has to follow to lower BS levels.Today,I recorded PPBS of 129,which is an unusual performance for me.I want to share details of my breakfast which resulted in this satisfactory number.

I had a cup of kashayam (concoction) made out of boiling curry leaves.

Three teaspoons of methi (fenugreek) sprouts.

One betel leaf.

7 pieces of almonds microwaved for 75 seconds.

Two pieces of dosa made out of whole green gram(moong)batter with coconut chutney.

You can observe that all items are low or nil GI. Taste wise,it is excellent.It is whole some,nutrition wise.

Those interested may consider similar style of breakfast.

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That is excellent!

Excellent! Is moong dal based dosa called Pesarattu?

ramana42Volunteer in reply to barani19

Yes,it is made without removing the skin without adding rice etc.

barani19 in reply to ramana42

OK. Sometimes, i eat "Adai" which is made of moong dal, tur dal, chana dal and rice. Approx 1/3rd is rice. Its very crispy. If i have two medium size ones, it fills my stomach and more importantly, it does not spike my BS much. 60 minute spike and PPBS is usually in and around 140s.

Please note that we use only cold-pressed/unadulterated oils.


👍how much was your fasting? And whether you did some exercise post breakfast ?

ramana42Volunteer in reply to namaha

I did not check fasting today,But,based on past readings recently,it would be around 115,approximately.No exercise in the mornings for me.

that is very encouraging. we can eat it atleast twice a week

Excellent recipe for breakfast with antioxidant and low carb.

Great, Keep Posting more Ideas

Please give the recipe for making moongi dosa, kashaya, coconut chutney😊

ramana42Volunteer in reply to melodie



No idea about kashaya,

sandybrown in reply to melodie


I would be interested in your findings on carb on these breakfast items! My grand parents ate dosa, while I was growing up I had dosa, idli and puto for breakfast, on a daily basis for breakfast and lived a healthy life!

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